Billy Hufsey Joins The PMTM Family!

4:28 PM

Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) is elated to announce that Hollywood acting coach Billy Hufsey will be joining the PMTM family! Billy is another addition to the growing list of esteemed industry professionals who have chosen to mentor Pro-Model and Talent Management's models and actors. Billy Hufsey was born and raised in Brookpark, Ohio before making his way out to Los Angeles, California. With dreams of working in Hollywood, hard work and sacrifice shaped Billy into a talented triple threat with skills in singing, dance, and acting. On his own, he struggled to find a break in LA, hearing many "no's" and even finding himself homeless for a short time. But Billy was determined, and he was finally cast in a new television series called FAME. This show would go on to be NBC's hit of the decade, running five years and winning multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. After finding massive success on a hit TV show, Billy was then cast as "Emilio" on the hugely popular soap opera "Days of Our Lives". He spent several years playing the role of a leading man; capturing the hearts of thousands of viewers and even writing and performing several songs at the request of the show's producers. 
After establishing himself as a household name in the 80's, Billy made the choice to step away from the bright lights of Hollywood and focus his energy on creating a name for himself in the business world. Billy found great success as a business man, and when he made the decision to come back to the entertainment industry, he re-emerged as an advocate for talent. That consisted mainly of helping fledgling actors, singers, and dancers network their way into Hollywood and find success. Billy is responsible for launching the careers of hundreds of talent with his expert coaching and honest guidance. He now has clients working in the music industry, television and film, and on Broadway. Billy Hufsey is a successful author, singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and coach with a career spanning four decades! We are very eager for Billy to share his expertise with our New York 2018 IMTA team, and welcome him to the agency!


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