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Bettering The Lives of Veterans: Sydney Roark

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Sydney Roark is a model and actress who has a heart of pure gold. While Sydney is pursuing her dream in the entertainment industry, she is also working hard to make sure our military and retired veterans get the care they need and deserve. This young woman is the Ohio State Director of The Patriot Project, which is a nationwide non-profit organization that provides chiropractic care to all active military, their families, wounded veterans and Gold Star Dependents; free of charge!

Each year, a staggering amount of veterans struggle to get the care they need. The Patriot Project is working to make a change. According to ABC News, almost 2 million U.S veterans lack health care. If anyone needs this care the most, it's those who have risked their lives to serve our country. 

The Patriot Project consists of 6,400 chiropractors which equate to more than $100,000,000 in free care to America's most deserving. The Patriot Project was founded by Dr. Timothy Novelli in 2012 after receiving a call from one of his patients, who knew of an 'American Hero' who needed Dr. Novelli's help. This man was Staff Sergeant Dana Bowman, who is an Army Golden Knight that lost both of his legs in a parachuting accident. Dr. Novelli treated Dana, who had never received chiropractic care, with great results. Later, Dana invited Dr. Novelli to an event at his own non-profit, where Dr. Novelli treated over 150 wounded veterans in three days.  It was at that event, The Patriot Project was born!

Roark's involvement in this organization is very important, as she recruits chiropractors locally and nationally, designs and manages The Patriot Project website (www.patriot-project.org), and all social media platforms. She also designs all marketing materials, distributes brochures out to the public, answers emails/phone calls, and helps plan the annual Patriot Ball! Sydney started her involvement in this organization in February 2014. "I spent days skimming directories, websites, and Facebook to build an email marketing list to recruit more chiropractors to join the cause." She continues, "In twenty-three days I personally took The Patriot Project from thirteen states and 200 doctors, up to national representation and over 400 doctors participating!" She said. 

A big part of why Roark devotes so much energy to this organization is the connection she feels to those who have served. "My brother Jason is a Purple Heart Recipient who served two tours in Iraq, and my best friend Sara is a Navy Veteran." She continued by saying "I recognize what freedom means and I know the sacrifices our military and veterans make to keep us safe and to protect our rights as citizens. If I can help take away the pain, suffering or mental anguish of someone who put their lives on the line for all of us, then I can go to bed at night knowing that I've helped someone who I can never repay!" 

While this project is to help veterans, the organization also wants to make sure that all the sponsors that contribute to this cause are recognized, which is where to Patriot Ball comes into play. The Patriot Ball is an annual event held each year in November, and the organization is proud to announce that country music sensation LoneStar will be the featured musical guest at this year's ball! This is an annual event to honor both veterans and the sponsors who donate their resources and time, to help provide care for those who have served or are still serving our country.  

Roark has a lot of pride in her involvement in The Patriot Project. To her, being part of this organization means, "standing beside our military and veterans, versus behind them." The Ailments our military and veterans face are currently being treated largely with opioids and psychotropic drugs. Many of these ailments can be relieved with chiropractic care. "Currently twenty-two veterans commit suicide a day with one-third of those deaths related to the medication. We're trying to save lives, and in return save families and communities." If you would like to be involved and offer your help, please visit, www.patriot-project.org. 

We at Pro-Model and Talent Management are very proud of this super well-rounded role model, and plan to continue working with Roark as she seeks to pursue her modeling and acting career. We will update you when we know where Sydney gets placed! 

Want more information on how you can contribute and help to lives of our retired veterans? Click the image above to learn more about this great cause for those who have risked their lives for our country. 

Written By: Imani N. Sales

Olivia Riedel Ruled The Runway at IMTA

Olivia Riedel has wanted to model all her life. However, it was only just recently, that she started pursuing her dream thanks to her cousin, a former model and IMTA alum who guided her towards Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM). Since Olivia's start with PMTM, she has been extremely successful in that she has just come back from a triumphant week of competing in NYC at the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention. Through her achievements at IMTA, Olivia is bound to excel in the modeling industry in the very near future!

