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Building Bridges to a Long-Term Network through IMTA

Mary Sklamba with Logan B.
Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years. Over time, we have established many relationships with industry professionals in the local, national, and international markets. Mary Sklamba, PMTM’s National and International Placement Director, has been in the modeling and entertainment industry for 28 years. Throughout her time in the business, she has built a solid network with many of the top agencies in New York and Los Angeles as a result of the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention. 

“I love placing actors in NYC and LA and models all over the world!” says Sklamba. “I know what it takes to be successful in this industry, and IMTA is a safe, family-friendly way to explore the modeling and acting industry on a national and international level.”  Many of Pro-Model and Talent’s IMTA alums and parents credit their success to Sklamba’s dedication to the models and talent, knowledge of the industry, and connections she has established.

"PMTM is the real deal! Their contacts in the industry are far-reaching and their reputation is stellar. Their level of professionalism is unparalleled in the mid-west region of the United States. Mary Sklamba changed (dare I say saved?) my son's life. She met Duncan during the darkest period of his life due to severe bullying. She saw potential in Duncan and showered him with encouragement. Now, he is thriving in Los Angeles living his dream. He just booked a lead role in a new TV series. I hate to wonder where Duncan would be if he had not found refuge and inspiration at PMTM."
Kimberly A., Parent of Duncan A., IMTA NY ‘13

“Mary placed my daughter with an agency in LA and I know she worked hard to make that happen for Haily. I know she knows this industry and loves what she does. She was very helpful during the follow up process and I understood what was happening every step of the way. If you take advantage of the guidance, you will succeed. Just put your faith in each person that works at PMTM because they are your family.  Their goal for IMTA is for each person to have a callback and succeed in this industry.  Even after you get back, they are still there helping with anything that you need."
Holly R., Parent of Haily S., IMTA LA ’17

Joellen and Carmen at IMTA!

The success Pro-Model and Talent continues to have with IMTA is all due to the preparation they give their models and talent. PMTM staff works alongside each person throughout the entire process before, during, and after IMTA.  The staff wants to see their models and talent be successful and their dreams to come true. Pro-Model and Talent supports their models and talent past and present by offering continued development from a team of professionals who, for many years, have worked in and studied this industry. We have a hardworking bookings department actively working to market their models and talent to clients locally. On top of that, we even have a talented videography team constantly working to put models and talent on tape for auditions in the major markets and creating reels for them as additional marketing material. 

“Due to all of the PMTM staff I was SO prepared and very comfortable going into IMTA because I knew what I was doing. They always answer my questions and give me such great information. Mary and Aubrey both know a ton about this industry and it is a great feeling knowing you are in such great hands! I love PMTM and will forever call them my second family!”
Paige N., IMTA LA ‘17

"When I first went to PMTM, I felt terrible about myself. PMTM gave me the confidence to believe in myself because they believed in me.  Now, I am a professional actor living in Los Angeles and I've never been happier. The development I got from PMTM prepared me so much for IMTA. Since IMTA, Mary continues to support me and follow my career."
Duncan A., IMTA NY ‘13

Pro-Model and Talent and Mary Sklamba put their confidence in the IMTA convention because of their continued success. PMTM has a 95-100% placement rate at IMTA. At the previous convention in LA in January, they had a 100% callback rate! This means every model and talent received interest from at least one agent, agency, or manager.

Shannon, Pamela, and Aubrey with IMTA contestants who received scholarships!

One of PMTM’s very own, Aubrey Caldwell, shared her experience as a young actor looking to get into the industry:

“I started off in the business when I was 15 years old. I had dreams and aspirations of going to LA after I received my MFA in Acting from Florida State ASOLO. I was extremely prepared in terms of knowing my craft. However, regardless of my talent, skills, drive and ambition, what I didn't have were the connections to get my career started in the industry. Sure, I did work, I built up my resume, and Los Angeles was a learning experience, but if I could turn back the clock and do it all over again (had I known about IMTA), I would with 100% confidence attend this convention.
 There is no other venue where someone who wants to jumpstart their career at the national and international level can be seen in front of hundreds of agents, managers, and professionals in the industry. They are looking for new faces! Take it from me; I know what it's like. I was in LA for 8 years with little success, even with hard work. The truth is, it’s all about connections and PMTM has 30+ years of building these connections.”

