Experiencing IMTA Through a Parent's Eyes

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    So often we get caught up in the excitement of watching our young models and talent celebrate their success in the industry, and we don't get a chance to recognize all of the hard work and dedication their parents put in to help them get there. After all, parents are perhaps the most important ally an agency has when it comes to marketing a young model or actor; they truly play an instrumental role in the success of their child.
      Meet Lisa, mother of our uber-talented Tailyn Mapp. Lisa and 17-year-old Tailyn are from Mansfield, Ohio and have been riding a constant wave of excitement since Tai the attended IMTA LA'18 convention with Pro-Model and Talent Management. When her daughter first came to her with an interest in the modeling industry Lisa did her due diligence as a mom, seeking out the best possible place for her daughter to safely get started in the industry. After following several other PMTM success stories, Lisa knew that Tailyn pursuing IMTA with Pro-Model and Talent Management could be a life-changing experience for her daughter.
      Lisa admits she did receive a lot of unsolicited feedback from people who questioned her decision to support her daughter's dream of becoming a model, but Lisa had unwavering confidence in Tailyn's ability. After watching the PMTM staff prepare and develop her daughter, Lisa confidently put Tailyn on a plane to LA with her new PMTM family. Tailyn performed phenomenally at the IMTA convention, garnishing a lot of interest from fashion agencies and even securing an opportunity to walk for a celebrated designer. Back home in Mansfield, Lisa cheered her little girl on during the week of the convention and watched as multiple offers of representation from high fashion agencies all over the world began to pour in.
     When Tai returned home from IMTA LA '18, she and Lisa needed to make some very important decisions about Tailyn's career. With the expert guidance of PMTM's National/ International Placement Director, Mary Sklamba, Tai and Lisa settled on Next Worldwide to represent her globally. As a result of the development she received at Pro-Model and Talent Management, Tailyn was ready to begin working immediately with Next and could hit the ground running.
     As a parent, Lisa recognized the importance of Tailyn's education, as well as the significance of the life-changing opportunity in front of her daughter. She made the admirable choice to allow Tai to do her schooling online while balancing her work as a model... and holy smokes has she been working! In the short year since Tailyn attended IMTA, she has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Montreal, and Toronto, all the while maintaining good grades and finishing her senior year of high school. Tailyn's very first booking in NYC was a fashion show for the ultra-glam designer, Sherri Hill. We think it's totally awesome that Lissa was able to be there in person to see her daughter rock the runway in those fabulous gowns. Lisa credits organizational apps and tools to help her keep Tai where she needs to be, on track and on time.  Tailyn is having a blast living out her dreams as a model and it certainly appears that Lisa is having a blast supporting her extraordinarily talented daughter!
      Most recently, Tailyn has secured another enormous advancement in her career by signing with the iconic IMG Models Worldwide. This exciting next step in Tailyn's career will no doubt be a fabulous continuation of the whirlwind journey this mother-daughter duo have been on the past year. One thing is for certain, Tailyn is very fortunate to have such amazing support behind her in the form of her mom, Lisa. Way to go, Ladies! The Pro-Model and Talent Management staff is thrilled to have Tai and Lisa as a part of the PMTM family. We eagerly anticipate more exciting updates on Tailyn's career in the near future. Stay tuned!

Written By: Susan Piekarski 

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