Everyone always has amazing experiences at IMTA; however, Olivia's for sure stands out from many. "My IMTA experience was fantastic! I placed in the top five in all my modeling competitions along with a talent competition called On-Camera Host (5th runner up)," said Olivia. The many other modeling competitions that Olivia placed in were: 2nd runner up in Fashion Print and Female Junior Model of the Year and 5th runner up in Jeans and Runway! Placing in the top five wasn't all that she did, though. Olivia also won the Makeup M2 category, which was quite a surprise for her! "I was very shocked that I won makeup. I was not expecting it at all because I generally do not wear makeup on a daily basis," she told us. The placements and the win; however, weren't the only parts of IMTA that were Olivia's most memorable moments. Olivia loved that she was also able to meet so many people from around the US and around the world!
Along with making so many new friends and connections, Olivia also learned so much about the entertainment industry that she would not have had the chance to anywhere else!

While Olivia's overall experience at IMTA was great, her favorite memory of the competition was the fashion show that she was chosen to walk in. The best part of the show... it was streamed live in China and garnered over one million views! Olivia was so excited to be part of such an amazing show. She even had a one of a kind dress that stood out from everyone else. Her dress was designed by Qi Gang, a very well known Chinese fashion designer, and it was marvelous! "My dress was the only one with a long train. It had multiple pieces and was absolutely stunning," she told us. What a truly amazing experience for our lovely Olivia.

Olivia wearing Qi Gang
in the IMTA fashion show

Due to Olivia's fantastic fashion show and her prowess as a model in all of the competitions at IMTA, she received over 50 callbacks from agents and managers! Olivia said the number of callbacks was overwhelming, but also extremely exciting."Prior to leaving for New York, I had a number of callbacks I [hoped] to receive, and I ended up exceeding my expectations," she said. Olivia can't wait to hear from all of the agencies again and make a final decision.

Olivia has definitely made a presence in the industry already, and she has some amazing supporters who have helped her along the way. "My family and friends are very supportive of my modeling career. My parents are willing to take off work and travel with me for jobs in and out of the country. My mom even attended IMTA with me and learned a lot more about the industry," said Olivia.

We at Pro-Model & Talent Management are also a huge supporter of Olivia and her dreams. Olivia said that PMTM was a huge help when it came to IMTA. "Pro-Model and Talent was probably the most prepared group that attended IMTA. It was evident during my competitions and especially during awards night. PMTM not only prepared us prior to attending IMTA but also in New York during the competitions. PMTM staff was available to work with us to make our experience successful," she said. We at Pro-Model & Talent are glad to hear that Olivia found us to be extremely helpful when it came to the competitions. We only want the best for talent and models.

In the meantime, while Olivia takes the time to make a decision on who to go with from her callbacks, she will be doing a photo shoot with Pageantry Magazine! Pageantry has been around for over 30 years, and it is a favorite read for aspiring beauty queens and models! Olivia is extremely excited to take part in this photo shoot! The shoot will be taking place in Orlando, FL, and Olivia will be rooming with all of the other models during this shoot. She cannot wait to make the trip, along with all the new friends and connections that are sure to follow.

With everything that Olivia has already achieved, she has even bigger goals in mind for when she signs with a new agency and starts really making a name for herself. "I would like to walk in fashion week for top designers, travel the world, be photographed in catalogs, as well as editorials, and one day [take] part in national beauty commercials," she told us. Olivia is ready to go, and we at PMTM definitely believe she can do it all!

Pro-Model & Talent Management would like to congratulate Olivia once again on her fantastic week at IMTA! Olivia is going places, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing girl!

Check out some more pics from Olivia's time at IMTA below!

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Written by: Rachael Abaray

Kyle Blandine Is More Than Your Average Teenager!

Pro-Model and Talent Management’s (PMTM) Kyle Blandine is only seventeen years old, but don’t let his age fool you. This young man's phenomenal talent has gotten him interest from agents and managers all over the country! Kyle recently traveled out to New York City this past July with PMTM to participate in the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) convention. With Kyle making a name for himself at such a young age, Pro-Model and Talent Management is more than ecstatic to see him grow in the industry and help him with his transition into the national market.