Aubrey Caldwell, M.F.A., Director of Regional and National Talent Development

Pamela working with one of the IMTA contestants!
The results Pro-Model and Talent has seen with such high callback and placement rates can be attributed to the connections Mary Sklamba has helped build over the past 28 years. These relationships do not go unnoticed in the industry and were developed because of the continued preparation, passion, and guidance PMTM gives their models and talent attending this convention. The reputation Pro-Model and Talent and Mary Sklamba have built has now established a network across the country and the world.

The network continues to grow with more PMTM models and talent continuously moving to NYC and the west coast. “Now with social media it is even easier for me to place people and introduce them to other PMTM alums living in NYC and LA. They help and support each other,” Sklamba shares. “Models going overseas for the first time can talk to models who have already worked in other markets. 2016 even brought the creation of the LA based PMTM Improv Troupe made up of and coordinated by PMTM alums.” 

Although many Pro-Model and Talent alums relocate, there are many who live in the tri-state area and travel to NYC to audition or tape in Ohio for auditions in LA.

Pro-Model and Talent is comprised of an amazing group of individuals who bring together years of knowledge in the modeling and talent industries. One of their primary goals is to help promote and move people into the major markets and without these connections through IMTA, they would not have the continued success.

Shannon with Liam D., a PMTM alum!
Mary Sklamba and the PMTM staff are constantly working to build upon these connections. Sklamba shared with us her excitement for PMTM’s IMTA alums from past, present, and future. “It is so cool to see talent from PMTM in movies, TV shows, music videos, and on Broadway! I have placed models and talent with top agencies all over the world and have been blessed to work with some wonderful models, actors, and their families. Many will have a break out year in 2017!” Pro-Model and Talent and Mary Sklamba cannot wait to see the continued success of their IMTA alums.

PMTM’s last word of advice for the aspiring models and actors out there – do not be fooled by smaller conventions and unestablished companies who are trying to imitate IMTA.  

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Anthony Ruffin and Brianna Ruiz Shooting for Rue21

We are absolutely loving this clip of PMTM's own Anthony Ruffin and Brianna Ruiz on set with Rue 21!
Don't they look amazing? They have amazing personalities on and off camera!  #PMTM #Rue21 #localmodelsworking #ohiomodels  #pittsmodels

Face Time During the Grammy's: Benjamin Woods

Benjamin Woods is a 26-year-old Pro- Model and Talent Management(PMTM) model and actor from Amherst, Ohio. Benjamin recently attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) in Los Angeles.

Benjamin is a Baldwin Wallace University Alumni and also attended Georgetown University for graduate school. Deep down he always wanted to pursue modeling/acting but never took the leap. When his brother passed away, Benjamin realized how short life truly is and that you can't waste any of it. That was when he decided to pursue Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. and he hasn’t looked back since. “I knew I would be happy doing it and have moved forward every day and I’m so glad that I did."

While at IMTA, Benjamin placed 1st for On-Camera host, 3rd for Male Actor of the Year, along with 2nd runner up for Monologue, Cold Read and received Honorable mentions for Headshot, Improv, and TV Real People.

Benjamin loved his experience and everything he accomplished at IMTA. If he could change anything, it would only be to participate in more competitions. “It definitely would not have happened without Pro-Model and Talent. Their preparation and commitment to helping me improve was key.”

Benjamin's experience at IMTA has left him more motivated than ever to move forward with his career. In addition to his success at IMTA, Benjamin has recently been signed with Unified Management and The Rascals Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He plans on moving out to the West Coast within the next 6 months. Once out there, he is looking forward to getting to work as soon as he can and growing as a person while being able to do what he loves. “This whole experience for me has been unlike anything I could have imagined. It has had such a positive impact on my life and who I am as a person. I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do and being able to share that with the people around me makes me very happy.”

Benjamin was recently apart of a Nike commercial that was shot in downtown Cleveland and first aired during the Grammy's! Check out Benjamin in the video below between 1:08 and 1:13!

