Dominic Finds Success at IMTA LA ‘20

11:20 AM

15-year-old Dominic Valahovic is a fresh, new face in the model and talent industry. He began his journey last year as a way to help boost his confidence and help him connect with new people. To kick-start his career in the industry, Dominic attended the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles in January.

The International Modeling and Talent Association holds two conventions every year. At these events, many esteemed model and talent agencies, managers, and casting directors from all over the world come to find individuals with incredible talent to join their team and pursue the industry on a national or international level.

Dominic told us he had an awesome time at IMTA! He met so many great people and made some new friends along the way. During his week in LA, he competed in six acting competitions and one modeling competition. IMTA helped him build up his self-confidence, and he realized that he can do anything he sets his mind to! He learned a lot about the industry as well, which will help him grow as a professional. “IMTA gave a good understanding of what agents and managers expect out of us,” he explained.

Dominic certainly delivered with his performances, and as a result, was offered representation from Jago Ciro Entertainment. Jago Ciro is a personal talent management company with offices in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. His favorite part of the whole week was going to his first private meeting with the agency, which Dominic said went amazing. “In the meeting with Fabio, I felt like he saw potential in me, and hearing he likes to stay up to date with his clients and will do the best he can for them clinched my decision to sign with him.”

The PMTM Family helped make his week go smoothly by ensuring that all the contestants, including Dominic, were well prepared for the week in every way possible. They held meetings and other activities every day during the week so that every contestant was ready for competitions and other events. “All around, they did a fantastic job with keeping us up to speed with what was going on,” Dominic said.

His family was also there for him throughout his experience supporting and encouraging him every day. Dominic’s mother shared, “We talk about what is going on, what we have to work on, and what is possible,” she told us. Melinda believes that Dominic will be very happy in this industry and that he will excel. And like all parents, Dominic’s happiness is what is most important to Melinda.

Growing up, Dominic had trouble making friends and was often bullied. Acting and modeling gave him a great outlet for expression while building a strong foundation of his capabilities, and now he's placed nationally with a bicoastal manager! It is truly amazing to see what someone can do with determination, guidance, and support!

Dominic takes great pride in his unwavering determination. “Multiple people told me that I couldn’t do it but I just stuck with it knowing that I would do great,” he admitted, “I proved to myself that I can do this.”

Outside of modeling and acting, Dominic has many other interests. One thing that many people don’t know about him is that he loves to ski and he has been skiing almost his entire life. “I enjoy the speed of the sports and the air I get on jumps,” he beamed. “It’s a great rush.” Besides skiing, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, playing sports, and playing video games.

Dominic is looking forward to all the opportunities that will soon be coming his way. The PMTM Family cannot wait to see all the success that comes to him as his career progresses with Jago Ciro Entertainment in the national market. Good luck, Dominic!

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