Tuesday, May 24, 2016

9 Tips for Building Confidence

Here at Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt., we love to make sure that our models and talent are staying up-to-date on the latest industry advice. That's why when we saw this blog posted by Backstage, featuring the advice of Carolyne Barry, a highly respected casting director, actress, and director in LA, we knew that we had to share it with all of you! These tips for building confidence as an individual in our industry are on point.

Actors don’t have tangible products to sell. Each is their own product and they must believe in and have confidence their talents and themselves or there is nothing to sell. Confidence is essential for everyone, but it is crucial for actors and performers. Vanity, arrogance, or egotism is not confidence. They are usually facades for someone who lacks it. If you are honest with yourself, you know the difference.

Confident is just who some actors are. Others may have had support from family and friends and/or from of multiple successes. For most, the lack of confidence is an issue that needs to be worked on. Let’s start by considering the value of building your confidence.

Experience creates confidence. The more you do anything, the more experienced and skillful you become. So the more you properly study, rehearse, audition, and work, the more confident you are
about your craft.

Confidence produces freedom. With real confidence, you do not worry about what others think, or failing, thus you have the freedom to be courageous and be yourself.

With freedom, your talent can shine. When actors get auditions, sign with an agent, receive good feedback or reviews, get callbacks and book jobs, etc., it helps them to feel confident. Unfortunately, these events are dependent on the acceptance of others. In that case, confidence can come and go without these “wins.”

Here are nine tips to help you build your confidence:

  1. Train with professional acting teachers. When you honestly know that you have a solid acting training, you can believe in your craft.
  2. Take improvisation workshops. In professional improvisation classes, you learn to trust your instincts and commit. Once you get over your fear of making mistakes, you experience that they are fun, and that great moments come from messing up. This progression helps you to learn that no matter what happens in class or in life, you can handle it. This type of training goes a long way in building confidence.
  3. Always be prepared. Whether putting up scenes in your classes, auditioning for jobs, or working as an actor, always be as prepared as possible. When you are unprepared, you’ll feel most insecure about your work.
  4. Acknowledge yourself for your successes. Most of us are quick to find fault within ourselves and what we do. I strongly suggest that you always take a few minutes to acknowledge yourself for what you’ve accomplished, or when you have done your creative best—whether or not you get the job or the positive feedback you desire. This is really important for building self-esteem. When you can be totally supportive of yourself, you will not be dependent on others to feel successful. And while you are at it, acknowledge others. It is great for them and reminds you to always do it for yourself.
  5. Learn from mistakes. You are human and you make mistakes—especially when you are moving into uncharted waters. Most learn more from their mistakes than from their successes. So I suggest you look at mistakes as lessons and as gifts, instead of emotionally beating yourself up when you make them.
  6. Avoid negative, jealous, angry, or bitter people. Those you surround yourself with affect how you feel about yourself. As much as possible, lose all the disempowering people in your life.
  7. Have a full life. The more fun and stimulating activities you are involved with, the less pressure you attach to having to prove yourself.
  8. Stay out of debt. Too much pressure is put on booking work when actors have money problems. When your financial life is somewhat in balance, you go into auditions without the pressure of needing the money. 
  9. Enjoy your survival job. If you have a job that you dislike, that can create negative feeling about yourself.

I truly believe that if you follow these suggestions to help build your confidence, that it should have a powerful affect on your ability to feel good about yourself, thus do your best auditions and get acting work.a

Summer Fashion Challenge for our Men!

Summertime: it's rapidly approaching! And as the temperature rises, so does the need to change up your wardrobe. That can be a scary thing for a lot of men out there who desperately cling to their jeans! And that's exactly why we're going to challenge you all to push your fashion limits and give a nice pair of shorts (*ahem* non-athletic shorts) a try! Check out this blog from Tower City Center with some handy tips on finding the right kind of shorts for you.

