Making the Most of Masks

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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do most every-day things, such as; work, education, social life, etc. While most things are now virtual, for those of us who still have to go into offices, hospitals, school, and even something like grocery shopping, it is crucial to wear protective face masks in order to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. While wearing masks was once seen as a "hassle," the reality of our situation is that it is now something we have had to get used to if we are to leave our homes. So, while we hope for a day to come when life can resume back to normal, it looks as if the wearing of protective face masks will not be going away any time soon. For us, this means many and more ways to be able to style these masks and offer a fashion statement while also staying safe and stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

Pictures above are a set of three masks made by Lele Sadoughi. Although not an equal replacement for a "medical grade" face mask, these masks are made of 100% cotton jersey and cotton chambray and can be washed after use in order for more wear. 

Marine Serre 2020 Paris Fashion Week Show had models wearing protective face masks as a result of Coronavirus. Despite the on-going pandemic, the designer made use of the masks and incorporated the use of them perfectly with the models seen in the picture above, creating a new accessory on the runway.
So, whether you're a fashion model or an everyday worker, masks can be used for fashion purposes just as much as safety! While we wait for a sense of "normalcy" to return to our lives - we might as well embrace our lives now and look to turning masks into something of a fashion statement while we still have to wear them. 

Written by: Alyssa Lambo

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