PMTM Alum Stephanie Miranda Wins Miss Latinoamérica 2018 in September

12:10 PM

Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) is always proud to showcase the multitude of successes our PMTM family achieves outside of our industry. Stephanie Miranda is a 25-year-old model who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. Stephanie had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Panama City, Panama in September to compete for Miss Latinoamérica 2018! This is a competition in a long line of pageants that Stephanie has continuously prepared herself for, and she couldn't wait to share with us just how much all that hard work readied her for the title of Miss Latinoamérica!

Up against 19 other contestants from around the world for an international title, Stephanie knew the road to becoming Miss Latinoamérica would not be an easy one. Stephanie emphasized how important preparation becomes in the months leading up to the competition."The preparation takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight," Stephanie said. "I do mock interviews, go to the gym every week, practice my walk, because each walk is different, volunteer, and of course get the most beautiful gown that makes you feel unstoppable."

This is the same winning mentality Stephanie has carried with her since she was 14 years old and started competing in pageants. She won her first state title Miss Ohio Latina 2013 when she was just 18! Stephanie also earned the opportunity to nationally compete and represent Ohio in Miss US International in 2015. And to top it all off, she has also competed for Miss Ohio USA three times! This is an amazing resume that reflects a passion to compete!

Her latest feat, becoming Miss Latinoamérica last September, has made Stephanie reflect on her journey leading up to this monumental success. She recalled once being told that she would never be able to compete in an international pageant because she was too short. Cut to a few years later, and Stephanie is standing victorious on stage in Panama City as the newly crowned Miss Latinoamérica 2018! "Don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t do it, and if they do, it should make you work that much harder."

If Stephanie could provide some advice for up-and-coming contestants who are looking to make a splash in national and international pageants, she would suggest to just be yourself and to enjoy the journey to success. Stephanie is able to connect with her friends and new audiences through her creative Youtube channel where she can tell her story among thousands of viewers! "I share a little bit of everything on my channel; I do challenges, get ready with me, pageants, and travel. I also talk about experiences that I’ve had in the past." Stephanie said. "It’s literally just about me sharing my life with everyone that’s watching!"

Stephanie has embarked on an amazing journey since she first began working with our agency years ago, and Pro-Model and Talent Management is extremely proud to report all her successes. We cheer for every accomplishment in Stephanie's impressive pageant career and we cannot wait to share where her next crown will be won!

Written by: Michael O'Malley

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