Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meet IMTA Staff Member Pamela Daly

Hey, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! Many of you already know our PMTM alum, but for those of you that don't, here is more information on the amazing Pamela Daly! Pamela will be joining our team of staff in NYC for IMTA! Keep reading to see what makes her such a great fit for our team!

Pamela has had representation all across the country and currently lives in California where she has been working as an actress and instructor. She holds her own acting workshops, some of which many of our own PMTM talent have attended and loved. She has done a lot of great work in television, film, voice over, commercials and theater.

Pamela has a great work ethic, is emotionally attached in everything that she does, and is simply a divine pleasure to work with! You may have seen her films RS Rising, Inside, and Fuel among others. Her commercials include those for LensCrafters, Aviva, Health Wise, Wii Rockband, Nintendo, and countless others. In television, you may have seen Pamela on Blood Relatives, Small Town Scandals, Melendez Files, Stripped, and I Didn't Know I was Pregnant wherein she played a nurse. She has done so much work that it is simply too much to list it all here!

Pamela has made us so proud as an alum and continues to make us proud each and every day! She is so excited to have the opportunity to work with our contestants and we couldn't be more pleased to have her as a part of our team!

Meet our IMTA Instructor: Anaya Farrell

Hello, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! We are excited to introduce you to yet another one of our IMTA instructors: Anaya Farrell! Anaya will be joining us exclusively to help shape our IMTA contestants. Keep reading about her below to see what makes Anaya such a great asset to our training team!

Anaya is a professional actor and teacher with extensive film, television, and theater credits. A graduate of McGill University, she went on to complete the two-year intensive conservatory training program at Trinity Rep. Anaya currently teaches acting in the theater department at Case Western Reserve University and has been a private drama coach and guest instructor for Colorado College, the Inner Stage Theater, and Horizontal Eight Studio.

Anaya has performed in over seventy film, television, radio, and commercial projects. She was a recurring character in the Star Trek series "Earth: Final Conflict" and played roles in many other series including Smallville, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Sentinel, and many more. In film, Anaya has appeared in both big screen and television features and has worked opposite such actors as Whoopi Goldberg, Brian Dennehy, Mimi Rogers, Christopher Plummer, and Sam Waterston.

Anaya was a co-founder of Horizontal Eight Theatre Company led by acclaimed Russian director Vladimir Mirzoev playing leading roles over a period of five years in his productions of The Inspector General, The Possibilities, Salome, Epic and Caligula. She was also co-founder of Death and Taxes Theater and Gun-Shy Productions, two companies devoted to the creation of new work. Anaya was a member of the sketch comedy troupe Delaware Watergap and toured nationally. Anaya has played leading roles at the Grand Theatre, the Neptune Theatre, The National Arts Center, Theatre Calgary, MTC, The Ford Center for the Performing Arts and the Saidye Bronfman Center among many others.

As a writer and composer, Farrell has also had a number of her works performed including the musical Evangeline, for which she wrote the music and co-wrote the book and lyrics; Evangeline was developed and presented in concert form by the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Her Jessie-nominated play The Love Stories has been performed in Toronto, Vancouver, L.A and Hawaii. Other works include Bonnie: Herstory and the musical, The Millennium Bug, co-written with Donald Carrier.

Anaya is extremely excited to work with our IMTA contestants and can't wait to help shape them into amazing talents!

PMTM Model Extraordinaire: Meet Marlin Jones!

We've got two words for you, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt.: Marlin Jones! Marlin is a Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. and IMTA alum who has done some amazing work! He is a published author, designer of the clothing line TaylordBlu, an actor, model, and a nurse to boot! Marlin has been one of our listed models for over ten years now!

Marlin has so many great credits to his name that it is simply amazing! In theater, he was an integral part of The Nativity Story at Youngstown Playhouse. He has also taken the stage for the Great Lakes Fashion Week Fall 2013 Couture Showcase. 

In television, you may have spotted Marlin in quite a few shows including The West Wing, BET's Rip the Runway 2010, and in an Audi/ Porsche training video. His commercial work includes for Time Warner Cable, Mountaineer Racetrack, Kirby Vacuum Cleaner, Dick's Sporting Goods, Purrell, Hiram College, and Lake Health Systems. 

Outside of his work as a model and actor, Marlin's accomplishments are still nothing less than amazing. As stated earlier, he is a nurse and a fashion designer for TaylordBlu, but he is also a US Army Soldier, a CPR instructor, HIV counselor, BLS instructor, medical benefits adviser, fashion stylist, poet, combat medic, and the author of two published books. This man simply knows no limitations to his potential and we applaud him on all that he has been able to accomplish thus far in his life! Marlin serves as a great inspiration to everyone who believes in following their dreams!

Connect with Marlin:

Meet our IMTA Instructor: Terence Cranendonk

Hello to all of our IMTA contestants and Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! We would love to introduce to all of you another member of our IMTA instructor team: Terence Cranendonk! You won't believe all of the great work that he has done, and in reading below, you'll see exactly what makes him a great fit as one of our instructors!

Terence received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Studies from Yale University. From there, he attended the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater and went on to earn his Master's in Theater Arts from The University of Akron. Terence decided to then continue his training at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York.

Terence has been teaching students theatre since 2001. He is also working as an independent actor, director, and playwright. Currently, Terrence teaches at The University of Akron.