So, guys. We’ve got to talk. What are you going to do when the temperature heats up and your style needs to follow suit? You know those jeans and pants are going to get uncomfortable, but the idea of shorts? Away from the gym? It’s not a look that screams “GQ” to most dapper dudes, but it’s definitely that time of year to start considering it. So what’s hot in warm weather bottoms? Here’s the lowdown.

For the long-legged gent looking for a louche style, the word was “Bermuda”. Longer and fuller than the typical tailored short, this laid back silhouette was favored by the teams at Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander. Think of these as the shorts for the fashion-minded rebel.

Preppy prints made for a peppy wardrobe addition. These quirky picks give every day a bit of a holiday vibe, referencing both the country club and the beach. For a style more suave than collegiate, pair your prints with a simple crew or boat neck sweater and avoid over accessorizing.

Summer style’s not all fun and games—sometimes a little sharpness is required. On runways, basic black dressed up this laid back staple, with designers showing options in leather and wool, and bonafide fashion rockstar, Pharrell, taking to the red carpet in a short tux. Simple, versatile, and a definite conversation starter.

Long story, short? Get into some of these babies for a stylish summer fling.

3 Ways in which Auditioning is an Art Form!

Hi there, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! This blog was brought to us by the fine people at Backstage.com. Written by Craig Wallace, a great acting coach from California, it highlights three ways in which auditioning is an art form. It tells all of the secrets of auditioning and emphasizes the importance of being a warrior in the auditioning room; allowing self-exploration, trial and error of methods, and instilling your life and humanity into whatever character you are portraying. Great words and a great read! Enjoy!

Auditioning is often seen as the poor uncreative cousin to acting; a necessary evil, the thing you have to learn so that you can get the job and really act.

This losing attitude is just plain wrong.

Auditioning is a dynamic creative process that can shine a light on your soul and test your skills and bravery like few other artistic disciplines can. It is an art form unto itself.

Here are just a few of the many qualities that make it so:

1. Self-knowledge is its cornerstone. A successful film/TV audition answers the question, “Who are you and what do you have to add to the role?” It’s not about acting choices, but what you personally have to add to the role. It requires a way of working that allows you to go deeply into your own
personality and explore your internal landscape. “What are the most interesting and compelling qualities I have to offer this role?” “Which parts of me will bring the words to life in the most unique way?” “What will give the piece the strongest, truest heartbeat?”

Self-exploration is exhilarating and necessary work for the actor and the basis of the art of auditioning. Greatness can be achieved by the knowledge gained through these journeys of self-exploration as you continue to patiently and persistently peel back the layers of the onion and discover the intersection of yourself and the words on the page.

The art of film/TV audition is discovering not how you can act the role, but who you are in the role.

2. It requires its own technique. The art of performance requires a method that allows you to disappear into a
character. The art of audition requires a technique that allows you to create and define that character with the unique qualities that are yours and yours alone.

The audition technique you use needs to increase your focus and concentration. It needs to assist you in listening and reacting with more energy and spark than you may normally listen with in your real life. It needs to make the stillness required in a film/TV audition look natural even if it’s an action scene! Your technique needs to help you safely and specifically target the most compelling qualities that you have to bring to the role. And because you are doing all of this preparation by yourself, your technique has to fulfill the role of a wise, gentle, and persistent director. Finally, it needs to allow you to let all of the work go so that you can be present in the room with confidence and ease, and be the actor they want to work with and have to hire.

3. It demands a special brand of courage. Any art form that asks you to stand up in front of people and express yourself requires courage. Auditioning though, tests your courage, not just at the end, but every step of the way. It starts with having the courage to explore your heart and soul and to not stop until you find the truest and rawest parts of yourself to incorporate into the material. It continues in the need for complete trust in yourself and your instincts, as well as the courage to commit to your
decisions having no idea how they will be received—auditioning is a solitary art form.

If you have mastered the art of auditioning, you have instilled the words on the page with your specific life and humanity. Now, you have to stand in the room and let everybody see your life and humanity with no work or character to hide behind and no other actors to save you. Just you.

