Billy Hufsey Hosts "Audition Readiness Workshop" December 12th!

3:51 PM

Billy Hufsey, renown for starring in iconic shows FAME and Days of Our Lives, will be coming to Akron for a workshop on perfecting your auditions! Working hard in his own career in becoming a phenomenal triple-threat talent in singing, dance, and acting, Billy has emerged as a top acting coach in Los Angeles. He is responsible for launching the careers of hundreds of talent through expert coaching and guidance. His workshop will span all related topics to auditioning, including how to book the job, what you need to be successful in a chemistry read, and what it takes to stand out! Join us on December 12th for an opportunity to learn how to give your best impression at your next audition. Call (330)-666-4125 or e-mail FRONTDESK@PMTM.COM to register.

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