Fashion Icons to Inspire Your Wardrobe

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 People all over the world look to fashion icons for inspiration to guide their personal style. Fashion trends change very quickly, and many celebrities are trendsetters, captivating us with their fashion savvy, some going as far as creating their own clothing line. One thing is certain, fashion icons aren't afraid to bravely show their style in a way that never goes unnoticed.

We start our list with Rihanna, who has emerged as an international style icon over the past decade. One of her most successful partnerships was in 2016 with Puma. This collaboration sold out in just a few hours, and Puma saw a 40 percent increase in the United States sales of women's sneakers that year. In 2015, Rihanna was the first-ever black spokeswoman for Dior. That fabulous accomplishment cemented her role model status. In terms of her fashion, Rihanna isn't afraid to take risks with her outfits and doesn't care what others think. She can pull off  avant-garde styles with confidence and pushes the fashion envelope  time and time again. This is the dress she wore to the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards where she appropriately won the award of "Fashion Icon". This long, daring gown and  headpiece brought on gasps, and to this day, this dress is still brought up in the fashion world.

Next is Kim Kardashian, who has totally re-branded herself over the past two decades to keep up with the changes and demands of her professional and personal life. Her fame began from being a part of the reality television show, Keeping Up With the Kardashian's, to being a beauty mogul and now a criminal justice advocate. As she grows and changes, so does her wardrobe.  In 2010, she began using Instagram to show off her outfits and her personal brand of style. By doing this, she helped change the tone of celebrity fashion. Years later, she expanded her business with KKW Beauty and Skims. All the while, Kim studies for law school exams, and focuses on being a mother. She evolved her wardrobe to Dior suits, Yeezy heels, and a collection of Birkin's, where as over the years she has been known for wearing sheer dresses, biker shorts, and crop tops. The world takes notice of what she wears, and many copy her outfits and start wearing the clothes themselves. Even if it's a plain and simple outfit, Kim seems to create fashion trends wherever she goes and her admirers follow suit.

Harry Styles is one of the biggest male fashion icons in modern history. His fame started in 2010 when his boy-band One Direction began. When the band split up in 2015 to focus on solo projects,  Harry began to focus on his career and he released his first album in 2017. By 2019, Harry was a big part of the fashion industry. Last year, Harry became 2020's biggest fashion icon, as the first male to ever be on the cover of Vogue as a solo photograph. Harry has come a long way since 2010, and fans have been growing with him for over ten years. People take notice of his unique wardrobe and his desire to dress differently than many men. Harry doesn't care about stereotypes and he isn't afraid to stand out and be noticed. At the beginning of this year, he released the Fine Line album. This album became very popular, especially the song "Treat People With Kindness". That song went viral and many clothing lines are now borrowing the quote, "Treat people with kindness" and placing it on their wares, a nod to Harry's new song. Harry is not only being looked up to as a fashion icon but also as a performer. He shares with his fans how important it is to be a kind human being. There are so many aspects of Harry that his fans adore, making him a role model for many.

Lizzo went from a rising star to a body-positive fashion icon in just a few years. In 2013 her first album was released, but the album didn't reach enough listeners to really launch her career. It wasn't until three years later when, she got charted for the first time, that she began gaining more fans and becoming a popular musical artist. From the beginning of her career, she has been body-positive champion and continues to inspire her fans. 2019 was a particularly successful year for Lizzo as she secured a beauty campaign, created one of the best bottle cap challenge videos, and was also named Times Magazine Entertainer of the Year. Lizzo is known for wearing vibrant colors and gorgeous silhouettes on the red carpet. This neon yellow gown was worn to the GLAAD awards in 2020. The ruffled sleeves and yellow strapped heels made this bold outfit memorable, and her neon makeup was a final touch that made it perfect.

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, dancer, actress, and producer who began her career in 1997, when she won her first Academy Award for her acting role in a television series called, In Living Color. It took many years for her to get where she is today, but she has always stayed true to herself. Her most recent accomplishment was in 2019 at the CFDA where she won the "fashion icon" award at age forty-nine. Jennifer is stunning in this two-piece dress set, accepting her award. Jennifer has been killing it over the past two decades,  known as a trendsetter in women's fashion and overall lifestyle as well.

Zendaya became a household name around 2017. Prior to then, she was involved in acting for many years. Some people may have known her from a few popular Disney channel shows she was a part of. A few years later, she found her fame in the film "Spider-Man: Homecoming". After the film was released, she was seen by many people and quickly started realizing that she was getting noticed because of her outstanding acting skills. Fast forward to 2019, she was being recognized as a fashion icon by thousands of young fans.  Zendaya has always dreamed of changing the "dress code" of a strong and confident woman. After years of hard work her dream came true, and many famous designers clamor to have Zendaya work with their brands. Zendaya is known to balance out her outfits. For one event she could be seen wearing a tuxedo, and for the next event, she would wear a beautiful dress like this one shown. This silky emerald dress looks absolutely stunning, but she can also rock the tuxedo just as easily. She makes us realize that there are no rules in fashion, as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing.

Billie Eilish has given her fans the courage to follow their own path and be authentic. It can be very easy to follow the trends of what others are wearing to "fit in", but Billie has proven to others, by her own example, that's it's okay to dress in any way you desire.  Billie first started getting  attention in 2015 when she uploaded her first song to Sound Cloud. By 2017 another one of her songs hit the top 15 in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. In 2017, her career took off and she has been very successful ever since. Billie has expressed that she likes to wear baggy clothes so no one will judge or sexualize her. Her style is very unique, but whatever look she wears, she owns it every time. 

Over the years, these celebrities have made a huge impact in the fashion industry. Many of us look up to these icons and follow the trends that they have started. These fashionable favorites have inspired people all over the world to dress as they do and to feel comfortable with themselves. Fashion trends are changing quickly, and keeping up with today's fashion icons is a great way to stay on-trend with today's fashion. 

Written By: Emma Roberts

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