Who's Ready to Tackle the Teleprompter?!

5:47 AM

Great news, ProModel and Talent Management Family! Our Director of Development has put together a great resume builder that is beneficial to models, talent, and business professionals! Join us Tuesday, September 29th from 5:00-8:00pm EST while we Tackle the Teleprompter on Zoom!

Tackling the Teleprompter will help give a competitive edge in our industry. Clients look for actors with this skill set as it is very different from preparing memorized copy. It also makes you look more professional and confident. There is an art to reading the teleprompter and making the script your own.

This workshop is being done remotely through Zoom with acting coach Aubrey Caldwell, M.F.A. This will give you live practice with real time feedback so you can see the results instantly from the comfort of your own home. Not only will you learn to read seamlessly from the teleprompter, but learning to score the script will allow you to make bold choices in front of the camera.

Space is extremely limited! Reserve your spot today by emailing frontdesk@pmtm.com. See flyer for full details.

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