Ciara DeLeon: Model, Actor, BEATBOXER?!

3:05 PM

Twenty years old and a social media influencer to over two-hundred thousand people, there is no doubt that Ciara DeLeon is a rising star! This model, actor, and beatboxer was a real head-turner at the International Modeling and Talent Convention held this past January where Ciara showed off her skills! A beacon of positivity, Ciara radiates a level of self-confidence and awareness that magnetizes those around her.

“Growing up I loved to perform, make music, and dress up… I love being able to model clothes and inspire others along the way to pursue any dreams they have in this industry,” said Ciara. While a natural performer, that did not stop Ciara from putting the work in to prepare for competition. 

Ciara recalled her time preparing fondly. “We spent hours on memorization for our competitions, practiced hours on perfecting our runway walks and had fun all while we developed ourselves for IMTA. They make it hard to be truly nervous because of how hard they prepare and help us.” She said that our staff and coaches, specifically Mary and Aubrey, had become like second moms to her on this journey, offering helpful advice and guidance all along the way. 

Come convention time, all eyes were on Ciara at IMTA! And she took full advantage! Her favorite of the talent competitions were the commercials, and she did something extra special to set her apart from the competition: incorporated her beatboxing! One of her dreams is to do beatboxing for commercials. How cool would that be?

At the conclusion of IMTA, Ciara had to make a difficult choice about who would be representing her through the next part of her journey. She found that Manikin Model and Talent Agency located in the Southeast would be the best fit for her future goals. Their bi-coastal agency will be submitting Ciara for projects all over the United States. She could be beatboxing on a television near you soon!

“IMTA and PMTM have changed my life. Without IMTA, I wouldn't be a working talent and if it wasn't for PMTM, I wouldn't have been able to attend IMTA and definitely wouldn't have been as prepared,” she said. “The biggest lesson I have learnt from all of this is to believe in yourself. Let your personality shine through and also take care of yourself… It's not necessarily about having the best walk, the best voice or the best looks. It's about whether you can walk that runway in confidence that radiates to others, it's about becoming that character you’re supposed to be in that commercial or movie in your own way. If you work on yourself, you will find things are so much easier on you.”

Sage advice from someone who is making big things happen! Congratulations on your placement, Ciara! The sky's the limit for you!

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