Annie Durbak

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Annie Durbak is a spirited 16-year-old model and actress from Rootstown, Ohio. Like many girls growing up, Annie has always wanted to be a model. Raised in a small town, Annie never thought having a modeling and acting career would be possible. Annie's interest in modeling became more serious once she began watching modeling videos on YouTube, and shortly thereafter, she found Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM).

After Annie and her parents met with the directors at Pro-Model and Talent Management, they knew she had found the right agency to help her become successful in the industry. Annie had the opportunity to take workshops which helped her develop a skill set in both modeling and acting. Once Annie's skills and confidence began to grow, she became interested in auditioning for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention in Los Angeles, California. Attending IMTA has made an incredible impact on Annie's life. She is now far more confident as a model and actress she has learned that although the industry is competitive, with the right skills and determination, it is very possible to become successful. Annie says preparing for IMTA with Pro-Model and Talent Management was really fun, and extremely helpful. "Without them, I definitely would lack the skill set that I have today!".
While at the convention, Annie noticed that PMTM had a lot of resources and connections that many other groups seemed to lack. These connections allowed her to speak directly to managers and agents, and really showcase her talent. Annie competed in multiple competitions including; TV Real Beauty, Commercial, Monologue, Cold Read, Screen Test, Theatrical Head Shot, and Jeans. Annie loved being able to compete in all of these amazing competitions, and she placed in the top 5 for Teenage Talent of the Year! Annie received a lot of interest from many different agencies at IMTA...what a great position to be in!

When Annie is not performing on-camera, she keeps busy with her school work. Annie is also secretary of her class, and a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field! Annie's lifelong focus is to be happy and to be a source of happiness for others around her. Annie hopes to show everyone that even a person from a small town can make a big impact on the world. Family plays an important role in Annie's life, and she is actually the second youngest of 10 children!  Annie is thankful for the love and support that her family gives her in all she does.

Annie's long-term goals in the modeling and acting industry are to one day be on the cover of a well-known magazine such as Vogue or InStyle Magazine and to one day star in a major television series. For now, Annie plans to continue to hone her skills by taking master level workshops which will further her knowledge in the acting and modeling industry. Annie says "Pro-Model and Talent Management has been a great stepping stone in a life-long journey". We are thrilled to report that Annie has chosen Discover Management and Momentum Talent Agency to represent her in Los Angeles, California. Everyone at Pro-Model and Talent Management is eager to watch Annie continue to chase her dreams! Go, Annie!

Written by: Julia Telford

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