Want to Audition? For New York IMTA audition on March 11, 2017. For more information and to Register, click the IMTA link or call (330) 666-4125.

Check out some more pictures of Benjamin at IMTA below!

Written By: Kaitlyn Gray

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PMTM Sets Track Record of Success with IMTA

Joe and Aniyah at IMTA LA '17
People ask us all of the time what sets us apart from other agencies who are scouting models and talent for the major markets. Pro-Model and Talent has a proven track record for finding and placing people in these markets. PMTM's motto is "we succeed when our models and talent succeed", and this holds true on a local, national, and international level.

Pro-Model and Talent Management is one of the mother agencies who work closely with the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) in the development of models and talent. When someone is selected to attend the IMTA convention with PMTM, they are walked through and prepared for the entire process before, during, and after the convention. PMTM stays in touch with models and talent whom they placed over a decade ago.

Pro-Model and Talent want parents and a support team involved in this journey. We strive to be a family oriented agency and continue those ideals when moving into the national markets. PMTM has an entire West Coast Family of PMTM/IMTA alums who support one another and continuously have new alums heading to Los Angeles. In addition, Pro-Model and Talent has alums in New York City and models traveling all over the world.

Ten years ago, someone would have to be living in Los Angeles to work as an actor. Today, that is not always the case. Many agencies and managers will sign and work with someone who lives in Ohio and can be put on tape here for an audition. Major market agents know PMTM will be able to coach and tape models and talent so they can continue to excel. We are also super close to New York City, making it easy for many PMTM alums to travel there for an audition.

PMTM Staff and Alums at IMTA LA '17

Here are some things PMTM alums are saying about IMTA:
"Pro-Model and Talent is simply the best. I have been a host at IMTA for 18 years and after seeing what PMTM does for their models and talent, I am blown away more and more at each IMTA convention. They know what they're doing and how to prepare their talent. Any time I see them in an audition room or on the runway, I'm very impressed. The quality of work shows, the preparation always stands out, and they shine. "
Brian P., IMTA Alum and Host 
Talent Ink LA
"Anyone interested in pursuing a career in modeling or acting , there's only one place that you need to go, and that's IMTA. The most qualified place to get the development needed to excel at IMTA is PMTM! Excelling at IMTA can exponentially jump start your career/passion and PMTM has been providing quality development for many years and has enabled hundreds of talented people to pursue their dreams."
Erika W., Mother of Frankie W., IMTA LA 2014
"IMTA gives you so many opportunities. If you are able to work hard and get to the convention, you get to see the faces of the business entertainment industry. Legitimate people who are searching endlessly for talent. It is also an unforgettable experience!" 
Cadence D., IMTA NY 2016
Unified Management in LA

Cadence recently was in LA auditioning for a major network show and is taping this week for Law and Order SVU. 

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful at placing models nationally and internationally. Have a passion for modeling, acting, singing or dancing and interested in being discovered on a national or international level? Pre-register for our IMTA Auditions on March 11th, 2017! To pre-register today, call (330) 666-4125 or visit

            Chloe signing her contract                Camara taping for an audition              Joe signing his contract
           with a bicoastal Mgmt. Co.                                 in LA                                 with a top LA agency

Here are some words from PMTM and IMTA NY '16 Alum Gunner:

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

An Intern's Big Break

As an intern with Pro-Model and Talent, I knew my tasks would be different than interning with a marketing agency or a law firm. I did not realize the opportunities that would be presented to me, such as being an extra in a national commercial shoot!

It was an ordinary day of interning; phones ringing off the hook, people coming in and out of the agency, and everyone working collectively to staff a national commercial. It was then my boss asked me if I would like to be in the commercial... uh yeah! The only catch was I was not allowed to tell anyone anything about it.

I was selected to be a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) extra. SAG is an American labor union which represents over 100,000 film and television principal and background performers worldwide. It is my understanding that on every union set there must be a specific number of SAG extras.

