An Exciting Journey at IMTA NYC '18: Manyia Still

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Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM) very talented Manyia Still is a 17-year-old model and actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When Manyia is not pursuing her goals in front of the camera, she spends her free time listening to music, writing, going to concerts, and learning new languages. She is also a part of her high school basketball team and an organization called the African American Achievement Trust (AAAT). She's been a member of AAAT for six years, giving speeches and going on trips for the program. Manyia is in dual enrollment with the University of Pittsburgh, now taking college-level courses in high school. Her mission is to always to find new ways to grow as a person! 

Manyia received a ton of support from her family and friends when she decided to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting. Her inspiration came from the likes of Urban Outfitter's model Logan Jackson and superstar Tyra Banks. Her favorite actors Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, and PMTM's very own Kiri Stevens have also motivated her into joining them in the limelight! After dedicating herself and working with Pro-Model and Talent Management to hone her skills, Manyia accepted an invitation to attend the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in New York City this past summer, and she couldn't wait to share her amazing experience!

Manyia was thrilled to finally get to see all the incredible sights that are so unique to the Big Apple.Manyia said. "The experience was very exciting and quite a rush!" There, with the New York City skyline as her backdrop, Manyia took her first steps towards achieving her ultimate dream! "NYC was amazing! The city is very beautiful. I experienced the many different cultures, foods, and lifestyles with my friends along my side."

Once the competitions began, Manyia was excited to show the large IMTA audience all of her talent during the competitions. Manyia enjoyed the Improv competition because she felt the most prepared! Her favorite modeling competition was the Jeans competition because of how naturally she felt walking on the runway. In fact, Manyia placed top 5 in the Jeans competition! Way to go, Manyia!

When it was time to return home after a life-changing IMTA convention week, Manyia was proud of all she had accomplished, but she knew she would miss the bright lights of the big city. "I was really sad about leaving NYC and not getting to hang out with my friends every day. I grew really attached to the people around me, along with NYC growing on me," Manyia said. "However, I was happy to see my family again!" The excitement for Manyia didn't end in New York! Because of her performance, she received a lot of interest from the managers and agents at IMTA. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to report that Manyia will be represented by the prestigious Manikin Model and Agency. This is incredible news for Manyia and all those who have supported her through her journey!

Manyia is already getting ready for the future and is planning to move out to Los Angeles or New York after she graduates high school. She also plans to take her career overseas once she feels ready to take that step. Manyia's advice for aspiring models and talent who are looking to attend the IMTA convention in the future is to take everything in stride and let your performance come naturally."Don’t put too much thought into it. Everything will only get better, try your best, enjoy the moment and live life.” Excellent advice, Manyia!

Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud of Manyia's dedication to honing her craft and delighted to have her as a part of the PMTM family! We cannot wait to see share where this talented young lady ends up in the national market!

Written by: Michael O'Malley

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