Kyle is currently a senior at North Canton Hoover High School. He is actively involved on his high school swim team and a member of the Student Leadership Club. While he still has a year left and unsure of where he will end up,
 Kyle plans to further his education after high school, as it's very important to both him and his family.

While competeing at IMTA, it was the perfect chance to allow Kyle to show what his hard work and dedication have in store for him. He accomplished everything he had hoped to and more at the convention. The aspiring actor received 2nd runner up in Cold Read and TV Real, along with receiving three honorable mentions in Male Junior Actor Of The Year, Monologue and Theatrical Headshot! When we asked Kyle how he felt hearing his name called for his accomplishments, he said "I felt confirmed to hear my name called at the awards. I had been working so hard and it was great to be recognized among so many other great contestants!" Kyle said.

With Kyle receiving so many callbacks from agencies and managers, we were excited to ask Kyle what he has planned next! This talented young man was more than pleased to respond with, "I am ready to keep moving forward with this journey. I am going to keep participating in workshops so I can stay on top of my skills, and move to LA as soon as possible to pursue my career in acting."

It's an amazing feeling when you are rewarded for your hard work, and Kyle deserved each award he received. "I received them because I worked hard and trained to improve myself. It was a goal to get on that stage. It was also reassurance that I was taking another step in the right direction, and it felt good representing Pro-Model and Talent Management." He continues, "Winning these awards mean a lot to me!" 

This was Kyle's first time attending IMTA and he had a great time, but also stayed focused on the main goal at hand. We asked Kyle what he enjoyed most about his trip. "I enjoyed meeting so many great people and making so many great friends! It was incredible being able to find personal success, but it was also great watching my friends succeed as well," he said.

Kyle was more than prepared for this convention because of all the development he received at Pro-Model and Talent Management prior to NYC. Although he felt prepared, "I learned to trust the process! Every time I perform an audition, it is a learning experience," he said. We at PMTM are so proud that this young man continues to strive and grow from each and every performance.

Throughout Kyle's journey at Pro-Model and Talent Management, his mother Laura has been a big part of his success and his biggest supporter as well. Laura also traveled to NYC with her husband to cheer on thier son and was more than thrilled to see he won so many awards. "It was an incredible experience to be able to witness Kyle being awarded 2nd runner up for Cold Reads and TV Real. I was so proud of him, all his hard work and efforts that had paid off," said Laura.

She was so impressed not only with her son but with the rest of the contestants from Pro-Model and Talent. "Our contestants were prepared, focused, and ready to COMPETE. They had weeks upon weeks of intensive instructions to prepare them for their moment in NYC. I am so thankful PMTM maintained high expectations from Day 1 in behavior, performance, and attitude as it was reflected in our contestants' successes! It truly was an incredible  experience my son and I will never forget!"  

If anyone knows Kyle better than us, it would be Laura. We wanted to know from Laura's stand point, what makes Kyle stand out amongst others who went to IMTA and have an interest in acting? "I think Kyle's sincerity and desire to succeed played a HUGE part in his success at IMTA NYC 2017. He was very focused on each of his competitions and had a goal for the end result!" 

For Laura to see Kyle perform in NYC and do such an incredible job, it only made her realize her son is a natural. "Kyle's feedback from the convention confirmed to me that this was his niche. He wants to pursue a career in acting and we're working to help make that a reality!" Laura said. She also had the opportunity to observe some contestants from other programs that were waiting to compete with her son. "Their behavior was appalling and their focus was not on the competition at hand. Rather, they were focused on being loud and silly." She stated. She definitely was able to see the difference between her son and his PMTM family, from other contestants that were present. Along with her son, the rest of the contestants with PMTM had their "head in the game" and it showed!

Laura couldn't be more thrilled to allow Pro-Model and Talent Management to work with her son. "I am thankful my son was part of IMTA New York City 2017 with this particular agency. The PMTM staff are the most organized, hard working, and talented group of professionals. INCREDIBLE IS ALL I CAN SAY!"

We at Pro-Model and Talent Management couldn't agree more and are thrilled to continue to assist this talented young man with his career locally and nationally as he has recently been signed to Unified Management in LA! From there they will decide what agency will be the best fit to place Kyle, with with so many expressing interest after his performance at IMTA. What a great position to be in!   

