From Puerto Rico to Ohio, Andrea Canas!

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From Puerto Rico to Ohio, meet Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM), Andrea Canas! Andrea is a 28-year-old actress, who has made Akron, Ohio her home for the past two years, but grew up on the island of Puerto Rico! Andrea's inspiration for moving to Ohio came from wanting a change for herself. The move has given her a wonderful fresh start, but she plans to eventually go back to Puerto Rico. For now,  Andrea is enjoying her time in Ohio, and finding her own passion in life!
Growing up, Andrea went to a private school and played volleyball all the way up to her college years. In college, playing a sport was not an option, but joining organizations were. Andrea majored in communication studies, getting involved in a club for communications, and participating in acting and musicals. From a young age, she enjoyed acting and making people laugh. The best part of acting for Andrea is the ability to tell the story of a character. Her ambitions lead her to chase her dreams at International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) LA' 19 convention!

Andrea found Los Angeles to be a beautiful place to visit, and loved spending time on the Santa Monica Pier. Not only did visiting an exciting new place bring Andrea new memories, but the IMTA convention was an opportunity of a lifetime. Andrea's favorite competitions were the Monologue and TV Real People competitions.

After a busy and exhilarating week in Los Angeles, Andrea came back to Ohio knowing it was only the beginning!  We are excited to report, Andrea received offers from the Manikin Model and Talent Agency,        Dreamscope Entertainment, and Unified Management. In the end, Andrea chose to sign with the prestigious Manikin Model and Talent Agency. Congratulations, Andrea!

Andrea staying positive and focused during her week at IMTA helped her have an amazing outcome. The advice she would give to other models and talent would be, "Practice makes perfect!" While taking the steps to pursue her career goals, Andrea will continue to hone her skills and develop her talent. We are so glad IMTA LA '19 gave Andrea a launching pad to chase her dreams and we cannot wait to watch this talented lady soar in the national market!

Written by: Caitlin Goad
Edited by: Susan Piekarski

Want more information on auditioning for IMTA '19 NYC? Click below! 

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