Reaching New Heights at IMTA LA '19: Alyssa Bindus

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Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) is excited to introduce our very talented 21-year-old model and actress Alyssa Bindus from Jackson, Ohio. Alyssa is currently a full-time nursing student while working two jobs alongside her studies.  Outside of her busy schedule, she enjoys watching movies, reading new books, and staying active at the gym. Alyssa has managed to keep a healthy balance of working hard while still finding time to enjoy life in the downtime! 

Always learning and being adventurous are traits that Alyssa lives by. This desire to reach new heights in her professional and personal life led her to modeling and acting, where she worked closely with the Pro-Model and Talent Management staff on her technique and skills. Determined at every stage of her preparation, Alyssa had her sights on the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in Los Angeles. "I’ve only heard positive things about IMTA before. That's when I thought I'd take this jump and audition," Alyssa said. Her decision to take a dive into the talent industry turned into an unforgettable opportunity for Alyssa as she would earn the chance to compete among the most exceptional talent that the IMTA convention had to offer in scenic LA!

Heading to California for the very first time was an exhilarating trip for Alyssa. From the Santa Monica Pier to a spinning, rooftop restaurant inside the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, she never ran out of things to explore in the Golden State. If you ever do find yourself dining within the hotel's revolving restaurant, Alyssa highly recommends the delicious banana creme brulee! The trip had many first-time experiences, but the one that Alyssa was most ready for awaited her at the IMTA convention!

Alyssa entered the modeling and talent competitions, confident in her abilities. Even with an entirely new experience at hand, Alyssa subsided any nerves by maintaining a winning mindset, and trusting all that she had learned leading up to the convention. "The PMTM staff really prepared us for every single competition," Alyssa said. "Every Saturday, and Tuesday we were learning something new. Not only were we learning, but it was pretty fun!" Alyssa's favorite modeling competition was Jeans because of how natural and comfortable she felt on stage. The Monologue competition was also a favorite of Alyssa's, getting a chance to perform in front of all her peers and PMTM family; Alyssa's dedication to her craft flawlessly shined for everyone to see!

As Alyssa was reminiscing all she had experience on the way back from LA, she was sad it ended so soon but happy on all she experienced throughout. "I had found my passion for acting and modeling throughout the training for IMTA," Alyssa said. "I can’t wait to keep growing in this industry by training, and auditioning. You never know what's on the other side of the doors." One of the first of many doors that would open for Alyssa occurred a short time after her trip to LA, receiving many callbacks from impressed industry professionals. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to announce that Alyssa will be represented by New York City's MMG Agency! Way to go, Alyssa!

If Alyssa had to provide advice for aspiring models and actors heading to an IMTA convention, she would suggest trusting in all the hard work you put into creating a stunning performance. "No matter what happens at this convention, stay positive, do your best, be yourself, and have fun," Alyssa said. "What helped me the most was knowing in my heart that being in LA at this convention is once in a lifetime opportunity." Looking toward the future, now that she has gained representation with MMG, Alyssa plans to audition for commercial modeling and acting to land roles on both TV and in print. Sounds like the start to another exciting journey for Alyssa!

Pro-Model and Talent Management is so happy for all the exciting happenings for Alyssa and the bright future that awaits her! With IMTA '19 in beautiful Los Angeles being just the beginning, we will be excited to report all of Alyssa's accomplishments in the coming months as she takes on the national market!

Written by: Michael O'Malley

Want more information on auditioning for IMTA '19 NYC? Click below! 

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