Should You Stay or Should You Go?

5:11 PM

IMTA Los Angeles is right around the corner! We’ve already started counting down the weeks and we could not be more excited about this round of contestants! Each one has been putting work in to develop their skills and we have been so impressed by their focus. Now the time has come for every parent to make a tough choice… Will you be attending the convention with your child?

Above all, we want you to know that we will be bringing along a large staff to IMTA that will be able to support our contestants, 13 and older, however they may need in the case that you are unable to attend. We make great cheerleaders, coaches, time managers, and can handle just about any other support role you can imagine. We know what a huge opportunity this is for your child, and that this is a large undertaking for some families, so we want to make sure that no one misses out on their chance at launching a national career.

Veda and her mother, Leena, attended IMTA LA with us this past January. Veda’s success is due in no small part to the support of her mother. She is now nationally placed! “I would not be able to, in good conscience, allow my daughter to miss out,” said Leena. While she did attend, she also took a backseat to our staff who has extensive experience helping children through the process of IMTA. “You hope, as a parent, that your kid will make good choices, but you cannot be alone in that process. It takes a team to send the message to kids. My advice is to step back and let PMTM’s self-care, self-awareness, and confidence building do the job for you.”

Stephanie, a double PMTM/IMTA alum parent, attended her second IMTA convention earlier this year. “I was really excited, as I had been there before. I knew that Leilah would do great and LOVE it once she got there and saw what it was all about.” Stephanie cherished the time spent watching both of her children grow as they worked with us for

 Watching them showcase their abilities when competition time rolled around was a big proud mom moment for her. Meeting with the agents and managers that wanted to represent them both helped her feel confident in making the right choices for her daughters’ careers in the entertainment industry.

Even though Mia is a teenager, having her mom by her side gave her a special appreciation for her mom’s unconditional support from beginning to end. “My mom is always there for me and I am extremely thankful for all that she does for me,” she said. Even with her mother there, she knew we had her back though! “My PMTM family always keeps me inspired and on top of my game!”

There is a definite learning curve for launching a national career in the entertainment and fashion industries, especially for children. To keep pace in this fast-moving line of business, being present is a crucial tool for success. Like Stephanie, attending also allows you to directly speak with the agents and managers interested in representing your child. Getting an early feel for what a working relationship with these individuals may look like can fast track your child’s success as you can begin their journey with someone you have already acquainted yourself with.

Having the opportunity to support your child from preparation to competition and subsequent offers for representation can be a bonding experience that will help you both learn how to thrive in this industry. If you are able to attend, the benefits are truly endless! But rest assured that if that option is not available for your family, our highly experienced staff is ready to help your child reap the full benefits of attending IMTA. Their success is our success and we want them to feel as prepared, supported, and confident as possible!

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