Brinley Steen Shows Off Her Talent at IMTA 20’

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Brinley Steen of Shadyside, Ohio sure did shine at this January’s IMTA convention in Los Angeles! She decided to audition for IMTA LA 2020 to take her career in modeling and acting to the next level. With this 17-year-old’s bubbling confidence and outgoing personality, she will have no trouble finding success in her future.

Outside of modeling and acting, Brinley is a competitive multi-sport athlete. She has been playing basketball for over ten years now and is currently on her school’s varsity team. She also plays volleyball, runs track, and supports her school as a cheerleader.

Brinley was filled with excitement at the prospect of attending the IMTA convention in LA, and could not wait to see what would come of the once in a lifetime opportunity. To no surprise, the experience was nothing short of fantastic. “My experience at IMTA LA 2020 was one that I will never forget,” Brinley raved. “From having such an awesome and talented group to go with, to meeting so many awesome people... It was one of the best weeks ever, thanks to PMTM.” Her favorite part of the whole week was meeting unique individuals and getting a real feel for walking on the runway in front of industry decision-makers.

The Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM) family was a big contributing factor in the success of the IMTA week for Brinley. Even before the convention, PMTM was working hard with Brinley, preparing her to head to Los Angeles. Their dedication to guiding her to perform at the best of her ability did not go unnoticed. “Our experience with PMTM has been excellent,” Brinley’s mother, Jill, told us. “Everyone is so helpful and friendly.”

Before getting the opportunity to work with PMTM, Brinley was unfamiliar with the modeling industry. After going through development and preparation with PMTM, she learned so much and has continued to learn, even after IMTA. “What I like best about working with PMTM is that I can always ask for help and know they will prepare me for whatever is next in my journey.”

At the IMTA convention, Brinley participated in many competitions. A typical day was a flurry of excitement and activities and Brinley was fortunate enough to take part in runway competitions, a beauty commercial competition, and a monologue competition. She also received many rewards and honorable mentions from all the incredible competitions she competed in. Those include 2nd runner up for Junior Model of the Year, 2nd runner up in Fashion Runway, Swimsuit, and Fashion Print, and she received honorable mention for the Makeup Competition and TV Beauty.

Most notably, Brinley’s performance earned her an offer of representation from Jago Ciro Entertainment! “Jago Ciro is a good fit for me because they focus on print modeling as well as acting, which is great for my career,” she explained. Jago Ciro Entertainment (JCE) is a highly regarded management company with offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City. She will be represented bi-coastally, launching her career to the next level.

In the future, Brinley would love to use this industry to travel all over the world. She wants to become a well-rounded individual, experiencing things she never has before. Her dream job would be to model for a well-known brand or a leading role in a movie or television show.

Brinley has learned a whole lot on her journey so far. She now knows how to step outside of her comfort zone, remains confident, and most importantly: that an audition starts as soon as you walk in the door! She advises anyone wanting to audition for IMTA to not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and let their personality shine!

With all the knowledge and support Brinley has gained with PMTM, we know she is destined for greatness! We cannot wait to see the amazing opportunities in store for this fantastic, young lady!

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