Young and Hungry, Tia Worrell Dominates at IMTA!

11:14 AM

At first glance 11-year-old Tia Worrell may seem like your average young lady learning to navigate the world, and in some senses that’s true… But she’s definitely far from average! Tia has a strong drive to succeed in everything that she does; something you can see radiating from her a mile away!

Tia was a competitive cheerleader before deciding to retire from her cheer leading career to pursue modeling and acting. Her best friend, Jaida, was already signed to our agency and Jaida’s grandma had nothing but great things to say about us. Tia’s parents, seeing her enthusiasm to dive into her new life, brought her in to audition with us and the rest is history!

Tia LOVES modeling and acting. The artistic and creative expression, in Tia’s words, brought out “a whole different character in me that I never knew existed.” A well-traveled young lady, we couldn’t believe that there was yet another side of Tia to be discovered!

Being accepted to attend IMTA with us was the beginning of a whole new journey for Tia. The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention, which is held bi-annually (once in New York and once in Los Angeles), brings developed models and talent together with some of the
top network executives, casting agents, and managers in the country and world. If you’re from a smaller Midwest market like ours, this is an opportunity to compete for a spot in the national and international markets.

Initially Tia and her parents weren’t sure what to expect. But as Tia began working with our coaches to help fine-tune her skills and develop her abilities for competition, their confidence in our staff and the convention continued to grow. When Los Angeles began calling Tia’s name, they felt self-assured and ready to take on the competition.

In Los Angeles, Tia was unshakable on stage! She especially loved competing in the Improv and Screen Test competitions because they allowed her to flex her creativity and uniqueness. Two things everyone in attendance noticed set her apart from her competition.

Being able to showcase her talents front and center proved beneficial to Tia and her future in modeling and acting. As a result of her hard work and preparation, we are happy to say that Tia is now nationally placed with an amazing talent management company! Jago-Ciro Entertainment will be representing her in several national markets including New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. We cannot wait to see what projects this union is sure to bring about!

“This experience has been so wonderful; I’m so thankful and grateful to everyone who contributed and supported me emotionally and financially. Especially my mom and dad for being my greatest supporters in this journey with me. This experience helps solidify what I really wanted to become,” said Tia. “I learned to be appreciative, thankful, and grateful for everyone who plays a role in my journey. From Mary’s team, to managers and agents who believed in me, and my parents who travel back and forth for my development. If it wasn’t for these great groups of people, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Tia’s words of advice to future hopefuls, “make sure you stay committed, be confident, and bring your uniqueness!” We could not have said it better!

For the time being, Tia is focused on continuing her development with acting/modeling coaches, staying healthy, and keeping current for the industry. She is also one of eleven students chosen to work with Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX), a program that empowers young women to control their own relationships, experiences and decisions; something that will serve Tia well as she continues forging ahead in her career!

We are so excited to watch Tia as she settles in with her new management company and cannot wait to see what she does from here! Way to go Tia! It has been such an honor to watch your rise in this industry!

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