PARENTS! Does you kid have a niche for acting just like Kyle?
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Written By: Imani N. Sales

Rebecca Soles Wows At IMTA

Rebecca Soles is only 9 years old, about to start the fifth grade, and packs a punch when it comes to modeling and acting! Rebecca recently rocked it at the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in New York this past July! Along with Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM) and her parents, Rebecca made her way to NYC with big hopes and dreams, and they were answered in the most positive of ways.

"Exciting, amazing, life-changing, and a little overwhelming, but worth it," is how Rebecca described her amazing week at IMTA. She walked away from NY with 5th runner up in Theatrical Headshots, and with the amount of people she was competing against, that is quite the feat. Not only did she place, but she also met with agents and managers in private meetings. "[IMTA] was a roller coaster of emotions," said Rebecca's mom, Terra. "On one hand, I was so nervous for her because I know how much she wants to succeed at this. Then she "rocks" the competition and my nervousness subsides and pride sets in. I was in complete awe of her." Rebecca, on the other hand, had no nerves when it came to the competition even though she was in front of so many people and surrounded by so much talent. "I had no idea that anyone was there because I was having so much fun," Rebecca explained.

Rebecca's performance at IMTA went so well, that she ended up catching the eye of many agents and managers from both Los Angeles and New York City! While she was unsure of which path she was going to choose, she knew that her dream was to be in New York. That's why when Rebecca scored an awesome private meeting with Model Management Group (MMG) in NYC, she was ecstatic. This later resulted in her signing with them! Rebecca's mom, Terra, was so excited to learn of how well Rebecca was perceived at IMTA and her signing with MMG. She can't wait for Rebecca to begin her journey with them. "I couldn't be happier," said Terra. "Rebecca wants to do both modeling and acting, and MMG will market her for both. I think MMG is a perfect fit!" Rebecca is also extremely eager to begin with MMG. "I can't wait to get started and to see where this will take me," said Rebecca.

Rebecca rocking the runway in the
Jeans Competition at IMTA!

When Rebecca is not working super hard with PMTM, she enjoys a ton of her other fun interests and activities. A few of her interests include swimming, reading, rock climbing, roller/ice skating, and riding her bike. Rebecca also just finished up her fourth year of softball! Even though Rebecca enjoys many other interests that aren't acting or modeling related, she does take dance classes that help her keep up with her performance skills outside of Pro-Model and Talent Management.

In terms of her future once she starts with MMG in NY, Rebecca has plans to sharpen her craft and shoot for some big goals. "I would eventually like to be on film or a TV series, but right now, I want to get to experience and increase my skills," said Rebecca. For being so young, Rebecca is extremely professional, and knows exactly what she wants to do in the industry. She is super ready in that she knows that the work never stops in order to achieve her dreams. Rebecca's mom also sees how amazingly professional Rebecca is for her age, and the growth that she has made with PMTM and at IMTA. "Rebecca has grown so much (emotionally and mentally) during these past few months with Pro-Model and Talent and her preparation for IMTA. I think the future holds more success and growth, and with her determination she will achieve her dreams," said Terra. Pro-Model & Talent cannot agree more with Terra in how much Rebecca has grown into the beautiful young lady that she is today.

We at Pro-Model & Talent Management know that Rebecca has an extremely bright future ahead of her with how motivated she is, and how much growth she still has for this industry. This little girl is already a star, and she's only just getting started!

Check out some more awesome pictures of Rebecca at IMTA below!


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Drew Louis Signs with Discover Management in LA

Ever since he was 5 years old, Drew Louis has loved performing. He used to belt out Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" in the backseat of his mom's car, and at the age of 9, he started local theatre. Since then, Drew has been in over 25 musical productions! Plus, along with Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM), Drew traveled to NYC this past July to compete in the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention!

Drew had an amazing week at IMTA. He placed in several different categories, specifically first runner up in the singing competition and second runner up in the monologue competition! When asked how he felt in those moments when his name was announced for these categories, Drew said, "I truly was just surprised! To have that affirmation of my skills made me feel pretty freakin' awesome!" Even over his competition placements, though, Drew said that his favorite part of IMTA was spending the entire week with his PMTM family! "I'll never forget the memories we made that week," he said.