Everyone waiting in the holding room.
Being an extra in a commercial was not what I expected, while also being exactly what I expected at the same time. After waiting up until 10 pm to receive the 4:30 am call time, 2 hours of sleep, and 1 hour drive, I was in line and ready for check-in... or so I thought. I had no idea what my “number” was and after figuring it out, I was given my paperwork, then my pen exploded. A minor setback, but I bounced back. I then went to the SAG designated area, ate breakfast, and watched the check-in line grow, then slowly trickle down.

SAG extras dressed and ready to go!
Next came wardrobe. Out of the 15 different items I brought, none of them were what they were looking for. I was given an all grey sweatsuit. It was so comfortable, almost too comfortable because I fell asleep while waiting for the directors to call us out.

While waiting in the 20 degree, rainy weather for the directors to place us and tell us what to do, I spotted a box full of grey puffer jackets. Score! The next hour of shooting was much more bearable. We ran through the shot at least 15 times before I heard anything about going back inside to warm up. After the tease of a 10 minute “warm-up” break we were back outside shooting from another angle, and another, and then one more. I could barely feel my feet by the time we were sent in for lunch. 

During lunch there seemed to be a slight change of plans, and after much organized chaos, the SAG extras were sent on a bus to the new filming location. We were on approximately hour 10 at this point and still running on less than 3 hours of sleep.
Me (circled) being out shined by Brooklyn, PMTM's youngest talent on set.
The new location was really neat. It was a spot that I have gone to quite often with friends but seeing it filled with actors, models, camera crews, and even a celebrity changed it completely. Three heaters and twenty different shots later, the director released the SAG extras. Everyone made their way back into the warm building to gather their belongings and turn in the supplied wardrobe. I wondered how much trouble I would get in for just fleeing the scene with the sweatsuit, but I turned it in and went on my way home.

The commercial recently aired during the Grammy’s and I am amazed by the amount of work put in for 1 minute and 20 seconds of airtime. Not that I doubted it before, but this experience really made me realize the hard work actors put into their careers.

Intern Joe (circled)
Although the day was cold and rainy, the experience of being a part of a national commercial was like no other (unless you are filming a movie, I could imagine.) I hope I get the opportunity to be a part of something like this again.

For those of you interested in acting and modeling- go to or call (330)-666-4125.

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An Uncommon Grace Starring Pamela Daly

If you enjoyed AN UNCOMMON GRACE with #pmtm Alum Pamela Daly, want to see more of these characters and their story, Let Hallmark and the producers know about it.
Like and follow their Facebook pages. and Then post on their timeline. Tell them what you loved about the movie. i.e. the characters, their chemistry, the story, the actors, the beautiful cinematography,
interest in the Amish community, wholesome family entertainment, etc.
Mainly, let them know that you want MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, text

Watch the trailer below!

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Want to model or act? IMTA Auditions are for you!

Have you or your child ever dreamed of being a part of the entertainment industry? Then IMTA may just be the perfect opportunity to make those dreams come true!

The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) was founded in 1987 as a professional association for modeling and talent development. IMTA is the oldest modeling and entertainment convention in the country. Many smaller companies have tried to imitate what the IMTA convention does and have little to no success. IMTA is known within the modeling and talent industries as the premiere professional event to scout the best new faces and talent. IMTA is a safe, family friendly venue for aspiring models, actors, singers, and dancers.

IMTA holds two conventions each year: one in Los Angeles in January and one in New York City in July. Each event is a week-long convention consisting of acting, singing, dancing, and different modeling competitions. You are doing these competitions in front of agents, personal managers, casting directors, and network representatives who are looking to find the next rising star or supermodel.

Models and talent find this experience to be a great opportunity because they learn about the industry, as well as further develop their skills with the possibility of gaining major market representation. There are singers and dancers who work with record labels and music producers, models who sign with modeling agencies, and actors who sign with talent agencies and managers, all as a result of IMTA.

According to Michael Roud Photography, for the first time ever, there is no limit to how many shows can be produced each year. Click here to see Roud's article "5 Reasons the TV Boom Is Great News for Actors". Roud shares, "Television air time is no longer the ceiling for new shows because streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon make television available at any time. MTV, which formerly was a music video television program, now mainly a reality television outlet, explains that a peak in television creates jobs for people who may have previously been blocked from employment by the networks that once dominated television production. Minorities not only have a better chance at callbacks and roles, but they can expect better pay than before". Due to the high demand for diversity in the industry, the odds are in your favor.

