Camay’s Passion for Acting Shines at IMTA LA ‘20

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For fifteen-year-old Camay McCollum, her childhood has been nothing short of fantastic. Camay has been blessed with opportunities in modeling and acting since she was just four years old. With her awesome family supporting her each step of the way, Camay could not ask for much more!

Camay’s mother has been especially important to her. Not only has she been supportive of Camay in whatever she does, but she has also been very influential. “I look up to my mom,” she told us. “She’s been through a lot. She is sick and is battling with Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.” But even with her health challenges, she is always present for Camay and her siblings, motivating them, making sure they are happy, and working to their full potential. “I was always told I have a strong work ethic, and I know I get it from my mom.”

Camay’s strong work ethic has certainly shown through. Getting into modeling at the very young age of four, Camay had some amazing opportunities to do print work with companies such as American Greetings, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts, and Navy Exchange. Most recently, she got the chance to attend the IMTA convention in Los Angeles this January.

IMTA is a modeling and talent convention held twice a year: once in Los Angeles in January and again in New York City in July. At this convention, aspiring models and talent are provided with unique opportunities to show off their talent in front of the world’s top model and talent agents, managers, and casting directors, to take their careers nationally and internationally.

“My family has been incredibly helpful throughout this entire process,” she praised. On her trips to PMTM, her parents spend their car rides motivating her for the preparation meetings. While she was away in Los Angeles for the IMTA 2020 convention, they called her every morning and night to make sure she was excited and feeling positive. “My parents had full support over me.” Camay beamed.

Camay had an excellent week at the IMTA convention. She came back from her week in LA with plenty of recognition and awards. She placed in three competitions and received honorable mention for the Female Teen Actor award. On top of that, she signed with Infinitum LA. Infinitum LA is a Los Angeles based management company that is dedicated to helping their clients build their acting skills, bringing out their maximum potential.

“My experience at the IMTA convention was amazing!” she said. “There was so much to learn through the variety of seminars offered, as well as the many competitions.” Her most unforgettable moment of the whole week was the night of the awards ceremony. She was ecstatic to see her face pop up on the screen for the Female Teen Actor award. Way to go, Camay!

“It was a memorable experience that I would do all over again.” she praised.

Camay told us that the PMTM Family contributed heavily to making her week at IMTA so awesome and successful. She went on to explain how every day there would be morning meetings, motivational speakers, meditation exercises, and warm-up games to get the contestants ready for the day. They were also there to guide her and help practice before any competitions. “The PMTM staff were extremely supportive throughout the entire process,” she admired.

When she’s not acting, modeling, or winning awards at IMTA, Camay has many other passions. Writing, creating art, and gaming are the three things she most commonly finds herself doing outside of acting. She is currently finishing the draft of her first novel, experimenting as a sketch artist with watercolors, and is still making time to flex her competitive side, gaming with her older brother.

In the future, Camay dreams of being in movies and TV shows, and even wants to try producing and screenwriting.

Some words of wisdom Camay has to offer is to be yourself, let your personality shine, and put all your hard work and effort into what you do. “If this is something you want to do, put your heart into everything you do, no one is judging you. You will have support along every step of the way.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Camay!

Camay has so much passion for her craft, and we cannot wait to see where it takes her. We wish her the best with Infinitum LA and look forward to seeing her on the big screen someday!

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