Friday, March 24, 2017

Sneak Peek at New York Photoshoot!

Emilie Waters is currently in New York City for a photo shoot with Wilhelmina! Here's a sneak peek at one of her gorgeous photos! 

PMTM is Around The World

Check out this video that highlights just a few of the models Pro-Model and Talent has placed Internationally!!

Aaron Schinipke Takes NYC

Aaron Schinipke getting ready to graduate High School this May and already has big plans to move out to New York City this summer! Aaron attended the New York IMTA with Pro-Model and Talent in 2016 and ago fell in love with performing, but decided it was best to finish school before moving across the country to follow his dreams. 

Aaron has since been signed with Talent Ink in NYC and will be submitting for both TV and film and singing and dancing on Broadway! Way to go Aaron!! 

Local makeup extraordinaire Elizabeth Cook's Skin Survival Tips

With winter slowly coming to an end and spring creeping upon us, we thought it would be helpful to share a few season transitioning skin tips. We also asked makeup artist Elizabeth Cook for some helpful tips, she does a great deal of local work.

Cut back on heavy creams. Winter’s dry air can lead you to use more emollient moisturizers. With the weather getting warmer and humidity beginning to rise, start a slow transition to a lighter, more balancing moisturizer. Alternating between the lighter moisturizer during the day and a heavier one at night will help ease the transition. When it comes to makeup, try switching from heavy foundations to a beauty balm, or blemish balm (BB cream) for lighter coverage. Elizabeth recommends Emryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre as a daily moisturizer ($20 on,) or Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion for oily and acne prone skin ($45 on or at Ulta.)

Scrub and peel. The higher the humidity, the less sensitive your skin tends to be. Skin scrubs work wonders in removing excess dead skin. Exfoliating daily allows your skincare to absorb better, which in turn allows it to work better. For sensitive skin, Elizabeth recommends starting off with exfoliating 3 times a week to avoid irritation. Her favorite exfoliate is Cure Nature Aqua Gel, Japan's #1 exfoliator. This product's unique and gentle formula allows its use on even the most sensitive skin. You can buy the product on for about $30.00. 

Use a weekly mask. Clay masks exfoliate and soften. Try using one once a week to soak up some of the extra oil and unclog your pores. This can help keep your complexion clear and calm during the balmy season.

Amp up your SPF. For daily use SPF 25 is great. If you are looking at being outside for more prolonged periods of time, push it up to SPF 50. With Spring break right around the corner, you want to get a healthy glow, not burn and peel. 

Antioxidant serum. Although your skin is already creating antioxidants on its own, quite often the onslaught from things like sitting outside in the midday sun can be too much for our natural defenses. Adding an antioxidant serum into your daily skin routine can boost the Vitamin E and C your skin needs, along with helping to limit the damage to your skin.

Switch up your color palette. Seasonal changes mean color changes, and that means it is time to cut back on Winter’s dark palette and rich hues. These can be overpowering during spring months, so work to transition into a softer palette. After working backstage at NYFW for the 6th year this past February, Elizabeth saw many models wearing soft, brown smokey eyes and the timeless, red lips. She thinks this year "Spring make-up look" will be that of hydrated, glowing, glossy, and natural looking skin and full combed-up brows.

Pay attention to products increasing sun sensitivity. We see the sun very rarely during the winter months. Products containing retinol or glycolic acid can make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight, which we start to see more of during the spring months.

Stay hydrated. Making sure you drink plenty of water can not only keep your skin well hydrated, but has other benefits such as; relieving fatigue, improving mood, treating headaches and migraines, aiding in weight loss, and flushing out toxins. Having trouble drinking enough water? Try these recipes! Elizabeth suggests keeping a cool mist humidifier next to your bed to help keep your skin supple and looking young. She also recommends the Amazing Concealer Hydrate stick, because it provides excellent coverage while plumping and hydrating the skin. You can find the product on in 10 different shades for $32.

Get plenty of sleep. Skimping on sleep can lead to puffy eyes, dark circles and ashy complexions-not an ideal look. Poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. Need more convincing? Check this out.

One product that Elizabeth suggests you keep with you is Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets. Keeping a pack in your purse comes in handy when you are battling shininess. Target also has an off brand that works just as well for about $5. Lastly, remember to NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP. Doing so is one of the most aging and damaging things you can do to your skin. If you are feeling too tired to wash your face keep makeup cleansing wipes by your bed.


