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Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) Amanda Brown is a local actress and print model, with a passion to inspire others to embrace who they are!

Since Amanda was a little girl she enjoyed getting dressed up, doing makeup, and pretending to put on fashion shows. It wasn't until she won a photo contest and received a free photo shoot that she discovered her true passion for modeling. "After that photo shoot, I felt an instant spark in the modeling scene," said Amanda. 

Amanda told us "I truly never thought that I had the look, of course, I'm my own worst critic." She then came across Pro-Model and Talent Management on the internet and saw there were auditions coming up for IMTA. At the time having no idea what IMTA was, she put her "what ifs" and doubtful thoughts aside and decided to take a chance and audition. 

Amanda has a great experience auditioning and made the decision to get started locally with Pro-Model and Talent Management. Being brand new to the Industry, Amanda needed guidance, and Pro-Model and Talent Management was there to help her take steps to get into the local market. She worked with coaches, developed skills as a model and actor, and then signed with Pro-Model and Talent Management to be marketed locally. 

She told us that signing with the agency has opened so many doors for her, she has been in commercials and will soon be on a billboard! So far, Amanda has done commercials for Window Nation, Frog Tape, Escape Hunt: Cleveland and will soon be shooting for T-Rex Tape!  "I'm very thankful that I came across Pro-Model and Talent Management and gave it a chance. I'm learning more and more about the industry and have met some amazing people from all over. I can’t wait to see what my future has in store for me as I continue my journey," said Amanda.

Amanda doing work for The Escape Hunt in Cleveland

Outside of acting and modeling, Amanda is a server at an area restaurant and a full-time mom to two amazing kids! She loves spending time with her family and friends and some of her hobbies include hiking, bike riding, and painting!

We asked Amanda if she had any recommendations for individuals who are thinking of pursuing the industry and she said, "Just believe in yourself and don’t give up! It doesn’t matter how old you are, how many kids you have, or if your a size 0 or plus size. If you have a dream chase after it and don’t let anything stand in your way! Know that you are beautiful, and live life to the fullest! Always be yourself, be respectful, and good things will come. I'm going to be 30 years old with two kids and have been at the same workplace since 16 yrs old, busing and serving tables. If you told me a year ago that I was going to be on commercials and billboards I would look at you and laugh. I have accomplished so much in just this little time and never felt better! Everybody deserves to shine and this could be your time to chase after what you believe in!" 

In our opinion, Amanda says it far better than we ever could! We are proud to have this busy, working mom as one of our local models and talent. We look forward to Amanda's continued success with the agency and will keep updating on her future bookings. Keep on shining Amanda!
Written by: EmmaLee Ducoeur

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