And then you have to accept the responses to your audition. If you’re performing as an actor or singer, you can always assign some of the reaction to your performance to things outside of yourself: “they didn’t like the play, not their type of music, etc.” But in auditioning it’s once again just you, and if you don’t book the job, the “no” can have a much sharper sting.

Artists are always exposed to some degree when they share their work, but there seems to be always something in most artistic disciplines that leave the artist somewhat protected —partially clothed. A true and honest TV/film audition, however, demands complete exposure and full-frontal emotional nudity.

This is not an art form for the weak or timid; it requires all of the fierce and tender bravery of the true artistic warrior.

Auditioning—especially for the camera—is the art of personal expression. It is about bringing the words to life by instilling them with the most interesting, resonant parts of yourself—illuminating them with what excites and moves you, and then delivering them with a voice that is unique to you.

It is the art of telling the truth, naked, in extreme close-up.

5 Great Tips for Models and Talent!

Happy weekend, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! One of the things that we love most about backstage.com is all of the information that their staff of experts provide! We gathered these five tips from their website from just a few of the industry's greats. Take them to heart and incorporate them into your craft and you'll go far!


“We’re trying to improve the situation or come up with a solution or ease our pain. That’s not worrying; that’s discovering that we have the resources to overcome that which seems impossible. That’s dealing with the moment of now; it’s not living out of a fearful future that may or may not occur.” —ANTHONY MEINDL

“Pain is an action signal. It is created by your brain to say, ‘Stop what you’re doing,’ or ‘Do something different.’ Nothing we do as singers should be painful. If we ‘push through it,’ not only are we in danger of hurting our voice, but we are associating the act of singing with discomfort.” —ANDREW BYRNE

“We are all, in different ways, pursuing art and dreams of our own making. Self-image can be a fragile thing, and while honest self-assessment is necessary on a continuous basis, so is positive, respectful, and educational feedback from others. If there is criticism, keep it constructive and keep it kind.” —ILENE STARGER

“Art and life have lost their separateness. When the class relaxed into the truth that life wasn’t going to stop so they could do their art, the only option became to include their lives in their art. Because of this, the work has become deeper, more personal and specific—more mature.” —CRAIG WALLACE

“Trust yourself; you will know when you find the right class, photographer, agent, etc. If you have doubts, wait. There are plenty of options out there, you just have to take the time to find them.” —BEN ROVNER

Tips to Curing Sunburn!

We at Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. know that the weather has been fickle this summer! From scorching hot and humid, to disastrous stormy weather, to hoodie teamperatures, it's all just a part of being an Ohioan! No matter the weather, though, sunburn can happen at almost anytime! That's why we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some DIY tips to cure, or at least alleviate, your sunburn woes!

Wash it with witch hazel:
Witch hazel is a staple when it comes to healing a number of ailments and maladies. Witch hazel is a plant, but only the leaves bark, and twigs, are used medicinally. They contain chemicals called “tannins” which, when applied to directly to the skin, can help reduce swelling, repair damaged skin, and ward off nasty bacteria. You’ll most likely find witch hazel in a distilled liquid extract form, which simply distilled from the dried leaves, bark, and twigs of the plant. It may also be called witch hazel water.

You will need…
-3 tablespoons of witch hazel, approximately
-Cotton balls or a clean soft cloth

The amount of witch hazel you will need will depend on the area of the burn you want to cover. Pour the necessary amount into a bowl, and soak cotton balls or a clean cloth in the liquid. Dab on just enough to cover the burn-it doesn’t need to be dripping off. Reapply as needed for pain.

