Meriam Captivates at IMTA LA 20’

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Meriam Al-Faleh is a vibrant and intelligent, 20-year-old young woman who puts her best into everything, no matter what it is. That effort certainly served her well at the IMTA 2020 Los Angeles convention in January.

Growing up with an eye for fashion and all that sparkles, Meriam found herself inspired by models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and others. She decided that she was ready to see what she could do in the entertainment industry, and took the opportunity to audition for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA).

Meriam was accepted to attend IMTA LA 2020 and began preparing for the convention with the PMTM staff. In the months leading up to her week in LA, the PMTM staff helped her learn everything that she needed to know, preparing Meriam to be successful on the runway and in front of the camera. “They helped us with being on camera, practicing for commercials, improv, runway, and everything else,” she told us.

To Meriam’s delight, every day at IMTA was alive with activity, filled with meetings, competitions, seminars, and opportunities to meet with managers and agents. Meriam, who loves to stay busy, had an amazing experience. She met many great people and gained a wealth of skills that she plans to apply in the future.

Meriam made it her mission to stand out during her week in LA. Not only does she have a unique and marketable look with her stunning Arabic and Romanian ethnicity, but she also has an outstanding, positive mind-set. “I always try to do better, and think of different things I can do to stand out from other people,” she said. “It’s good to be different from others. You want to be the girl when someone talks about you they say ‘Oh, she’s different.’”.

Meriam’s memorable personality sure did attract attention she was hoping for! Meriam had the chance to compete in the Jeans, Runway, Theatrical Headshot, Make-up, and Screen Test competitions. Meriam made a splash in each of her competitions and even nabbed the second-place win for the Theatrical Headshot competition.

The really big news? As a result of her stellar week in Los Angeles, Meriam was offered representation from two prestigious agencies: MMG and Manikin. Meriam will now be represented bi-coastally for both modeling and acting with this power-house management duo. She knows that working with both agencies will be an incredible experience, and she cannot wait to see where it takes her!

Outside of modeling and acting, Meriam lives a full and productive life. She is working on obtaining her real estate license and enjoys painting, drawing, customizing shoes, and working on designs for the clothing brand she aspires to launch one day.

Meriam plans to go to Los Angeles, Miami, and possibly overseas to work in the industry, building her experience and reputation. She dreams of being on billboards and featured in films someday soon and wants to be known for who she is and what she does. That’s our Meriam.

When asked about what good advice she could give aspiring models and actors, she advises anyone who wants to chase their dreams to audition for IMTA. She encourages models and talent to just be themselves and show the scouts what you’ve got!

Meriam has a lot to look forward to with MMG and Manikin. With her great work ethic, we know she will thrive wherever the industry takes her. Congratulations and good luck, Meriam!

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