We encourage you to take advantage of the booming television industry! We are not surprised by Michael Roud's findings with the entertainment industry being so busy. We have so many PMTM alums in NYC and LA who continue to audition for national commercials, TV shows, and feature films. Pro-Model and Talent and it's alums are busier than ever before!

Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. has been very successful placing models and talent nationally and internationally with amazing, life changing opportunities! Interested in auditioning for IMTA? Pre-Register for our IMTA Auditions on March 11th, 2017 by calling (330) 666-4125 or visit

                   Drew Tyler Bell                  Emilie Waters                Anthony Ruffin                Aria Sirvaitis
                     Wooster, OH                   Concord, OH                 Cleveland, OH              Willoughby, OH
             Daytime Emmy Winner           Wilhelmina                     RED NYC                  Unified Mgmt. 
                                                            Worldwide                      CESD LA               Savage Agency LA

IMTA is simply the best.

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

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Get the 411 on How an Agency Should Work

Pro-Model and Talent Management wants everyone to know what it takes to be an “agency” in this industry. It is important as an actor or model to know the key components of how an agency works.

There are multiple ways to submit models and talent, not just one. The client contacts the agency for submits, then the agency sends out a theatrical headshot with resume attached, a composite, or reel to the client. Many agencies have a searchable database with professional pictures, not selfies or poor quality photos. Clients want to see high-resolution images with a commercial look or a reel, which is a video compilation of a talent’s work. Many times clients will want to see digitals of the models they are interested in, but only after they have seen the professional pictures.

Pictures alone are not enough. You must know what to do and what not to do at a booking or audition. You could have a great look, but you must know how to move in front of the camera. As a model, you must need little to no direction from a photographer during shoots and have exceptional runway skills. And for actors, you must know how to skillfully execute an audition in front of 50-60 other people whether they are asking for a cold read, commercial, or improv.

Paying a monthly web fee to an agency is not how this industry works. If the process seems too easy, it probably is. Being asked to pay hundreds of dollars for a Talent ID number and then monthly “web fees” to upload your own photos and selfies is not how agencies work.

Networking and connections take time to establish. The rapport and relationships between clients and agencies are built up over time. When a client has worked with an agency previously and had a good experience, they will come back to the agency to book models and talent. The reality is this is how the industry operates. Time is money to clients and they will not pay top rates for a model or talent who does not know what they are doing in front of the camera or use an agency who does not have a solid reputation.

Casting Calls are different than bookings. If you can “apply” for any job the agency is offering, then it is probably a casting call, not a booking. In this industry, the client will reach out to the agency to find who fits the look they need for a project, not open up each booking to their models and talent. Casting calls are typically “no experience necessary” and are open auditions for what are typically low to no pay jobs.

We are seeing more of these “agencies” popping up and Pro-Model and Talent wants everyone to be aware of how an agency works. If you are ever unsure, you should always bring someone with you when meeting with an agency and never hesitate to ask questions.

Always be sure to do your research before the meeting as well. Go online and see how long a company has been in business and how many times they have switched company names. A company switching names is a huge red flag when it comes to any business.

Also take a look at the reviews of the company and the previous company who closed. Look for reviews on Better Business Bureau, Google, and Facebook, and read what others are saying about past experiences. Not all of the reviews will be 100% positive, but if there are 100 bad reviews, use extreme caution.

Pro-Model and Talent has been based in Ohio for over 30 years and only affiliates with The International Model and Talent Association (IMTA). Pro-Model and Talent has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member in good standing with them.  If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at (330) 666-4125 or e-mail us at

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Ruling The Runway with RSD: Billie Holness

Billie Holness is a 20-year-old Pro-Model and Talent Management(PMTM) model who resides in Warren, Ohio. She recently attended the International Model and Talent Association(IMTA) in Los Angeles this past January.

