Clint Hayslett Dives into Success at IMTA 2020

11:15 AM

Clint Hayslett is living proof that no matter how old you are if you want it, go get it! At 46 years old, he has dove headfirst into the modeling and acting industry because, as he said, “There is no time to stall”. He is finally tapping into all that unused potential, ability, and talent, and putting them to good use.

Clint began singing as a young boy and took that talent public at the age of twelve when he was featured in a play. He continued to sing throughout the rest of his school career, before eventually becoming a worship leader at church. It quickly became something he loved and he has now been performing for over twenty years.

In terms of modeling and acting, this is a new territory for Clint. “I’ve always been told I could do it but had only been on one shoot until last year when I did an eyewear photoshoot,” he explained. “Acting has been new to me, but I am diving into all of this and learning all the time.” He has continued to be his humble, genuine self, and listen to what the experts have to tell him.

Clint was encouraged by many people to get into the industry and when he got encouragement from industry professionals, it motivated him to take the step. “Once I convinced my heart of the possibilities, my heart set out to make it a reality,” he said. He knew his life was at a point where he was ready to leap, he just needed to commit to it. And that is exactly what he did!

Clint attended IMTA 2020 in Los Angeles in January. He couldn’t even pinpoint a favorite part from his trip, because every aspect was awesome to him. “My time at IMTA was amazing,” he exclaimed. “Once I arrived and started to experience the whole thing, the excitement built beyond the pre-trip jitters.” As the week went on, his time there only got better and better, as he began to realize that he was not only having a blast but doing well in all of his competitions. And when his name was called at the awards, he knew that he was right where he needed to be.

At the IMTA convention, he was a shining star; catching a lot of attention from managers and agents, and winning many awards. Clint won the ‘Theatrical Headshot’ competition, ‘Commercial Print’ competition, ‘Denim Runway’ competition, as well as ‘Male Actor of the Year’ award. He received honorable mention in several other competitions as well.

He couldn’t have done it without the immense support from his friends and family, as well as those at Pro-Model & Talent Management. “PMTM became like family,” he enthused. “I quickly realized these great people at PMTM are there to see me succeed.” The boundless passion and heart that the PMTM staff have for the agency and those a part of it shows with every person they work with. “I look to them as my instructors, encouragers, friends, family, counselors, and cheerleaders,” he beamed. “What a great team! I am so thankful for them all.”

As a result of his outstanding performances at IMTA, Clint signed with the bi-coastal management company, Jago Ciro Entertainment. Jago Ciro Entertainment is well-renowned with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City. They provide personalized services that are designed to help their clients excel at a national level.

“JCE was respectful about where I live and where I am in my life and have made it possible for me to commute for now when I am needed,” he explained. Jago Ciro Entertainment will not only provide him with the best opportunities, but Clint feels they will “stretch me, develop me, and get the most out of me as I work with them”.

There is so much that Clint should be proud of from his amazing week in Los Angeles. He won many incredible awards, signed with a prestigious manager, and enjoyed himself along the way. But, his biggest accomplishment was simply being there. “I was most proud of accomplishing exactly what I set out to do - succeed in my competitions and make that week the most productive it can be.” Those accomplishments confirmed that he was on the right path with his journey and that all his hard work was paying off.

Besides singing, acting, and modeling, Clint is also passionate about fitness. He loves working out, running, and riding his bike. He enjoys reading and soaking up all he can from the stories and experiences of individuals more experienced than him.

Clint loves knowing he has direction and something to strive for. He hopes to do work in New York and Los Angeles, and maybe even overseas. He hopes to create a career that is productive and can make a difference. We have no doubt he will reach those goals, and we look forward to seeing him get there!

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