Written in the Stars at IMTA LA '19: Grace Riegel

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Meet Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM) exceptional Grace Riegel, an 18-year-old actress from Lexington, Ohio. Grace has had quite the high school career, balancing her passion for acting while holding esteemed positions as Student Council Class President and Student Body Secretary! She is also a member of the Key Club, and actively advocates for students with dyslexia by designing presentations to help better communicate the disorder for her school's faculty and peers. Grace's ability to speak publicly, organize events and serve her community led her to compete in local pageants where she earned the title of Miss Lexington 2017!

Grace found her love for acting at the early age of five, when she realized she fared much better in theatre than on a soccer field! "After getting kicked off my pre-school bumblebee soccer team for quote 'being a danger to both myself and others', my mom put me in theatre," Grace said. "My years in acting have taught me everything, brought me the greatest friends, and given me a lot of goals. I’ve gotten nothing but blessings for being the worst soccer player out there!" Not only did Grace's acting performances bring her a ton of joy and memories, but they earned her the opportunity to make a trip to Los Angeles to attend the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in January of 2019!

Upon landing at LAX, Grace recalls the energy of the trip as "incredible". While walking the Santa Monica Pier, Grace was able to take in some the amazing sights before she set out to the convention. "It was absolutely stunning; the mountains, the fact I was at a beach in January, the arcade, roller coasters, and the greatest churros ever. That day just felt like a movie." With a beautiful California scene and good times underway, Grace would arrive at the convention ready to compete.

Grace entered the talent competitions, confident in her skills and motivated by all the important advice she received from the Pro-Model and Talent Management staff throughout her IMTA journey. "PMTM had me very well prepared, not only to compete but also to network," Grace said. "I knew exactly what to expect!" Her favorite competition was Improv, where being able to think on your feet is essential. With three years of experience in improvisation workshops, Grace was able to nail the Improv competition. Her improv performance granted her first place, and she would place in four other competitions during the week of the convention! Awesome job, Grace!

Heading back from LA, Grace couldn't help but reminisce about all the once-in-a-lifetime moments she had gotten to experience during the trip.  "The convention was amazing and I loved every second of it," Grace said. "Although I would love to relive my week at IMTA over a million times, I returned home more determined than ever and ready to jump into the industry. The convention is over but this is just the beginning." Her motivated mindset would be fueled by the many callbacks she would receive by industry professionals who were impressed by her inspired performances. Grace is still in the process of choosing representation, but we can't wait to report on who will be the lucky agency!

Although Los Angeles may be in the rearview for now, Grace is excited for what the future holds! She is looking forward to reaching more benchmarks in her own life, and to continue growing as an actress. "Right now, I'm keeping busy graduating high school with honors, taking acting intensives and workshops, developing special skills for my resume, researching the industry even more, and finalizing a game plan." If Grace could provide any advice for any future IMTA contestants, she simply suggests staying true to yourself throughout the entire process.

We are so happy to have had Grace represent Pro-Model and Talent Management at IMTA '19 in LA and we are excited to hear about where her talent will land her next in the national market!

Written by: Michael O'Malley

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