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Motivational Tuesday

Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something. Just turn around and show them you can! #MotivationalTuesday

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Importance of Having a Variety of Different Looks and Expressions

As an actor or model you must represent yourself honestly. This means the pictures displayed on your profile should be an honest representation of what you look like NOW. If you dye your hair, get a tattoo or grow in your body, make sure you take new, updated photos. When a client looks at your photos they are seeing you as you are now. If you show up to an audition and you are not who you appear to be on the page you are wasting the client’s and your own time.

It is unethical to lie on your resume and say you have extensive experience in music, when in reality you have never played an instrument. The same goes for your image. Don’t lead the director or casting director to believe you are something you are not.

Keeping all of that in mind, when you do update your photos, it is also important to show a variety of different looks and expressions. Exhibiting an array of looks shows you are malleable, you are a chameleon and can take on many different roles and personas. The most important quality in any actor.
Your face is like your canvas and you paint a picture with your expressions and attitude. Anyone can smile for the camera, show me pensive, mysterious, agitated, wary etc. Different expressions in your images gives you more depth as an actor or model. Give more depth to your images, and show your personality. When a casting director reviews your images, allow him or her to see that you are capable of being much more than smiley or pouty.

As an actor or model your face is your most important tool, USE IT! Actors can convey so much with a look. Think of all of the movies and television shows you have seen and how you can foreshadow what is going to happen just by the look a character has on their face. Be an impressionist with your facial expressions alone. Models, the same goes for fashion shows, show attitude.
Written By: Maggie Bisesi

Actors: Keep IMDb and Other Casting Sites Up to Date

Attention, Actors!

Keeping your IMDb and other casting sites up to date is just as important as updating the resume you send out to potential clients. Updating your profile helps you connect with more people, snag potential jobs, and grow your brand as a household name.


IMDb and other casting sites are essential to connecting with any and all moguls in the industry. Casting directors visit them when scouting for future talent for projects they have been assigned to. Directors and producers consult your IMDb page after reading your resume. The sites are an in-depth look at everything you have ever done in your acting career.

Stay With The Current

Everything on your performer profile needs to be current. The images you display must be current images. You want to represent yourself as you are NOW.  People want to know that what they see is what they get.  As an actor, you are your own brand and want to represent your brand honestly by keeping your physical attributes up to date on your profile. When choosing the images to display on your page, it is important you choose ones showing an array of emotions and expressions. Another important aspect of your profile not to be overlooked is the special skills area. When you acquire a new skill, whatever it may be, list it in your profile. You never know when someone is going to need a guitar player, or a juggler, or someone that can do a cartwheel. All of these add to your ability as an actor and your brand.

 Work, Work, Work

You are putting work into these projects, films, movies, commercials etc. and you deserve credit! Actors credits, that is. Post any and all jobs you have been a part of.  Directors are going to want to see your diverse body of work along with who you have worked with before.  People in this industry talk.  Another great way to display everything you have worked on is in a reel! Something every actor needs. (Refer to our blog about "Reels" for more information.)

Google Is Your Friend 

Updating your IMDb makes you more accessible to the public. How often have you watched something and thought: "They are good looking" or "Really funny" and turned to the internet to look up the movie or TV show casting list? You scroll through and find that person, click on them, and up pops their other work. It's a great opportunity to get your name out there. If you hadn't listed the job on your IMDb page, they would not have discovered you or the other projects you have been involved in. The more you appear on the page, the more people are going to recognize you.

Written by: Maggie Bisesi 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summer Swimsuits For Your Body Type

Summer is right around the corner, which means swimsuit season. Pro Model and Talent Management understands the dread of having to shop for the swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and gives you the best look. PMTM came up with different swimsuit styles for each body type to help you get started on finding that perfect suit for summer.

Pear Shape:

Pear shape body types have wider hips than shoulders and have a smaller chest size. Most of the weight is on the bottom half of your waist. Swimsuits with asymmetrical cuts, a higher cut on the legs, and high waisted bottoms flatter the pair body shape best. Using a Deep-V top is another option for the pear body type because it puts more focus on your upper body than lower body. These styles of swimsuits allow the body to appear balanced in all areas, but bring more attention to the parts of your body you are confident about, like your legs and upper body. 

Celebs with a pear shape body type: Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson.


Busty women always struggle when finding bathing suits. They are always looking for coverage, while still having enough support. It is important for busty women to look for swimsuits with an underwire or a shaped cup. Another helpful tip is to look for swimsuits that are sized by bra size and not sized by small, medium, or large. This typically means it was shaped to fit that exact size, which will give you the maximum support and coverage you are looking for. Avoid extra frills or other little additions to minimize all the focus on your bust.

