Megan Cavallaro Gets Jump-Start on Acting Career at IMTA!

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Since the age of eleven when she was handed her first monologue, Megan Cavallaro knew she wanted to act. She loved being able to connect with characters, bringing them to life with her own unique spin. “I absolutely fell in love with acting and I knew that’s where I belong,” she said.

At twenty-three, Megan knew it was time to really buckle down and begin pursuing her career as an actor. She reached out to Pro-Model and Talent Management, auditioned for IMTA, and began preparing for the competitions ahead. “Before going to IMTA, I was extremely excited and nervous. I was about to embark on this incredible adventure to jump-start my career in the acting world, so naturally there was a lot of excitement and some nerves surrounding that,” she remembers.

IMTA is a bi-annual competition style convention that showcases actors and models in smaller markets hoping to launch national and international careers. Top national/international agents, managers, casting directors, and network executives are in attendance as judges and scouts. The convention is a major jumping off point for models and talent hoping to break into the larger markets of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and beyond!

Megan jumped in wholeheartedly ready to begin working with our IMTA-dedicated acting coaches. “Pro-Model and Talent Management helped prepare me for IMTA by instilling extensive development and confidence in me as an actor,” said Megan. “I not only became a much stronger actor but I think I also grew as a person. I’m so thankful I got to go to IMTA with PMTM because the development and support they provide is unmatched.”

Competing at IMTA was so much fun for Megan that she was sad to see it come to a close. It was a week full of thrills and she loved flexing her acting muscles in front of the judges, especially during the monologue competition; a throwback to what kicked off her passion for this industry. “I was really sad it was over, but I knew that was only the beginning,” she recalled. “So much has happened since then and I know great things will continue to come!”

Megan’s performance at IMTA in New York generated her some special interest! She was soon offered representation from Jago-Ciro Entertainment, a bi-coastal management company. Megan is now breaking into the national markets including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. This Virginia native has come a long way from that 11-year-old girl holding her very first monologue. 

From here, Megan is continuing her development as an actor and will be making her auditioning debut soon in the national markets. Her long term goal is to be a series regular in a comedy ensemble. A goal that she is so much closer to achieving now that she has gone national!

When not polishing up her acting skills, Megan loves spending time with her fiance, working out, hanging out, and binge watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit with her dog, Benson. She admits that this adventure has left its mark on her. “This experience has changed my life because I made incredible friendships, I received national representation, and I became a lot more confident in myself!” Confidence that is well deserved, in our opinion!

Megan has a few words of encouragement for future IMTA hopefuls: believe in yourself. Invest yourself and give it everything you have. Don’t let outside voices tell you that you are incapable. IMTA is the most wonderful experience and I will cherish my memories of that week for the rest of my life. 

The convention brought about a lot of really great things for Megan. We don’t think she was expecting this one though... “Having very recently moved to Ohio, I didn’t have many friends until joining PMTM and going through IMTA preparation,” she said. “I actually met one of my best friends through IMTA! IMTA is full of endless opportunities when you are prepared and professional!” That’s a sentiment that we could not agree more with! 

It has been such a joy to watch you commit to your dreams, Megan! We cannot wait to see what you accomplish next! Everyone here at Pro-Model and Talent Management is rooting for you!

Follow Megan’s journey on Instagram @cavallaro.megan

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