Cool off with mint & tea:
Mint naturally cools and soothes whatever it touches, and sunburns are no exception. The tannic acid and theobromine found in green tea also helps relieve pain and heal damaged skin when applied

You will need…
-1 quart of boiling water
-5 green tea bags
-3 cups of fresh mint leaves
-Cotton pads or a clean soft cloth

Bring 1 quart of water to a boil. Remove the strings and tags from the 5 tea bags and add them, as well as 3 cups of fresh mint leaves, to a pan. Pour the boiling water over the mint leaves and tea bags and cover with a lid, letting is sit for approximately an hour so you can get all the good stuff out of it. Strain and then chill. When the mixture has chilled thoroughly, use cotton pads or a clean soft cloth soaked in the liquid and apply directly to the burn. You can also pour it over the burn if you wish. If you find yourself without green tea you can substitute black tea, which also contains tannins.

Cool milk compress:
A cool milk compress is one of the quickest, simplest and low-cost ways to treat sunburn. It doesn’t get much easier than just heading to the refrigerator for relief-and easy is good when treating anything. The
initial coolness of the milk will ease the heat, while it also creates a layer of protein to protect your skin, help it heal, and further soothe discomfort.

You will need…
-Gauze or a clean, soft, washcloth
-Chilled milk

Pour a bowl of milk high enough so that you can thoroughly soak your compress in it. When the gauze or washcloth is saturated, let the excess liquid drain off. Drape across your burn, pressing gently so that it stays in place, and leave it on for as long as needed. If the milk in the bowl becomes room temperature chill it before re-dunking your compress.

PMTM/ IMTA Alums Rock NYC Fashion Week!

Isabella Jiang

The presence of IMTA Discoveries in this year's New York Fashion Week was at an all time high! And along with it, we got to see a couple of our Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt./ IMTA alums walk the stage for the world's best designers, right along with some of the world's best models! Read on to see the key to their success!
Andrea Debevc

Andrea Debevc is certainly a veteran in the world of high fashion, but Isabella Jiang is a rookie to the trade. In spite of that, she was able to book and walk in THREE of the most prestigious shows around! Some people might believe that they can move to New York and start working the big shows, and maybe they can... But not in just three weeks, which is exactly what happened to Isabella! That's right; she booked three shows for New York Fashion Week after being there for only three weeks! Between Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt.'s development  and IMTA opening up doors to the industry's top movers and shakers, these two ladies were simply destined for success!

Are you hoping to walk the hottest catwalks around? Do you want to have your picture snapped at the end of a runway? Want to meet and work for some of the best designers in the world? Well, don't wait! Click here to register for our IMTA auditions! You could be the next Andrea or Isabella!

Fall 2014 Fashion Must-Haves!

Hey there, Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. family! Now that we are officially into fall, we thought that it was due time to give you our list of Fall 2014 fashion must-haves. We at Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. want to help you look your best season after season, which is why we have compiled this great list of our favorites!

Over-the-Knee Boots- Whether you're trying to dress up your favorite pair of jeans, or stay warm while rocking an all-too-cute skirt or dress, over-the-knee boots are the way to go! They come in many different styles, so whether you're trying to get that business casual look, or something a little bit more eccentric, you'll be able to find a pair that suits your needs.

Biker Jacket- If you want to try adding some edge to your look, try a biker jacket! Make sure
that it is a fitted one though, as oversized leather jackets are a trend of the past. Pair with a cute floral dress for a look all your own, or go with a pair of sleek, black skinny jeans to keep your look in the biker vein.

Leggings- They're in! And they're everywhere! In ever style that you could possibly image! Get funky with an interesting print or pattern, go a little edgy with some zippers or faux leather embellishments, or keep your look cozy by rocking a cute knit pair with a warm sweater dress.

Capes- Want to dress up but can't find a coat or jacket that fits
the look? Try a cape! They look great with skirts, leggings, skinny jeans, and fitted knit sweater dresses! Oh, and did we mention that they're warm?!? They can be used to substitute most outerwear.

Column Dresses- It's the most versatile piece of clothing that one could rock this season! You can wear it as a dress, with tights, or wear it as a tunic, with pants. With those two alternatives, you've already got two looks, now decide whether you feel like donning your favorite belt with it as well! You really can't go wrong and there's just so many options out there!