Double Trouble: Ryan and Nathan Take On IMTA '20, Proving That Two Is Better Than One

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Singing, acting, dancing…. What CAN’T these two do? Ryan and Nathan Hill are 14-year-old twin boys with an endless amount of talent! And these assets help make them shine! They were the center of attention at the IMTA convention located in Los Angeles this January. 

The International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) has been holding a bi-annual convention since 1987. This convention, located in Los Angeles and New York City, helps aspiring models, actors, and dancers get discovered for their incredible talents. It is where the world's top model and talent agents, managers, and casting directors come to find fresh new faces to represent them.

Growing up in the small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, both Ryan and Nathan had a delightful childhood surrounded by loving family and friends. “It was really great,” reminisces Nathan. “I have an awesome group of really great friends and the most amazing and supportive parents I could ask for.”
Ryan had similar words, saying his childhood was filled with “a wonderful family and great friends.”  “I wouldn’t change anything about it, except maybe have pushed for my own room sooner,” he joked.

The Hill Brothers began this journey to success at the very young age of eight years old.  Their older sister, Sarah, was the first to get into acting and dancing, sparking an interest in it for both her younger brothers. For the boys, it started with roles in plays and musicals at school and their town’s local theater. That soon blossomed into a lifestyle of doing theater, which later evolved into doing commercials, photoshoots, and even films.

Having worked an array of jobs with Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM), they enjoyed retelling some of their favorite projects. Ryan cherishes the memory of doing a shoot for American Greetings. He got to be featured on a card that would be on display for purchase anywhere American Greetings cards were sold.  He was able to find his card at a shop in downtown Chagrin Falls, which he bought and gave as an extra special gift to his father for his birthday!

Nathan’s favorite job was participating in a Summit Racing commercial.  He really enjoyed being able to work with the other actors on set, as well as being around cool cars all day.  The feedback he got from friends and family was all positive, which made him extremely proud and grateful for the experience.  In fact, one of his teachers even saw his commercial on the big screen while at a NASCAR race!

A unique experience, the Hill Boys got to work together on a commercial for Goblies Throwable Paintballs.  Ryan and Nathan got to spend a beautiful summer day together having a blast throwing paint at each other and the new friends they had met while on set. Check out their commercial below!

Surprisingly, even with six-plus years of experience, nerves and stress can still take its toll.  When feeling anxious or nervous, Ryan likes to take steady breaths, think of things that make him happy, and listen to relaxing music. Nathan eases his nerves by talking to his peers, and ensuring he has a “good system of people” that can help him manage anything that comes onto his plate.

This iconic duo recently attended the January 2020 IMTA convention in Los Angeles. It was not only a great way to start off the new year, but a big step for these two in their careers.  “It was the experience of a lifetime,” Ryan exclaimed. “I made so many amazing friends from the IMTA experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

In agreement, Nathan told us, “My experience at IMTA was a very good one.  I loved every minute of it and it was so fun doing the competitions and getting closer with my PMTM family.”

To prepare for this awesome experience, Ryan and Nathan’s mother, Nancy, gave us some insight into what she does to help her boys succeed.  “For a convention like IMTA, I make sure they are rested, hydrated, fed, and have their schedule for the day handy at all times,” she explained. “And I make sure they get to where they need to be 15 minutes before they need to be there."

Along with the incredible help of their mother, the twins also trained individually with Billy Hufsey, a very successful and internationally renowned performer. They also utilized the amazing coaching staff at PMTM for further development.

And to no surprise, the extra preparation with the PMTM team and Billy Hufsey paid off!  Numerous agencies have reached out to both Ryan and Nathan and there are quite a few that they are interested in! Their decisions will be tough to make, but with plenty of thought and the support of their family, friends and the PMTM Family, we know they will make a great choice.

For those considering becoming a part of PMTM or those who have recently joined the family, Ryan and Nathan have some words of encouragement:  “Keep going at it,” Nathan advised. “No matter the outcome, if you love doing it, then keep doing it.” Ryan added, “Practice, practice, practice!  Believe in yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.” We definitely agree!

The future is looking golden for Ryan and Nathan with their many dreams and aspirations getting closer and closer to becoming an everyday reality.  In the future, Ryan wants to land a lead role in a series and secure roles in many films and commercials nationally. Nathan hopes to receive a part on a TV show or in a movie as a result of IMTA.  The pair has dreams of living in LA (or NYC for Nathan). Their mother, Nancy, hopes that they “continue to put in the effort to develop their skills, that they will continue to gain confidence, and experience joy doing their work”.

We know that this dynamic duo will flourish no matter what they choose to do or where they choose to go.  IMTA 2020 was just a stepping stone on their path to success. We wish them the best of luck in whatever comes next and we cannot wait to see more of them!

Our next IMTA search is March 14th, 2020! Click below for audition information! 

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