While at IMTA, Drew got to take part in several private meetings. "Private meetings are really fun! It's a very laid back setting, [while] the competitions tend to be a bit higher strung. It's exciting meeting with agents and managers that want to see you specifically," said Drew. As a result of his fantastic performances at IMTA, Drew ended up signing with Discover Management in LA! "I. Am. ECSTATIC," said Drew in regards to his signing. "Debralynn is such a nice woman, and she's done some amazing work, so I'm very excited to get to work with her and her team at Discover Management!"

Pro-Model & Talent Management was there with Drew every step of the way prior to his time at IMTA, and even while he was competing. "If I'm being honest, Pro-Model and Talent Management runs this thing," said Drew about PMTM and IMTA. "The instructors at PMTM truly know how to make you succeed at IMTA by preparing you completely for everything you come across at the convention. Also Mary Sklamba knows literally everyone! This is crucial, especially for private meetings. Many agencies do not have the contacts that Mary has and cannot set up [such an] insane amount of private meetings," Drew told us. Plus, the nice thing is that even when Drew makes his way out to LA, PMTM will still be available to him! The cool thing about Pro-Model & Talent is that we have a whole network of previous IMTA alums who currently live in both Los Angeles and NewYork City. No matter what city you travel to, PMTM will have a built in support system willing to help you.

Before Drew makes his big move out to LA, he is first going to stay in Ohio to finish out his senior year of high school. While he is still here, he plans on doing some tapings. Drew is also involved in his school's choir program and the drama club, so there will definitely be some fun activities for him while he's still in school. Beyond that, Drew likes to dabble in lighting design as well. "[I] have a [lighting] rig set up in my basement," he said. How cool is that?! Drew really is knowledgable in all areas when it comes to theatre!

Once Drew is finished with high school and ready for LA, he has big things he'd like to do in the industry! "I would love to be on a Disney or Nickelodeon show, but I'd also love to be in a boy band! The world needs one right now! One Direction has been gone for a while, and we need the next teen girl obsession, and I would love to be a part of that" said Drew. 

We asked Drew what he uses to keep himself motivated. He said, "The day you stop dreaming is the day you stop achieving. I have this constantly in my brain. If I'm not excited about the future, then what's the point? It's good to remind yourself that the sky is limit!" What a fantastic way of thinking. Drew is definitely ready to make his big move into the industry, and show everyone what he's made of.

We at Pro-Model & Talent Management are extremely excited to see what the future holds for Drew. We know he has great things coming his way in LA!

Check out some of these awesome pics of Drew at IMTA!

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Rebecca Hanobik Is Ready to Rock the Fashion Industry

Rebecca Hanobik is just 20 years old, but she's ready to soar in the modeling industry. A small interest in modeling that started her Freshman year of high school has developed into a passion for this lovely lady. Rebecca just returned from a week in NYC with Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM) at the International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) competition. There, she rose above the competition and placed in several different categories, in addition to catching the attention of many agencies from all around the world!

Rebecca's first foray into modeling was when her best friend in high school asked to photograph her. "He was an aspiring photographer. I was tall and lanky and I soon became his artistic muse," she said. "Soon after that, I realized I could pursue modeling on a professional level, but at the time, I was young and awkward and didn't know who I was yet, so I stopped to focus on my schooling." 

When high school came to a close for Rebecca, she was able to then focus on both her schooling and the addition of modeling again! She currently attends Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, OH, and by the end of this year will be graduating with her two-year Associate of Arts degree. That's pretty impressive for Rebecca, seeing as she was able to prepare for IMTA with PMTM all at the same time!

This modeling journey for Rebecca has not been one that she has had to traverse on her own. She has a great support system through her friends and family. "My best friends have done nothing but lift me up and comfort me on this journey, and I wouldn't be with PMTM if my boyfriend and his dad didn't motivate me to get back into modeling again," she told us. Rebecca says that her parents have been with her on this journey from day one as well. "My parents have supported my dreams of becoming a model since the day I first told them. They'll never stop supporting me, and that's why I love them... thanks for the genes too," joked Rebecca.

