Emma Signs After IMTA LA '19

2:26 PM

Meet Pro-Model and Talent Management's Emma Boggs, a sixteen-year-old from Mansfield, Ohio!  Emma enjoys growing up in Mansfield because of the wide-open spaces, and enjoys spending time with her two pets. One of her favorite pastimes is taking her dog, Nova, on evening walks!

Emma stays actively involved in many extracurriculars. She is involved in Girls Owning Lives of Dignity (G.O.L.D), an organization that was founded by seven women at Shelby High School. The organization helps promote women's empowerment! Also, Emma is actively involved in Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), an organization which advocates being a leader within the community. She is quite an inspiring young lady, being so actively involved and chasing her dreams at a young age.

Emma heard of Pro-Model and Talent Management from a friend, and decided to audition. Emma then decided to take the opportunity to audition for the International Modeling and Talent Association scouts and was accepted to attend the IMTA LA '19 convention! The International Modeling and Talent Association convention was a huge opportunity and gave Emma time to shine! Los Angeles is different from growing up in Ohio, but visiting was a life-changing experience that was totally worthwhile!

Emma enjoyed the convention week tremendously, making lots of friends from all over the world to share her experiences with. The experience during the competitions felt amazing for Emma, particularly those involving the runway. The runway is where she had the most confidence, and confidence is the key to success! The talent competitions went very well thanks to the preparation from the Pro-Model and Talent Management staff, and the Cold Read competition was her favorite. IMTA LA '19 came with many positive experiences and opportunities for Emma.

Emma's short time at the IMTA LA '19  convention was very successful and she received many callbacks. Emma received offers from many prestigious agencies who were charmed by her performance. We are proud to report Emma has signed with Manikin Models! Congratulations,  Emma!

For Emma, the future is looking bright and she is eager to begin her journey with Manikin. The advice Emma would give to other models and actors is, "Listen to everyone and take all the advice the Pro-Model and Talent Management staff can give you, it could lead you to your future!" Emma is reaching for the stars after IMTA LA '19, and we cannot wait to see what Emma does on a national level!

Written by: Caitlin Goad
Edited by: Susan Piekarski

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