Celebs with a busty body type: Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, and Kate Upton.


Banana body shaped women usually have matching shoulder and hip width with smaller legs and smaller bust. There is not much curve to their bodies and all of the weight appears to be evenly distributed. Swimsuits with ring top straps, also known as spaghetti straps, do the banana body justice. This body type looks best when wearing swimsuits that show the most. Triangle shaped tops, added frills, and smaller bottoms will bring out the parts of their bodies they feel are lacking.

Celebs with a banana body type: Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Anniston.


Apple body shaped women hold majority of their weight in their midsection. Legs, hips, and bust are slim and there is not much waistline definition. There are a few swimsuit styles that really flatter the apple body type. A banded bikini bottom or a high waisted bottom are both great for if you want to wear a two-piece suit. One piece swimsuits are more flattering on an apple body because they have shirring in the middle working to hide the parts of their body they may be uncomfortable with and it creates definition in their waist. 

Celebs with an apple body type: Jennifer Hudson, Angelina Jolie, and Rosie O'Donnell. 


Hourglass body shape is very curvy. The shoulders and hips are the same width, making them both full, but the midsection is defined and legs are shapely. Swimsuits with underwire help support the bust, but cut outs in the swimsuit really outline the curves. The best swimwear for hourglass are ones that combine two different styles, like a halter top monokini. They need the support in the bust, but have a precise midsection that they do not want to hide, either. It gives them the support they need, while still showing off what they have.

Celebs with an hourglass body type: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Scarlett Johansson.

So, go confidently and comfortably this summer. Know that every person's body type is different, but each has it's own positives. Never be ashamed of the body type you have. Whether it is a one piece with a banded middle or high waisted bottoms with a triangle top, find ways to flatter your body and embrace it!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler
Updated by: Chandler Abell

Christian Mucci- Life-Long Love for the Limelight

Christian Mucci grew up in Newport Beach, California and has loved acting since he was a kid. He has admired actors for their ability to change the way their audience feels at any given moment. Christian loves the way an actor can become an entirely new person at the drop of a hat. Some of Christian’s role models in acting include: Jim Carey, Ewan McGregor, Emma Watson and Johnny Depp. It was this that drew his interest and pushed him to pursue his childhood dreams.

Christian is very thankful to Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) for helping him reach his dreams. “PMTM has been the kindling to my spark” said Christian. “Not a lot of people would take a second look at me, but Mary and Aubrey and everyone at PMTM saw the dedication and the drive I have and they didn’t let it go unnoticed. To them, I am eternally grateful”.

In pursuit of those dreams, Christian recently attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) conference in Los Angeles. He won 4th for Male Actor of the Year, 2nd for Screen Test, 1st for Improvisation along with Honorable Mention in: Monologue, Cold Read, Theatrical Headshot, and Singing.

Christian has fond memories of the friends, both new and old, he met at IMTA. “They were all literally such amazing people. I couldn’t believe it really, it was hard to understand that there were other people out there that had the same type of empathy and love for this craft as I do” said Christian.

“What I gained most from IMTA was that I found the strength in myself to keep pushing even after I have no more left in me”.

Looking towards the future, Christian dreams of getting a regular role on a television series like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. He truly dreams of a role that allows him to change the audience’s emotions or their way of thinking.

For those looking to audition for the next round of IMTA auditions, Christian says, “You try your best with the time that is given to you. That’s what I grew up on”.

Since IMTA, Christian has found his inner strength to push him forward towards his goals, and those of us here at Pro-Model and Talent are excited to see where his dreams take Christian next.

Christian is currently signed with a Los Angeles Talent agency and is writing music for a LA production/music company!

To follow Christian's journey, follow him on Instagram: @christian_mucci

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Written by: Chandler Abell

Serena Vollmer- Learning to Love Yourself

Wanting to put herself out there, Serena Vollmer started her journey to become an actress with us here at Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM). Starting the journey was the difficult part for Serena. “I had to overcome the bad image I had of myself and ultimately learn to love myself and more importantly gain confidence which I’d never had before” said Serena. Her time at PMTM gave her the confidence to move forward in her career as an actress.

Serena recently attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) conference in Los Angeles. The experience itself at IMTA was the most beneficial for Serena, and afterwards, she gained a lot of confidence in herself. “Four months ago, I would have never been able to put myself out there the way I did in front of hundreds of people [at IMTA] and come out feeling great about it” said Serena.

