Born to Perform at IMTA LA '19: Joey Kinsley

2:08 PM

Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM) Joey Kinsley is a 25-year-old singer from Cleveland, Ohio. Joey found his unique voice singing in church at a young age, inspired by watching his grandfather perform in their church choir.  He would later join the school choir in the fifth grade, and continue to perform throughout high school. When Joey decided to seriously pursue his dream of becoming a renown musician, he began to study music theory and gained the ability to write the songs he had always wanted to create! Since then, he's been the lead vocalist on several songs which he performs as a part of a dance-pop group with his twin brother called Maui Ski Club, and a solo project called Sir Yacht.

Joey has found singing to be a wonderful way to express himself and showcase his personality. His greatest influences are Bob Marley, Chris Martin, The Chainsmokers, The Holdup, and Post Malone because of how well-crafted their songs are. Joey writes his own songs about people and symbols that mean the most to him. "I usually write my songs about nostalgic occurrences," Joey said. "Water is also a big influence on my music. I like metaphorically writing about it and composing music while imagining I’m in a particular setting with water."

Much like his inspirations, Joey enjoys entertaining people in whatever platform he can perform on. "Being on a stage has always been my passion, whether playing college basketball or performing on stage," Joey said. "The adrenaline I get on stage is amazing. I am confident in myself because I’ve been in front of hundreds of people performing or playing a sport, as well as producing consistently for the past ten years." When Joey isn't pursuing his dreams, he enjoys playing basketball, working out and watching Cleveland sports teams. Joey writes music whenever he gets the chance, because you never know when inspiration will strike!

With many months of preparation with the Pro-Model and Talent Management staff, Joey will be arriving in Los Angeles for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention to take his passion to the next level. "This will be my first time in the city, and it’s surreal finally being able to go," Joey said. "The music and entertainment industry is what I want to be in one day, and I know IMTA will help me get there. I'm very fortunate for the opportunity."

Pro-Model and Talent Management thrilled for Joey, and proud of the immense talent he will bring to IMTA LA '19! We will be looking forward to hearing about all the amazing progress he will undoubtedly make, and we can't wait to share his experience!

Written by: Michael O'Malley

Click the link below to listen to this talented vocal artist's demo!

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