When Rebecca isn't busy with school and pursuing her modeling career, she loves to relax and hang out with her friends. She has so many unique interests. "I like doing jigsaw puzzles and I'm an avid sauna user. I'm also 20 years old, and my friends and I will still play on playgrounds. I will destroy any component in Call of Duty, and I think I'm a borderline shopaholic... you can never have enough clothes," she told us. We are so happy to see that Rebecca has so many interesting and fun activities that she and her friends like to do.

Rebecca in the Jeans Runway

IMTA was an awesome experience for Rebecca, and it was clear that the passion and love for modeling she has developed over the years is undying. "My IMTA experience was definitely special. I had a great time in NYC, and I certainly know that modeling is what I am supposed to be doing." Rebecca had many favorite moments at IMTA that stood out for her, but she told us that the highlight for her had to be the overview fashion show that she was selected to be in. She was chosen to model one of Nicole Miller's fall 2017 looks! "I wore a long red and black plaid sleeveless dress, with a long sleeved black t-shirt underneath. [It] was paired with heeled combat boots, so it's safe to say I felt like the grungy rock star that I really am," she said.

While Rebecca's favorite moment of IMTA was the fashion show, that was only one of her incredible achievements. Rebecca's competitions were amazing in that she placed in 6 different categories! She told us that placing in all of these categories was incredible. "I mean, how could it not feel great? I won third place in Swimwear, fourth runner up in Model of the Year, and fourth runner up in Most Sought Female Model. At the time, there was a part of me that was like 'aw man, I want to be number 1, but at the end of the day, I'm super proud of myself," she told us.

Rebecca's competition placements did her good in that she ended up receiving over fifty callbacks from agencies all around the world! "I truly wasn't expecting to get as many callbacks as I did," she said. As a result, Rebecca was overwhelmed and nervous, but extremely excited at the same time. Rebecca has currently been placed with Angie's Model & Talent in Toronto, Canada, but PMTM also plans on placing Rebecca in multiple US cities and into Europe and Asia. As for her future goals, Rebecca hopes to then shoot all kinds of editorial and high fashion campaigns as well as work for fashion week.

We are so proud of Rebecca and how well she was received at IMTA. Rebecca even mentioned to us that we at PMTM are the reason she feels she was prepared to compete at IMTA. "Pro-Model and Talent Management prepared me and my fellow contestants so unbelievably well. They know IMTA inside and out, and more importantly, they know the industry inside and out," she said. We couldn't be happier for Rebecca and her achievements, and we can't wait to see where her modeling journey will take her next.      

Pro-Model & Talent Management would like to congratulate Rebecca once again on her successful week at IMTA! Rebecca is about to rock the modeling world and PMTM can't wait to see it all unfold.

Check out some more great photos of Rebecca from IMTA below!

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MMG Signs Their Newest Member: Maisey Granson

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Maisey Granson is a model and actress who recently attended the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) this past July in New York City. As a result of her outstanding performance at IMTA, she has now officially signed with Model Management Group (MMG) in New York City!

Granson graduated from Lucas High School this past May and finished her senior year with a grade point average of 3.8. She stayed very active in high school by participating on the volleyball, basketball and track team all four years, while also being involved in organizations at her school such as the National Honors Society and Family Center and Community Leaders of America. She also held the position as the Vice President of her class and President of the Spanish Club. Maisey will be continuing her education at Kent State University this fall as an incoming Freshman, working towards a Bachelors Degree in Biology and Pre-Medicine.

While going to school for her bachelor's degree this fall, Maisey still plans on being very active with pursuing her dream of being a model. She has known that modeling and acting has been her dream since she was a little girl. She's motivated by both professions because of the way it makes her feel. "It's so refreshing and exciting because I am able to be myself," she said.

Attending IMTA was a great experience for her as she was able to strengthen her love for acting, singing, and modeling. When we asked her about what she learned from the IMTA trip, she responded by saying "I learned a lot about the city and how it would be if I lived there and the business side of things."

PMTM contestants at IMTA after overview!

