Mason Briggs Challenged at IMTA; Lands National Representation!

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Seventeen-year-old Mason Briggs enjoys a challenge! Whether it’s restoring old vehicles or working around a busy schedule, he loves tackling them head on. That’s why it was no surprise to those who know Mason that he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

“The thing I love most about acting is the challenge. That is because it’s so different from the normal challenges like school... It truly forces us to use a different part of our minds in order to fit the shoes of the character we’re trying to play,” he said.

So, how did Mason go from a kid growing up in Chagrin Falls, OH to a nationally placed actor? With a little help from his family and some friends! He credits his grandmother for being the biggest influence on his leap into acting. She and Mason’s mother, seeing his potential, began seeking out local agencies to represent him. Enter Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM).

“I decided to audition for IMTA and I got it… Before IMTA I was nervous because I had never done anything like this before. I knew that I would be more than prepared because of PMTM but it was still nerve racking,” said Mason. “I was actually going to see managers and agents that could change my life; I had to do my best.”

And his best was exactly what he did! At IMTA, the bi-annual convention that joins models and talent from smaller markets with scouts in the national and international markets, Mason excelled. He loved taking center stage to perform his monologue where he truly let a full range of emotions flow. He took part in several acting competitions, and even took home a big award for his voiceover work!

“Having my name recognized and going up on stage was kind of intimidating,” he recalled. “Having those lights and so many people watching me was definitely a new experience. But it did feel good because I knew that I did really well in the competition.”

Fabio Ciro, co-owner and CEO of Jago-Ciro Entertainment (JCE) and successful personal talent manager, took notice of Mason’s performances. Mason was immediately on the radar of this titan who represents models and talent in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We are so happy to report that Mason is now being represented bi-coastally by JCE!

“My long term goal is to do commercials, print work, and one day movies,” said Mason. And he’s on the right track; he’s already gotten his first national audition under his belt! His focus right now is continuing his development as an actor through advanced acting classes and one-on-one SKYPE sessions with his acting coach.

Following his success at IMTA, we had to ask what advice he would give to future IMTA contestants. “You truly have to dedicate your mind to this. There are a lot of times that stuff is going to be hard and you just want to give up and go back to your normal life,” He said. “But you can’t; you’ve made it this far and you have to keep pushing… All you need to do is the best you can possibly do and you’ll rock it. They will see that in you and definitely take note.

“My biggest lesson that I’ve learned so far is that you need to be patient. You can’t think that overnight you’re going to become a star. It doesn’t work like that... You have to keep perfecting my craft and when the time comes, you may land a huge audition and get the part!” Great words of wisdom from Mason!

We cannot wait to see what booking he earns first! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished so far, Mason! We are so proud to be your mother agency!

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