Little Person, Jacquline Crutcher, Wins Big at IMTA!

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IMTA New York 2019 was full of firsts for a lot of our Alums. For Jacquline Crutcher, it was her first time in New York, her first time delivering award-winning performances, and her first time being seen on a national stage. But the biggest first was having Jacquline at the convention as the first Little Person to compete at IMTA. Continue reading to see how she made both her community and her Mother Agency (us) proud!

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, Jacquline’s family relocated to Elyria, Ohio while she was still a young girl. Even then she found herself inspired by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Modeling and acting had always been a dream of hers, but one seemingly unattainable until recently.

With specific goals of one day being on the big screen and in commercials, Jacquline reached out to us to help her prepare for a career in the entertainment and fashion industries. A task we were happy to help her with! And when the time came to audition for IMTA, our judges were blown away by her talent. She was quickly accepted to attend IMTA with us!

The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) hosts two conventions during the year, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. Each brings together top managers, agents, and casting directors with models and talent currently working in smaller markets but looking to launch a national or international career. These conventions give models and talent an opportunity to show off their abilities to those capable of giving them a spot in the larger, more competitive markets.

“Before I went to IMTA I was excited, curious and nervous all at the same time,” recalls Jacquline. Watching her on stage, you would have never known! She was prepared and ready for competition and all eyes were on her every time she hit the stage! “I went to IMTA and did what I was coached to do and won all of my competitions. I was super stoked!”

In the end, Jacquline won awards for her performances in Improv, Screen Test, and Monologue. She was also awarded a coveted medal for Female Actor of the Year! “Having my name called made me feel like I had hit the lottery. I was so happy that my hard work paid off,” she said.

She soon learned that it was going to pay off even more! Jacquline had secured interest with manager Fabio Ciro of Jago-Ciro Entertainment (JCE)! We are so happy to report that Jacquline is now being represented by JCE on the national level. She will be submitted for projects all over the country, including Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

“My next move is to continue my acting career by auditioning and getting booked,” says this church-going actor who loves spending time with family. “My advice to models and talent is to follow your dreams. Start your career with Pro-Model and Talent Management!”

Everyone who attends IMTA experiences it a bit differently. For Jacquline, the experience broke this self-proclaimed “loner” out of her shell and into the hearts of everyone in our PMTM Family. “This experience has affected my life in a great way,” she said. “I used to like to be a loner but since I have been working with Pro-Model and Talent Management, I now have a group of people that have become my second family.”
Welcome to the family, Jacquline! It has been such an honor to watch you develop into the actor you were always meant to be! We cannot wait to see what you do from here!

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