Serena admires anyone who is willing to go for broke, chase their dreams and who refuse to let others get in the way of those dreams.

Looking towards the future, Serena is ultimately looking to make a difference in the world and, more specifically, in her field. “I want to do as much as I can with no limits because I know I’m capable of anything I set my mind to thanks to everyone at Pro-Model and Talent Management” says Serena. “I see myself out of Ohio, hopefully doing many movies and commercials and living the dream I’ve always wanted”.

For those looking to audition for the next round of IMTA auditions, Serena says, “Go through it with a clear mind and if you get something out of it, great, and if not, it’s still not the end of the world”.

Finally, Serena is extremely grateful to Pro-Model and Talent for helping her reach her goals. “I can’t thank everyone at PMTM enough for all their hard work they put in for us. It never goes unnoticed”.

Those of us here at Pro-Model and Talent are very proud of Serena’s journey to self-love and confidence, and we cannot want to see where she goes next.

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Written by: Chandler Abell

Becca Chanay- Breaking Out of Her Shell

“I never thought a small town girl like myself would ever have a chance at a life like this”

Growing up in Millersburg, Ohio, Becca Chanay had a knack for making those around her laugh and smile, but she never thought she could end up where she is today. She started slowly by taking a few acting workshops and reaching out to Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM). She soon found herself a part of a second family at PMTM.

“Everyone is so welcoming when you walk in the door and always willing to help out and point you in the right direction!” Becca said. Before Pro-Model, she felt trapped inside a shell; too afraid to say hello or to take a chance on herself. “Now I’m a whole new person you wouldn’t even recognize me!” said Becca. “I am such a social butterfly, I absolutely love networking with people, I have such an amazing, exciting life because of the life skills PMTM taught me”.

Becca attended the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) conference in Los Angeles this past year. She remembers listening to the professionals in the seminars at IMTA, and is incredibly grateful for the knowledge she brought home. “I am truly honored to have met [the people at IMTA] and shared such an incredible experience with them in LA”.

Those people in her life who spread negativity and doubt only fuel Becca’s fire to compete and succeed. “You may see me fail, but you will never see me quit!” Becca said.

When she is not in front of a camera, Becca enjoys her time off by shopping, doing DIY projects and spending time with her friends and family.

Becca looks up to a lot of people in the industry. To start, Becca finds strength in her mentor: PMTM’s very own Aubrey Caldwell. “From her bubbly attitude to her nonstop pushing me to keep going for everything…”. Becca is also a huge Jim Carey fan. She was inspired by his 10 million dollar check story in which before Jim Carey became a celebrity, he wrote himself a 10 million dollar check made out to acting. He kept it in his wallet at all times as a reminder and motivation to make it someday. Jim Carey’s journey to becoming a successful actor serves as a huge inspirational factor has Becca looks to the future.

Those people in her life who spread negativity and doubt only fuel Becca’s fire to compete and succeed. “You may see me fail, but you will never see me quit!” Becca said.

In five years, Becca sees herself living in California working as an actress and continuing to develop her skills. In fact, Becca is now represented by an agency in Los Angeles. “As long as I can continue doing what I love and continue to make improvements and get more involved, I will be satisfied with life”.

Written by: Chandler Abell

Camaris Williamson: The Renaissance Girl at IMTA

A young girl who sang in the church choir soon discovered her talents and love for the camera. It was not long before she found herself at the front doors of Pro-Model and Talent.

Sixteen year-old Camaris Williamson recently took part in the 2016 International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention where she showcased her many talents as a singer and an actress. IMTA competitions are very competitive and full of aspiring and up-coming talent. IMTA is one of the most successful modeling and talent conventions in the world. A great deal of talent agents, managers, casting directors, music producers and network professionals simultaneously judge the competitions and scout for new faces. Camaris was there and ready to claim her spot.

Camaris went on to place 3rd for Junior Actress of the Year, 2nd in Singing Junior Division, and 1st in the TV Real People Junior Division. She also received “Excellence” in all other categories at IMTA.

The IMTA Experience was life-changing for Camaris. “IMTA changed my life by opening the door for greater opportunities to start my career as an actress and singer”, Camaris said. “Going to IMTA pushed me to go hard for my dreams”.

Camaris says her one goal in any performance is to draw out the audience's emotions. She says that is the most enjoyable part of her career; whether it be joy, sadness, or anger, Camaris’ performances are all intended to ignite emotions with the audience.

After IMTA, her music career blossomed. Camaris has been recognized by six different agents along with several recording studios and writers. At this time, Camaris has signed with a top LA Agency!

