Lucas Ethington Breaks the Mold at IMTA!

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“I got bullied often for looking very different from other kids.” The great thing about modeling and acting, Lucas soon learned that the things that made him different was what would make him highly sought after as a model and actor. “I noticed people loved the way I looked and how different I was.”

A natural born athlete, Lucas started following in the footsteps of his other family members. His mom is a collegiate volleyball athlete turned coach, his father is a state champion football coach, and his brother played college football just like his dad. Attending Kent State University with an athletic scholarship for hockey, Lucas soon realized he needed to follow his true calling: film.

Lucas began modeling locally in the Cleveland area which introduced him to tons of creative types. He quickly found himself modeling for top brands and clothing stores in and around Cleveland. Realizing his local success he knew it was time to get serious about pursuing his passion on a greater level. “I went to each and every talent and modeling agency in Ohio! I did my research and I came to the conclusion that Pro-Model and Talent Management was the best place to start this journey.”

Realizing the similarities between acting and sports, Lucas found comfort in the foundation that his athletic career had laid for him in regards to how to learn, practice, and execute new techniques. He also found that performing on camera gave him a feeling greater than he had ever felt scoring a touchdown or a goal in hockey. He traded in his D1 college hockey jersey for an IMTA lanyard.

IMTA, the International Models and Talent Association, hosts two conventions annually, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. These conventions give actors and models, like Lucas, an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of the top industry agents, managers, and talent scouts nationally and internationally. This invitation-only event is responsible for launching the careers of some big names like Brianna Hildebrand who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the popular Deadpool movies. Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria, and Katie Holmes’ names are also among the list of IMTA Discoveries.

“Pro-Model and Talent Management gave me the confidence and tools to be ready for anything at IMTA. When I went into these rooms to perform in front of all these judges, I never got scared. All I did was remember what my agency had taught me. It wasn’t even fair how much more prepared we were than the other competitors,” recalls Lucas. Mr. Ethington competed in modeling and acting competitions over the weekend and the monologue competition was by far his favorite. He loves tackling a character and putting little touches on them to make them his own. Monologue gave him the perfect opportunity to exercise his skills for the judges.

That opportunity proved fruitful for this young actor who quickly found representation with a top bi-coastal management company, Jago-Ciro Entertainment. His manager will be submitting him for projects all over the country including New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. We cannot wait to see where this next step in his career will take him! We do know that Lucas has his sights on making an example of himself for those who grew up being bullied as he did:

“I want to be a face for individuals who are dealing with being bullied for the way they look, especially for people who look like me. I want to be a top actor for this new wave of actors coming in one day,” he said.

After all of his newfound success, we had to ask what pointers Lucas had for those looking to follow in his footsteps. Simple and sound, we couldn’t agree with him more, “The best advice I could give and it’s simple - if you don’t believe in yourself 100%, don’t even waste your time.” This experience changed his life, and he’s happy to help others discover themselves just as he has.

“When it comes to IMTA, The relationships I made was the most important thing for me. Even on sports teams I was always an outsider. I love my PMTM/IMTA family so much because they accepted me for who I am. I am so happy I found a place where people are like me. IMTA is full of beautiful, amazing, kind people; I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” And we couldn’t be more grateful for you, Lucas!

Lucas Ethington has a lot of opportunities waiting for him in the national markets, and with his positive attitude, dedication to his craft, and confidence, we know he is going to go far.

Congratulations, Lucas! We at Pro-Model and Talent Management could not be more proud to be your mother agency!

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