MMG recognizes models and talent both nationally and internationally as a highly successful management company. Granson is truly in good hands, as MMG is ranked by IMDB in the top 1% of all television and film companies. MMG is associated with agencies in LA, Toronto, Vancouver, Europe and Asia. With MMG having so many connections in these locations, this allows so many doors to open for endless opportunities in Maisey's career. 

Maisey walking the runway for the Jeans Contest
Maisey walking the runway at IMTA overview

Maisey is very excited to be signed with MMG. "They are an amazing agency and I know they could help me in both modeling and acting," she said. She is looking forward to all the potential jobs she will book along with the experience she will gain in the process. Maisey hopes to travel to the city as much as she can and possibly move to New York in the future.  She hopes to further her acting career by booking national commercials or taking part in films. As far as modeling goes, she would like to travel and work for both runway shows and shoot for print modeling. 

Pro- Model and Talent Management is thrilled to see Granson further her career with MMG and we will continue to update you on all her successes as she pursues modeling and acting professionally. 

Pro-Model and Talent Management will be holding their fall auctions Saturday, September 9th. If you want to jump start your career, click the picture below!    

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Steris Video Shoot!

Sherlock and Bridget were featured in a Steris video shoot! Check out these behind the scenes pictures! Awesome job guys, what a fun job! 

Shannan Returns to PMTM for a Night of Improv Fun

Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM) and IMTA alum Shannan Yancsurak will be returning to PMTM for a night of improv fun on August 14! Shannan has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and she is extremely excited to come here and work with some incredible students!

Shannan's interest in acting developed from her own love of laughter. "I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh! Plain and simple. It brings me more joy than anything," she told us. This explains why she's been a part of over 500 shows from the NY Comedy Club in NYC to the Main Stage of Second City in LA! Shannan has even had many of her students appear on sitcoms such as Cougar Town, Key and Peele, and Funny or Die!

In being a part of so many amazing shows and experiences, we asked Shannan what her favorite memory of being in the industry is. She told us that it was the very first time she had a lead role on stage. "It was off off off Broadway," she laughed. "I was playing the ingenue, Deirdre McDavey from Paul Rudnick's play titled I Hate Hamlet. Deirdre was a hot, emotional mess, and I LOVED her! The director really [allowed] me go to huge places with her, and it was so incredibly rewarding for me as a young actor and for the audience (who loved her craziness too). [This] part really allowed people to see me as a leading lady with comedy and depth, which led to other fantastic roles on stage." Along with her fantastic first leading role, Shannan mentioned that another one of her favorite memories was a national commercial that she booked for MEOW MIX in which she got to act with a kitten!

Not just a performer, but a teacher as well, Shannan cannot stress enough how important improv is to the world of acting. Improv is extremely necessary for that it is something that agents and managers require all talent to be skilled in. "Being able to think on your feet, have confidence, make adjustments without rehearsing, listening (and really hearing) and staying present; these are incredibly necessary skills to make it in this industry. Auditioning is scary for everyone. Having these specific skills make it no less scary, but so much easier and more successful," she said. Without the improv skills that Shannan possesses, perhaps her place as Deirdre and in the MEOW MIX commercial would not have even been a possibility. This workshop that Shannan has planned is going to tap into the most important areas of improv and character development to help the students
succeed and then take what they've learned so they can succeed and make progress and great memories in the industry, just like Shannan.

Shannan says that this improv workshop is going to be a step up from the last workshop she did here, mainly because she plans on focusing on character development and moving a scene forward. "The last workshop I did at PMTM was a great foundation of short form with a little education on long form. This [new] one will have more advanced concepts and more practice to build characters," said Shannan. Through the extensive knowledge and experience Shannan has with improv, she hopes that her students will walk away from her class with the skills to perform live and on the spot, as well the ability to work well with others and, mainly, help them succeed in any future auditions and productions.

As for how excited Shannan is to be teaching this workshop at PMTM, she said, "Let's do this and have some fun!!!

Below are just a few of the awesome productions Shannan has been a part of. You can find more at her IMDB page here.

Come and join Shannan at Pro-Model & Talent Management on August 14 for a night improv fun and learn how to think on your feet!! Click the flyer below to read more about the workshop! We at PMTM can't wait! It's sure to be a great night!

Written by: Rachael Abaray