Abijay is Already Making His Mark in Hollywood

Abijay Chopra is a 10-year-old Pro-Model and Talent Management(PMTM) and International Model and Talent Association(IMTA) alumni who has already made the transition from Ohio to Los Angeles. In 2015, Abijay attended an out-of-state company’s workshop in Cleveland with his mother. After not finding what they were looking for, Abijay and his mom decided they would continue their search for the right company for them. By January 2016, Abijay was part of Pro-Model and Talent and shortly after attended IMTA in New York and the rest is history.

Abijay says the reason he chose acting as his path is because he has always wanted to be “everything,” and as an actor, you get the opportunity to be every type of character there is. This is why Abijay loves his career, as each audition is an opportunity to become a new character. Abijay feels that analyzing the script in detail helps him succeed.

His manager, Nita Brochu with New Beginnings Entertainment played a huge role in Abijay’s move across the country. “She showed faith in my abilities, and talked to my parents at length to answer their questions,” Abijay says. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, Abijay’s life has become very busy. Although his busy schedule can be challenging to maintain, he still manages to balance acting, personal time, and school. He is also in extracurricular activities such as boy scouts, math club, and coding club. He said he used to complain about homework, but now he is so busy that he does not have time to even complain. 

Abijay’s father has a large family, therefore, family time is important to him as well. Since his father’s family lives so close, Abijay gets to see his cousins more often than when he lived in Ohio. He also stated that even though he does miss the snow, the weather in California is great. Although his life can get pretty hectic at times, at the end of the day, Abijay loves Los Angeles.

Abijay has had two favorite roles since his move, one he categorized as the hardest. He played “Nephew Fred” in A Christmas Carol. He says the role had over 40 lines and had to learn to do a hearty laugh, “It really took a lot to perfect.” His other favorite was when he had the chance to be on a game show for Totally TV, “I won the show and received a big prize,” Abijay Says.

Since in Los Angeles, Abijay has worked on three music videos and a few movie s; Cheaper 2 Keep Her, Bicycle, Blank Class, Beads, and is currently working on the film Distress.

One role Abijay would most like to play is a comedic role and eventually, hopes to have a principle role on a channel such as Nickelodeon. 

If given the chance to give advice to himself as an actor just starting out, Abijay would say to never, ever give up and to always believe in yourself. 

We hope you all have enjoyed getting to know Abijay as much as we have!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Big Thank You to Eric Mull

Pro- Model and Talent wants to give a big thank you to amazing photographer Eric Mull! Eric took time to shoot PMTM/ IMTA alum Logan Bartholomew for the couple of days he was in Ohio for his meet and greet. Here is a sneak peek of some of his amazing work!

Want to see out more of Eric's work? Click down below to see his website and here for directions to his Art Gallery in Crocker Park!

Shout Out To David Turner!

We are very excited to announce that our very own PMTM/IMTA alum David Turner has signed with Mavrick Artists Agency in Beverly Hills! David just made the big move out to the West Coast only a couple weeks ago and is already with a top agency! Way to go David! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unified Management's Al Onorato

We love this picture of #PMTM #IMTA Alums Joe and Ben with LA based manager Al Onorato from Unified Management! Joe and Ben both had an amazing time at IMTA and both already found representation with Unified Management!
When asked to summarize his IMTA experience Joe said, "IMTA provided the opportunity to take my life in a direction that I never thought I could achieve and PMTM gave me the tools, support and preparation to maximize that opportunity. It has been life changing already and I can't wait to see where it leads next".
Ben said "My experience at IMTA, in a nutshell, was liberating. The experience and all of the training leading up to it opened me up to a part of myself that I never knew was there".
Awesome job guys, we are so happy for you!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

PMTM Stars

We are so excited to share some our amazing #PMTM alums from all over the world! All of these models and actors have worked Nationally or Internationally! How cool!? We will continually be adding to this as we have more alums getting us footage and more alums traveling and working all over the world! Way to go guys! We are so proud of you all! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Anthony Ruffin Visits The Agency

Anthony stopped into the agency to drop off some sweet treats for the staff on his way to NYC to do yet another shoot for Target! Thank you! Looking good Anthony! 📸📸#pmtm #highfashion

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