International Spotlight: Jataya Wiley

4:27 PM

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Jataya Wiley is no stranger to ambition. This curves model grew up in rural Amish country Ohio, a self-proclaimed tomboy. It was there she realized she had gifts that she wanted to share with the world. With her trademark liveliness and drive, she competed in and won the Miss Ohio Plus America 2015 title. She realized that as a plus-size model and actress she had a platform to connect with other women of all shapes and ethnicities, encouraging them to embrace their own beauty and size. Once she became a part of Pro-Model and Talent Management she had the opportunity to work professionally in the industry.

As a curves model and actress, Jataya has booked commercials and print work for companies such as Nike, Humira, Curves Connect, Zulily, Rue 21, and The Mattress Factory, just to name a few! Shooting a commercial was one of Jataya's favorite acting jobs because the shoot contained a lot of green-screen work. Jataya was mesmerized when she saw the finished product with the addition of the special effects. The commercial ran nationwide and aired throughout the NBA Playoffs, gaining a lot of viewership. She also loved being an extra for the 2016 film Dog Eat Dog, where she was able to be on set and meet stars, Nicholas Cage and William Dafoe. In addition, she has been chosen to be the face of The Curvy Alliance, a nationwide organization dedicated to "empowering and educating women to embrace their curves, and live a healthy lifestyle".

When Jataya is not modeling or acting, she is an ambassador for Wakaya Perfection, a company with a holistic product line that spreads important messages about health. Being an ambassador has given her the opportunity to travel all over the world, launching Wakaya Perfection. This past summer she launched the brand in Tokyo. Jataya also promotes her business by hosting a talk show online which celebrates women who possess both beauty and brains. Applying her brand's healthy lifestyle lessons, she lost 70 pounds in seven months using their all-natural products! "More importantly than how I look is how I feel. Since releasing that unwanted weight, I now live a pain-free life and I am off of all medications." Jataya enthusiastically stated. She also advocates for those less fortunate, raising well over $675,000 for domestic and international charities, and has assisted in the building of a life saving well in Zimbabwe, Africa.

In five years, Jataya hopes to become an A-List actress with a household name. She plans to use her success to start an organization that will provide clean water sources for underdeveloped countries throughout the world. Eventually, Jataya would like to go into broadcasting, becoming a television host or news anchor.

Way to go Jataya! Pro-Model and Talent Managment wants to congratulate Jataya on everything she has accomplished so far and cannot wait to see what she will be working on next!

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Written by: Stephanie Sibik
Edited by: Julia Telford

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