Melina Signs with Manikin after IMTA LA 20’

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17-year-old Melina Bertolini is an energetic and outgoing girl, who’s grown up with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Just last summer, Melina lept into action, ready to make those dreams her new reality. She auditioned for IMTA, was accepted, and after several months of preparation with the PMTM staff, headed to Los Angeles in January to find her place in the national market.

Melina could only describe her time at IMTA LA 2020 as life-changing. She met many incredible people with the same goals as her, learned a lot about the industry she loves and had a great time being in the heart of it all. Eve

ry single day was packed with learning and amazing opportunities.

During her week in Los Angeles, Melina was busy from morning to night. She attended meetings, seminars, performed in competitions, and so much more. “The seminars were my favorite part because I learned the most there,” she explained. “They gave me really good tips on what to expect and what to do moving forward.

Melina took all of the great tips and information she learned, and when it was time to hit the stage, she put it to good use in her competitions. She participated in the Improv, Screen Test, Cold-Read, Monologue, Head Shot, and Commercial competitions. Melina won 4th place in Headshots and even came out of IMTA having signed with the model and talent agency, Manikin.

Manikin is an esteemed agency with offices in Atlanta and Las Vegas. They represent models and talent nationally, helping them build careers in print, commercials, runway shows, television shows, movie productions, and voice-overs.

Melina knew that Manikin was a good fit for her after meeting with them. They made her feel comfortable and like she was able to be her genuine self all the time. “They were very down-to-earth and easy to talk with,” she admired.

Even though she is still new to the industry, Melina knows what she wants and what she has to do to get it. Soon, she hopes to begin auditioning nationally and continue building her experience. “I would like to be in some print ads and commercials,” she told us. Her ultimate goal is to move to LA and work in television shows and movies.

Outside of modeling and acting, Melina is an active girl. She loves staying ‘on-the-go’, and enjoys working out and staying fit; her favorite sport is figure skating.

Melina’s advice to anyone who is wanting to audition for IMTA is to just be yourself and listen to the staff at PMTM. With this young lady’s energetic spirit and tenacity, we have no doubt she will soar in the national markets!

We know that Melina will have a future full of happiness and success. We cannot wait to see where her outgoing personality takes her. Melina, congratulations and we wish you the best of luck at Manikin!

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