Modeling Etiquette- Be the Whole Package

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Being a working model in the industry means upholding a respectable look, dazzling personality, and being the complete package for any and every client that wants to work with you. To help those of you working in the industry as models or looking to work in the industry, we have created a list of what to do while pursuing this career path.

  1. Make sure they can reach you: Have a working phone that you will check often for calls from clients, as well as an accessible email address. Make sure to respond to calls and emails ASAP.

  1. Have clean manicured nails: Make sure finger and toenails are clean, trimmed and polished. Wear neutral nail colors or clear polish. Stay away from french manicures. Keep nails at a natural length.

  1. Style hair: Make sure your hair color and style are in fact, IN STYLE, and very similar to your head shots or composite. Make sure hair is clean and well taken care of. No roots and make sure highlight and colors are fresh.

  1. Take care of your skin: Casting directors want to see blemish free skin. No self tanner, or obvious sun tan lines. Stay out of the sun prior to the booking or audition, if you are in the sun, protect your skin and use an SPF of 70+.  

  1. Hygiene: Brush your teeth, shave, and come FRESH!

  1. Be punctual: “If you are early, you’re on time. If you are on time, you’re late.” Make that your motto and come 15 minutes prior to the time you are set to arrive. This is a must. Do not waste anyone’s time.

  1. Listen to the photographer: Don’t complain about location or circumstances and be ready to happily take direction.  

  1. Respect the hair/makeup stylist: Be courteous and let them do their jobs. They are professionals and doing a job just like you are. Don’t complain and make SURE you thank them for their work. They know what they are doing and what will get the best photographs.

  1. Don’t bring guests to auditions/bookings: No friends, or significant others, or parents. The only exception is if you are under the age of 18 years old, in which case you should bring ONE parent/guardian with you.

  1. No jewelry: Jewelry can cause glare in photos and be a distraction.

  1. Carry a model tote bag: For a guide on what to include in your tote refer to our post:

  1. Be enthusiastic: Be patient. Project confidence and enthusiasm!

  1. Be polite and considerate to EVERYONE: Personality is a large part of the modeling/acting industry. If the client likes you they are likely to book you again. Your attitude can make or break your career.

Models are all working towards the same goal, make sure you stand out and make an excellent impression with your appearance and even better personality!

Feel free to print this out to help you stay on top of things!

Written By: Maggie Bisesi

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