High Fashion Vs. Commercial Modeling

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Growing up, many of us at Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. wanted to be models. As kids, us ladies were trying on mother's heels while the boys were taking up father's suit jackets and ties. We dreamed of modeling Dior and Chanel. Shooting for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

But did you know that only 5% of models ever get to see that dream come true? Well, that's high fashion for you. But many models these days are supporting themselves on a different kind of modeling: commercial! Below we've broken down the difference between high fashion and commercial modeling so you can see the types of jobs you would be casting for.

High Fashion: Women must be 5'8 or taller (unless you're unique like Kate Moss in which case you'd be a super model!) and men must be at least 5'11" or taller. Both must have an edgy, modern look. Many are not conventionally pretty or handsome but have a unique and strong look that stands out. In most cases, you must be thin and have a well proportioned body.

In high fashion, you can expect to do fashion shows, magazine editorials, fit modeling for designers, showroom modeling, and some commercial and print work.

Commercial: There is no definitive height requirement although being under 5'4" is considered the short side. They usually look for a conventionally pretty or handsome face that people can relate to. In short, the prettier or more handsome you are, and the more you fit into your niche (plus size, fitness, etc) the more you will find work.

For commercial modeling, you could do any of the work you see done on buses, TV and magazine ads. Catalogs and advertisements for boutiques, sporting goods stores, and any local stores you can think of use commercial models. Hotel brochures, websites, the opportunities are pretty endless when you think of every product that needs a model!

So those are the major differences between high fashion and commercial modeling and we hope this helps you understand which way you may want to go as a model. High fashion jobs may have a higher pay rate, but commercial tends to be more stable.

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