Grace Avery Took a Leap of Faith at IMTA 2020, Turning Her Dreams Into Reality

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Grace Avery is a very spiritual 19-year-old girl who came all the way from Maryland to Ohio for college and found herself at PMTM.  With interests in fashion and acting, she has dreamed of making both of those passions into a career. 

“In the very beginning, I did not want to come to Ohio for college,” she admitted.  “I was infuriated because I figured how could I possibly reach my dreams of acting and fashion at the same time.”

Luckily for her, it only took a Google search to find Pro-Model & Talent Management and kick start her future.  She auditioned for PMTM without telling anyone but her best friend. When she began focusing her attention on auditioning for IMTA 2020, which was being hosted in Los Angeles, that is when she told her close family and other friends.  Little did Grace know, she was supposed to be there for a reason!

Grace got into IMTA on the spot, which is incredible!  She knew that IMTA was the next step to her dreams of becoming a professional actress.  And her week-long journey was far from disappointing. When asked about her time at IMTA, she described it as a ‘constant thrill’.  

The International Model & Talent Association (IMTA) holds conventions every year in January and July.  These conventions are located in Los Angeles and New York City. It is a convention that helps aspiring models, actors, dancers, singers, whoever you are - reach their dreams and get noticed.  Top model and talent agencies, casting directors, and managers come to find new prospects to sign.

“IMTA was everything that I didn’t expect to happen,” she recalled. “You always had to be on your A-game.”  And she was! During her time at IMTA, she won the award for ‘Best Young Actress’, which is a very impressive accomplishment.  But even with that achievement, Grace informed us that winning that award wasn’t her proudest moment of the week.

“This may sound weird, but even though I won the ‘Best Young Actress’ award, that was not something I came to IMTA for,” she informed us.  “I was more proud of the fact that I had fun.”

Grace often finds herself blinded by anxiety and doubt causing her to forget to ‘be in the moment’.  Going into IMTA, she only had the intention of enjoying every single moment, whether it was just waiting for the meetings with her team, grabbing lunch with her new-found friends, or meeting with managers and agents at the callback tables. 

“Every single moment was worth it, and I’m proud of myself for laughing and smiling as much as I did,” Grace exclaimed.  And that is what we like to hear! We want nothing more than for everyone who attends these conventions to have fun and enjoy every moment as they turn their dreams into reality.    

To overcome her feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, Grace tells us of a lesson she has learned that reminds her to not be so hard on herself.  “One of the biggest lessons I learned is that life is never safe. It actually takes courage to hope, live, and dream. So, I try to remember that no matter what, life does not promise me that every day is perfect or horrible, but I can at least build up the courage to hope for happiness and success.”

Her courage to join the PMTM family and attend IMTA has led to her signing with the well-renowned agency, Jago Ciro Entertainment.  JCE has offices in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and is a personal talent management company dedicated to the success of their clients.  All Grace wanted was to sign with a manager or an agency that really believed in her- and she did. Grace had heard nothing but great things about the business and it did not take much to convince her to sign.

“Mary had let me know they believed in me and wanted to work as soon as possible along with coaching,” she explained.  “As simple as it may sound, that convinced me enough to choose them.”  

In the future, Grace hopes to land the lead role in feature films and tv shows, standing alongside other incredible actors and actresses she couldn't have even dreamt of working with before.  Grace looks up to Denzel Washington and Sandra Oh the most when it comes to her professional career. While her mother was going through chemotherapy, they would watch movies and television shows together, many of which had both Washington and Oh in them.  In a time of heartache, she found serenity in moments with cinema and great imagination.  

“Denzel Washington is the actor I could only hope to be like,” she said. “... All I ever wanted to be is an actress that influences great change, conversation, and powerful energy through performance.”

“I want to use my talent to liberate people through my performance,” she continued.  “It’s important to be a part of a dynamic change in the industry. I want to be involved in this amazing movement of cultural representation and real diverse women empowerment.”

Grace Avery has unbelievable passion and determination.  With her talent, her mindset, and her courage, she will accomplish remarkable things in her career.  She hopes to get the opportunity to be in LA or NYC and would love even more to get a role in a completely different continent.  We wish her the best in all her goals, the rest of her college career, and her future at JCE. 

To stay up to date on all the greatness that is in the works for Grace, follow her on Instagram: @graceaveery.

Our next IMTA search is March 14th, 2020! Click below for audition information! 

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