Julian Wows in South Korea

6:21 PM

With so much uncertainty in our world, many of us have spent almost a year finding ourselves in a holding pattern, putting our goals and aspirations on pause, while we wait for life to return to some type of normalcy. So what does one do when they are faced with the opportunity of a lifetime amid these uncertain times? If you are model/talent Julian Huff, you pack a bag and chase your dreams in South Korea. 

For anyone with aspirations of working in the fashion industry, the chance to work internationally is a coveted goal, and Julian knew that this opportunity was not one to pass over. Make no mistake, this is not a capricious tale of a person throwing caution and safety to the wind, quite the opposite. With the guidance of PMTM and his other agencies, Julian was able to plan a well-orchestrated and safe journey, so he could have the life-changing experience of working in the modeling industry internationally. 

When the day came for Julian to begin his adventure, he made his way through the ghostly quiet concourse of Cleveland-Hopkins Airport to catch a flight to NYC, where he would then embark on the 16-hour trip to South Korea. The international flight was an enjoyable one overall, and Julian disclosed that he enjoyed ample room to stretch out on the safely socially-distanced cabin of the large aircraft. He was provided a plethora of movies to keep him and his travel companion entertained and dined on a traditional Korean meal called Bibimap, giving him a preview of the culinary delights awaiting him in South Korea. 

Once Julian landed in Icheon, South Korea, he began the extensive process of getting through customs and immigration. His fingerprints were scanned, bags and work-visas double-checked, and only then was he able to officially enter the country. South Korea has taken a very pro-active approach to limit the spread of Coronavirus and employs a mandatory 2-week quarantine for all international travelers, so Julian, along with the other passengers, was immediately taken to an off-shore island to spend his two weeks of quarantine in a hotel. 

Anyone who knows Julian knows that he has a wonderful positive attitude, and he approached his
quarantine as he does all things: He made the very best of it. He used his time to work-out, finish his college classes, catch up on reading, and hone his knowledge of the stock market. He reported that quarantine was made comfortable by the hotel and their staff, and even his meals were delivered to his room three times a day. 

At the end of quarantine, Julian was picked up by his South Korean agency and taken to the models' apartment he would share with several other models, including three from Russia! Julian has expressed that he feels quite safe in South Korea and is fascinated by the warm culture and all that he is getting to experience on this extraordinary adventure. That being said, this is a working trip for Julian, and he began going on castings his very first day out of quarantine. We are delighted to report that Julian has already booked jobs! 

He was full of his usual enthusiasm, as Julian regaled us with some details of the two-day shoot for the designer SHALAJ. The shoot took place in a beautiful and diverse town called Hongdae, home to Hongnik University and bustling with activity. Julian loved being on set with the 6 models from across the globe and heard at least 5 different languages being spoken on set! That’s just another awesome part of the entertainment industry, getting to connect with people all over the world. Julian also had the opportunity to meet the designer and even spoke with him about his inspiration for the collection! These are experiences that Julian will no-doubt carry with him his whole life, continuing to shape him, and his future goals. 

Oprah Winfrey once said: “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” Those sage words resonate as we watch Julian Huff taking his chance to live that life. And in a world that looks so different than any of us have ever experienced, what a beautiful reminder that time waits for no one. We have to stay safe, we have to stay healthy, but we also have to continue to live our lives and work for our dreams. 

So mask-up, socially distance, and get out there to begin your adventure.

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