Meet PMTM's National / International Placement Director Mary Sklamba

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If a team is only as good as their leader, then the models and talent attending IMTA with Pro-Model and Talent Management will be headed for greatness! The driving force behind the two decades of successful placement of our models and talent at IMTA is Mary Sklamba and her staff of directors. 

Kim A., the mom of Pro-Model and Talent Management alumni Duncan, says it best: "Mary Sklamba changed (dare I say saved?) my son's life. She met Duncan during the darkest period of his life due to severe bullying. She saw potential in Duncan and showered him with encouragement. Now he is thriving in Los Angeles, living his dream. He just booked a role in a new TV series. I hate to wonder where Duncan would have been had he not found refuge and inspiration at Pro Model and Talent Management."

Mary with a few of the LA 2018 IMTA contestants

Mary is responsible for the dozens of relationships Pro-Model and Talent Management has established with agents, managers, casting directors and agencies in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and as well as internationally. She has a passion for helping people of all ages reach their dreams in the entertainment industry and works relentlessly to give Pro-Model and Talent Management's IMTA contestants as many opportunities as possible.

Mary with Billy Hufsey

Ironically, Mary's professional career began with helping people in a very different way. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Cleveland State University and began a career in marketing for the healthcare industry. While working on her master's degree in counseling, she took a part-time job at a modeling and talent agency in Cleveland. There she discovered a knack for networking, as well as helping models and talent navigate the industry. Mary then accepted a full-time position with Pro-Model and Talent Management. It was there she realized her future was in the entertainment industry, then deciding to no longer pursue her master's program. Mary put her energy into making Pro-Model and Talent Management the best agency in the region, and when she heard about the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA), she knew it was the perfect opportunity to take models and talent to the next level. Using her well-honed networking skills, Mary has now spent over 20 years opening doors in the industry for models and talent, helping them achieve their dreams of modeling and acting on a national or international level.

Mary with PMTM Alum at IMTA

Mary has played an integral role in the careers of many successful models and talent. She keeps in contact with almost all of those she has placed, including Brian Byrnes whom Mary placed over 20 years ago in Los Angeles! He is one of many alums who come to the IMTA convention every year to support Mary and the Pro Model Talent Management models and talent. Mary has attended many movie premieres, the prestigious Governors Ball, and even the Emmy Awards, as a guest of talent she has placed. She loves that she has been able to help so many people, and enjoys visiting them on the sets they are currently working on when she is in New York City or Los Angeles. 

When Mary isn't placing models and talent all over the world, she can usually be found volunteering her time to local animal rescue groups. She is an avid animal-lover and has several furry children of her own, all of which she has rescued over the years.

Mary with Tailyn Mapp

Everyone at Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to have someone of Mary's quality and knowledge leading our national and international placement division. She has a proven track record and we know that the NY'19 IMTA group will be a continuation of that success. We can't wait to see what happens in New York!

What could you do if you had people like Mary and her staff guiding you in the industry? Click on the link below to schedule your audition and find out!

Written by: EmmaLee Ducoeur

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