Billie has known that modeling was something she wanted to pursue ever since she was a kid. “My parents put me in beauty pageants and ever since then modeling has always been my dream.” Unlike most models, Billie has a nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome(RSD) which is an obstacle she has had to overcome every day, but she does not let it discourage her. “It makes what I do hard but definitely not impossible. I will not let it stop me from living my dreams and doing what I love.”

While she was at IMTA, Billie placed 4th runner-up in Jeans.

Billie loved her experience at IMTA, she loved every runway competition she walked in “Being up on the runway felt so natural and it made me realize even more this is truly what I want to do. I have never felt more confident.” 

Someone that has inspired Billie her entire life, although she is not a model, is Paula Abdul. Paula also has RSD and has never let it stop her from doing what she loves. Billie hopes to do the same by continuing to pursue modeling. She hopes to inspire others who also have RSD to not let it stop them from achieving their dreams, no matter what they may be.

Since returning home, Billie was recently part of a Nike commercial that was shot in Cleveland and has been signed with Model Management Group(MMG) in New York City. Her goal is to be living in the city by the end of this summer. While she is out there, she is looking forward to building her career with MMG and being able to travel as much as she can.

When we asked Billie what has helped her the most through this whole experience she said, "Pro-Model and Talent has helped me grow tremendously! From the way I carry myself, the way I speak, the way I view things in everyday life and just my confidence in general. I no longer have anxiety as bad as I did before, and believe it or not, modeling has humbled me as well." She is also very grateful for her opportunity to attend IMTA "I'm doing what I love and living my dreams, that all became possible with IMTA and I couldn't feel more blessed and excited about my future."

Check out Billie and other Pro-Model and Talent's very own having a blast at IMTA in the video below!

Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. has been very successful placing models and talent national and internationally with amazing, life changing opportunities! Interested in auditioning for IMTA? Register for our New York IMTA auditions on March 11, 2017. For more information, visit or call (330) 666-4125.

Written By: Kaitlyn Gray

Salon Etiquette 101

We all get our hair done, whether it is getting it cut, colored, or styled. With that, we know the upkeep on your hair can be expensive. Salon etiquette goes beyond just the cost and tipping. If you want to be taken care of in the best way, you have to respect those who are taking care of you. Pro-Model and Talent Management wants you to be aware of what salon etiquette entails.

Not only is it extremely unprofessional to be late to any appointment, but stylists plan their time to the minute and when you are late, it can affect their appointments for the rest of the day. If you are running late, let your stylist know as soon as possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule, give your stylist at least a 24 hour notice. Doing this gives them time to fill your appointment, so they do not lose money or time.

Stay off of your phone as much as you can.
Talking on the phone for a long period of time while having your hair done is definitely not okay. Nothing is more annoying for a stylist than having to keep asking their client to put their head up while trying to do their job. It can also, interfere with your cut because your head needs to be at certain levels for accurate cuts and colors.

Be honest with the stylist.
Not only should you expect the stylist to be honest with you, but you should be honest with them. Tell them exactly what has been done to your hair in the past, or if you have gone to a different stylist. Every time you get something done to your hair, it changes. The stylist can give you the hair you want when you are honest about what has previously been done to your hair.

Accept the stylist’s honesty.
Bring pictures and examples of the cut, color, and style you want. With that, be sure to respect and accept the stylist’s opinion about the style you are wanting. Everybody’s hair process and style is different, and they want you to be satisfied with the result of your hair. If they tell you their honest opinion, do not get upset and respect what they tell you. You do not want to be disappointed with the final result.

Be sure to tip your stylist, especially if you are happy with the service. 
Tipping your stylist is important because the bulk of a stylist’s income comes from their tips. Most stylists work for minimum wage, have to rent a chair at a salon, or work on commission. How much you should tip varies on the service you are receiving, but 20% is common. For a cut or color service, 20% should be given. For a bang trim or eyebrow wax, 10% would be appropriate.  If you are very happy with your service, being given a discount, or the service was time consuming, you should always tip over 20%. Stylists prefer cash tips, as it is not taxed and goes directly to them. 

Everyone here at Pro-Model and Talent wants all of our models and talent to have fabulous hair!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler 
Updated By: Kaitlyn Gray