DeLainey Celebrates 18th Birthday AND National Placement at IMTA!

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A native to Ashland, Ohio, DeLainey Williams was celebrating more than just her 18th birthday at IMTA New York this summer! She found national placement there! Please continue reading to learn about her IMTA experience.

DeLainey always had an interest in acting and modeling. This film connoisseur loves hiking, yoga, and spending time with friends or volunteering at her local breakfast center. In high school, DeLainey belonged to three honor societies, two choral groups, soccer, and was a part of her high school’s musical tech group.

“I’ve always been interested in both acting and modeling but
never knew how to get started; I didn’t want to regret never trying. With acting, I love developing characters and really trying to get inside their head so that the character seems real. With modeling I love how fashion is constantly developing and there’s always something new and different,” says DeLainey.

DeLainey never felt that acting or modeling could be an attainable dream for her. She, like so many others, did not know where to start. But with the help of Pro-Model and Talent Management, DeLainey was able to start pursuing her real dream.

PMTM began working with DeLainey to develop and fine-tune her abilities. Once being accepted to attend IMTA, DeLainey kicked it into high gear! Her development from day one to now was incredible! “PMTM prepared me so well that I was able to compete at the same level as everyone else at IMTA,” she said.

IMTA is a competition based convention that occurs biannually, once in New York and once in Los Angeles. It gathers the country’s top budding models and talent, bringing them together in front of some of the biggest agents, managers, and casting directors in the world. For many, this is a jumping-off point for launching successful national and international careers.

DeLainey fearlessly took the IMTA stage, most enjoying walking the runway during the swimwear competition and performing her unique monologue for the judges. Her confidence and delivery made her an obvious standout! She even got a special nod for the execution of her monologue! “Being recognized was amazing, when you work so hard for something and it pays off it’s such an incredible feeling,” she recalled.

When the time came to head home, DeLainey’s confidence in herself and pride of what she had accomplished never wavered. “I was super excited of course and surprisingly, I wasn't nervous. I knew that I had been prepared by some of the best and that I was ready for all of my competitions.” In the end, DeLainey found representation with one of the top bi-coastal management companies in the country: Jago-Ciro Entertainment.

For now DeLainey is working with some amazing acting coaches to help her prepare for the national markets. She is also adding to her list of special skills which will help her become even more marketable in the entertainment and modeling industries! Her long term goal is to act in both television and film. In January she will be moving to New York to attend NYU! How exciting!

We asked DeLainey what this experience has meant to her, and her response brought us so much joy! “This experience has affected my life by making my dreams, as cheesy as that sounds, come true. As a kid I always wondered what it would be like to be in a tv show or movie and now I have the opportunity to do that!” We love helping people actualize their dreams!

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far on this journey is that the work you put in is what you get out of it so put all you’ve got into everything you do.”

DeLainey gave her all to PMTM and IMTA and it paid off in a big way! We are so incredibly proud of you, DeLainey, and cannot wait to see what great things you accomplish from here!

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