A Look Back At 5 of Blake Lively's Best Red-Carpet Looks

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Former "Gossip Girl" and "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" star Blake Lively has enjoyed many moments of limelight on the red carpet. Her red carpet looks are typically unbeatable, and her presence is the highlight of any event with her beautiful dresses and lively (literally...) personality. It's hard not to love her, and it's difficult to peel our eyes away from this gorgeous, blonde, and sun-kissed celebrity. 

Lively has graced the red carpet with her fashion and beauty for years now, and with designers jumping at the chance to dress her, it's impossible to analyze all of her looks! We decided instead to dial back and look at five of our favorite iconic red carpet looks here: 

The Ralph Lauren Baby Pink Suit:

Blake starred in the movie "A Simple Favor" alongside actress Anna Kendrick and kept to her character's role as a total girl-boss, frequently wearing suits during her red-carpet appearances for the film.

This Ralph Lauren Suit was worn during the London premiere for "A Simple Favor" and complimented Lively's skin tone and  hair perfectly. Here, she shows that she is having fun and feels comfortable in whatever she wears, whether a stunning sequin ballgown or a baby pink pants suit from Ralph Lauren.

Lively, also famous for her feisty wit, joked that she even wore the pink suit look better than the legendary actor Robert Redford and clapped back at internet trolls who judged her suits and jabbed that she didn't look feminine. At one point, Lively even responded to one: "Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour? So why can't a woman? Just sayinnnn. No double standards, ladies." 

Burgundy Gucci Gown:

Lively stole the show at the 67th Cannes Film Festival in 2014 when she wore this burgundy gown with a thigh-high slit designed by Gucci. The color compliments her complexion, and she wears it well with her 5'10 height.

It seems that Lively can wear just about anything and look fantastic, however despite the thigh-high slit and the sharp color of her dress, what pulls this look together is her hairstyle. Her braid (a hair-do rarely seen on the red carpet) adds a nice touch and compliments the high neckline of her dress. Her braid/ponytail is tasteful and playful, reminding us that this celebrity really can do just about anything with her look and still maintain her regal presence. 

Gucci Old-School Hollywood Look:

Channeling a classic, old-school Hollywood look, Lively attends the 2014 Met Gala in a blush silk chiffon gown from Gucci. The figure-hugging mermaid gown with its plunging neckline, combined with the glamorous vintage hairstyle, gives this red carpet look life!

Rose gold paillettes were also seen embroidered in this Gucci Premiere dress. She positively stunned at the Met Gala and brought to the red carpet the timelessness of classic film stars. This look is one that, quite literally, never goes out of style and is adored by legions of Lively's fans.

The only other thing that was discussed more than her dress was the affectionate exchanges captured by cameras with her and her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds. He also donned Gucci at the 2014 Met Gala. 

Black & White Gucci Gown:

Attending another Canes Film Fesitval in 2014 (this one being in France), Lively attended the Captives premiere - her husband's latest movie at the time, as an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris. While she was not in promotion for herself on the big screen, she captivated everyone in this black and white Gucci gown. Looking sleek and timeless, it's easy to see why the attention was on her.

Her vintage makeup and hairstyle were a perfect pair for this monochromatic look, and she even matched with her husband that night, making for a picture-perfect couple (yet again). Her elegant jewelry was perfect for this particular dress. It made a statement, and of course, leaves us to wonder: could anybody have pulled this dress off as well as her? The answer - likely not. 

Versace, 2018 Met Gala:

Undoubtedly one of her most unique red carpet looks to date; the actress wowed Met Gala goers that year, and fashion-lovers worldwide, in the Versace masterpiece. According to Harper's Bazaar, the dress took 600 hours to make. Its intricate detailing and long train are a good explanation for this. 

Her gown matched perfectly with not just the theme of the Met Gala that year ("Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination"), but also the red carpet itself, which adorned the same red, gold, and cream color that are represented in the dress. The top of the dress features a gold corset that shows off her fantastic figure. The train of the gown is a deep red with gold embroidering throughout. Intricate beading in this gown resulted in it being a fashion masterpiece. To top it all off, a gold headpiece made Lively look like a literal goddess.

While many red carpet looks could be argued to be her best, Lively has so many fashions that just cannot be judged and compared to each other. It's easy to appreciate the actress for her beauty and tremendous talent. She always leaves her fans eager to see her wow the world with her next red carpet appearance. We can't wait for it either. 

Written by: Alyssa Lambo

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