We are so happy to have the opportunity for Terence to join the rest of our instructors in coaching our IMTA team! He is so excited to work with our group of contestants and know that his teachings will be beneficial to all!

Meet Our IMTA Instructor: Aubrey Caldwell

We are so excited to announce the addition of Aubrey Caldwell to our IMTA instructors! Aubrey will be one of our acting coaches, and she is s excited to work with all of our IMTA contestants! Keep reading below to learn more about Aubrey.

Aubrey has a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre which she obtained from Florida State University, where she graduated Magnum Cum Laude. For her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Aubrey also graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Ashland University. She is well trained in many different acting techniques, has also been trained in voice acting.

With her vast knowledge in theater, Aubrey has been teaching all across the country since 2003. From California to Texas, from Texas to Ohio, Aubrey has been teaching students how to truly experience theater, how to audition, the history of theater, voice and diction, acting, and so much more! She is currently a staff member at The University of Akron. With her education, teaching abilities, and hands on experience, Aubrey is going to be a true asset to our team! Just check out her acting and directing credits below!

Aubrey has been a director for many great productions including The Aristocats, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Disney's Cinderella, and A Christmas Story. In stage, she has played such great roles as Mrs. Lovett in "Sweeney Todd," Desdemona in "Othello," and Haydee in "The Count of Monte Cristo." You may have seen her on TV in "Rasing the Roofs" on Spike TV, Cold Heart Canyon, or The Truth About Monkeys.

As you can see, with all of her experience, Aubrey is going to be a great part of the team! She is so excited to be working with you all, and we know that great things will come from this partnership!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Words from PMTM/ IMTA Alums Part 4

Want to hear about the PMTM/ IMTA experience straight from the horse's mouth? Keep reading to see what Frankie Wolf's parents had to say about the Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt./ IMTA experience!

The Pro-Model/ IMTA Experience

We were definitely prepared! BUT until you experience the Pro Model and Talent Mgmt Agenda there, you won’t understand. You will be running from meeting to competition and back again. We had meetings even before the competitions started so you know that Mary and Katie really, really did their jobs!!!!!

When talking and listening to some of the agents, they really respect Mary and Katie and that gives me even more confidence then that we already had made best choices for the futures of these children, young men, young women, men and women!!! Even after the fact, when meeting with Mary, the advice she has given is the same advice that is given when I am trying to learn a little about the business on my own, especially when bringing children into this industry with all you read about in the papers: Keep it as normal as possible!!!

Every chance you get, which will not be many, as the week goes on, ATTEND, ATTEND, ATTEND. The opportunities given to you at IMTA are that of a lifetime so take advantage of it all!!!!

PMTM has so many perks while in L.A.! Besides of all of the extra interviews, she lines up quality staff to help coach and support all of the contestants! Everyone cares how prepared the contestants really are (which we heard numerous times from agents and managers throughout the week in contests and in the seminars).

Frankie and his agent
I have to say that this one encounter with Frankie in particular has made a huge impact on me. After his cold read, one of the judges came up to Frankie and said he was looking all over for him. He wanted to tell him he was the only one who hit the feeling of the cold read dead on. He brought up all of the emotions and questions that Frankie learned that day from Tim and Pam Daly. The agent was so excited about it. I think
that meeting gave Frankie even more confidence to know that what he was taught in that little extra bit of training from Pam and one of the guys there to help (Tim). They  took the time to pull Frankie aside to help him own that cold read and make it his own, which made such an impact on one of those judges. We have to thank Tim and Pamela Daly for all of their extra and VERY helpful advice, tips, and constructive criticism. I am also proud of Frankie for listening and learning everything and actually putting all of his knowledge into action!!! 

Thank you to everyone that worked so hard since October at Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. for making sure that these actors have the knowledge to make their dreams a reality.

This experience was one filled with great bonds and lasting memories through the happy, stressful, and relaxing times! Watching this group from the outside...... The way they supported each other and cheered one another on,  they have made friendships to last a lifetime near and far, young and old. The friendships made I could have never imagined in such a small amount of time!!!! (Us parents tooooo!!) I know it was sad for Frankie to leave that airport the last day, but I know he will see everyone again!!! Classes, meetings, and hopefully, in LA or NYC or wherever their success takes them!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Words from PMTM/ IMTA Alums Part 3

Choosing an agency and convention to attend when making decisions about your career in the entertainment industry can be tough! At Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt., we know that. So we try to give everyone as much information and as many opinions from those who need to determine if this is the right time to take that step. Here are some words from PMTM/ IMTA alum, Joe Hernandez who attended another convention before finding us and attending IMTA with our group.

The main difference from IMTA and another convention that I attended is that the other convention was in the big city of Orlando, in spite of Orlando having many agencies, the amount of agents and managers that did attend the convention was much less then the IMTA convention. The IMTA convention brought top agents, managers and many other casting agents, directors and such from LA, NYC, and major foreign fashion parts of the world. The other convention only brought small agents from around the country, some from the big cities were presented, but not much.

Also, the training was a major difference. IMTA training was once a week for about 3-4 hours, and it was focused more on acting and getting better. The other convention's training was about once every month, training only on the competitions scripts, not on improving the actor's abilities.
Competition week at the IMTA convention with PMTM was like doing it with a family. Everything was done together and as a group. At the other convention, you were on your own, no private meetings and such.

Thank you,

Joe Hernandez
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