Camaris attributes a lot of her success to her mother, Erica. “My mom is my biggest role model and inspiration. She raised me to be the best I can be, and she has always been there for me.” In a crisis, Camaris finds herself calling her mom for support. Erica has loved watching Camaris go from a young girl in the church choir to a successful and talented renaissance woman. “I feel like she can do it all”, says Erica. “She’s untouchable, unstoppable.”

Off stage, Camaris spends her time balancing her life’s many pleasures: reading, writing, drawing and spending time with her friends. Camaris is also a highly regarded student at Perkins High School in Perkins County, OH as a gifted mathematician with a 4.0 grade point average. Camaris is the President of the Confederation for the Betterment of Black Students (C.B.B.S) as well as the 2016 C.B.B.S Pageant Queen.

To those aspiring to audition for IMTA, Camaris says, “Give your all, do your best and have fun while doing it. Follow your heart, and follow your dreams because that’s the most important thing to do”

Moving forward, Camaris wants to have her own television series called “That’s So Camaris” inspired by Raven-SymonĂ©’s Disney Channel show That’s So Raven. Camaris is also planning on going to Harvard University to simultaneously pursue acting while getting her medical degree to become a pediatrician.

Camaris is an inspiration to us all that you can do everything and anything if you put your mind to it.

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Written by: Chandler Abell

From Dreams to Reality: Mallorey Bartch

Mallorey Bartch is an 18-year-old aspiring model and actress from Parma Heights, Ohio. Mallorey recently attended the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) this past January through Pro- Model and Talent Management (PMTM).

Mallorey has always known that modeling was what she wanted to do. "As a little girl I was always drawn to modeling and acting." Mallorey said. And since coming to Pro-model and Talent and attending IMTA, her passion has only grown stronger for the industry. "In just a year, I am now a professional model and actress and I feel prepared for anything that may come my way thanks to Pro-Model and Talent. They have taught me why I fell in love with the industry in the first place"

During IMTA, we asked Mallorey what her favorite memory was and she said “Walking the runway for the first time in front of an extremely large crowd. As I walked the runway the lights took over my vision, the crowd cheered for me along with the music playing. It was a dream come true.”  Along with having a great time and getting a ton of experience, we asked Mallorey what she gained most from IMTA and she said: "Not only did I gain confidence, but I also literally gained a family.” Mallorey also realized just how much she truly loves the industry, and how they applaud you for being different from everyone else!

We asked Mallorey what helped prepare her the most for IMTA "Pro- Model and Talent go beyond what an average agency would do. They provide you the best tools and knowledge for one to learn and they also make a personal connection with each talent they have and that to me is irreplaceable."

Since returning home from IMTA, Mallorey has been signed with a top talent agency in Los Angeles and Model Management Group (MMG) in New York City. She has visited both cities, and while she enjoyed her time in New York City, she absolutely fell in love with Los Angeles. She plans on heading out to the west coast sometime in the near future to pursue her career!

Written By: Kaitlyn Gray

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From Northeast Ohio to the Big Screen

Pro-Model and Talent is excited to announce that our very own IMTA alumni, Frankie Wolf, has booked a large supporting role in an upcoming thriller, We Still Say GraceThis movie is about a teenage daughter’s attempt to escape her twisted family life when three strangers break down near their remote farmhouse, interrupting her delusional father’s plan.

Frankie grew up in Seven Hills, Ohio and comes from a very large family, having five brothers and sisters, one brother being his twin, and a sister and brother are also twins! After attending IMTA LA 14 Frankie signed with The HRI Talent Agency in LA & then through PMTM he eventually signed with his management company, Unified Mgmt. In February 2014 he made the move from Ohio to California. Frankie's parents say that Frankie has become independent and responsible since moving to California. He has taken control of his future by finishing online high school on his own along with starting college.
Frankie says the initial audition, along with the callback, was very nerve-racking, but the people and atmosphere of the room made him feel very comfortable. He is preparing for the role by going to private coaching sessions, continually reading over the script, and doing script analysis.

Frankie's parents say that everyone in the family is super excited and extremely proud of him. "He has been working hard to get to this point and it is great to see all of that work start to pay off!" They also said, "Frankie still has a long way to go but this role is a big step in the right direction!"

As for Frankie, he is very excited to play Randy, a cheeky, smart mouthed character, as well as work with the wonderful cast and crew on the project. "This opportunity means everything to me! I feel so blessed." 

We are all excited to hear updates and see the final product!  

Written By: Jamie Oliver