Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Karen Clark-Green

Pro-Model and Talent Management's own Karen Clark-Green continues to make a name for herself after a life-long journey on Broadway. Her love for stage acting started at the age of four when she started training for theater. Karen stated, "It was not easy being a black child growing up in this era and coming from a small town, and then being thrust into a world of Hollywood and Broadway Stars."

When Karen was in college, she began singing classical music. Karen was given the opportunity to sing throughout the United States, Austria and Italy performing opera. The more she sang, the more involved she became in musical theatre. While traveling the world doing what she loves, she discovered the impact others had on her success. John Kenley was a major influence on her career. He influenced her to defy the odds, jump started her musical theatre career, and inspired her to become a young director and producer.

In the midst of her musical career, she married her husband, had four children, and started her own performing arts school and dance company. While continuing to be an actor and model with Pro-Model and Talent, she has written five produced plays and five books while working on more. As if that was not enough, she is also an ordained minister. With Pro-Model and Talent and the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA), Karen has received many awards for her success such as the 2014 1st place IMTA Female Actor Monologue Division, the Youngstown Vindicator Award twice, and 3rd place National Screen Actors Competition in the Indie Film Festival 2008.

Karen has retired from her theater career, but still considers herself an actor. With the help of Pro-Model and Talent and IMTA, she is still being cast in productions, and recently landed a role fin a film in Atlanta, GA. She plays a Portugese/African slave and has to learn the Geechee dialect. They begin table reads soon and will begin filming in August. She is also in the process of debuting her own production "Nativity, the Hope," that will premiere at Youngstown Playhouse in Ohio on Dec. 2nd through 4th and December 9th through 11th of this year.

Karen never believed she would be where she is today. The thought of film never crossed her mind until one of her directors, David Vosburgh, told her she would be great in TV and film. Karen started her film career with a short film, Round on Both Sides, and has since been in Nike commercials, Evil Days, and an extra in many films. Aside from film work, she has hosted a radio show, produced a web talk series about cooking, and has taken on more modeling roles.

With all that she is involved in, she tries to embrace her character's role before each audition. She tries to see the emotion from the character's perspective and searches for key emotional words in the dialogue, so she can sense the character's heart. Karen is a successful actor who has made a difference in the industry and continues to make her mark everyday. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to have her as a model and talent!

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Kylie Dunsworth is Making a Name for Herself in LA!

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Kylie Dunsworth is already becoming well known in Los Angeles since relocating six months ago from Parma, Ohio. Kylie fell in love with performing when she began dancing at five years old. She continued dancing competitively, auditioning for school plays, and participating in talent shows. She would beg to audition for anything she could and took each audition seriously. It was obvious Kylie loved performing and it was something she was good at.

Kylie had her first taste of the acting industry outside of school, when she participated in a talent search and signed with an Ohio talent agency. After traveling hours to auditions for six months, with the agency hardly knowing who she was when they stopped in, the Dunsworth's decided to take a break. Kylie wanted to find a new local talent agency so she could pursue her dreams. A few months later, they came across an ad for Pro-Model and Talent's new faces.

Kylie's mom, Rebecca, called into the agency and Kylie had an audition that weekend! Rebecca said, "The audition went very well and Kylie received a call that Pro-Model and Talent wanted to represent her and believed she would do better in a larger market like L.A." The Dunsworth family thought Pro-Model and Talent was crazy and thought they wanted to stay local in Ohio. Pro-Model and Talent offered Kylie an opportunity to audition for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention to get feedback from those who did not know Kylie. She walked out of her audition with a ticket to IMTA NY 2015. 

Rebecca received a call the following morning regarding Kylie's audition and her ticket to New York. When the Dunsworth's heard the feedback, they agreed she could attend IMTA NY 2015. Shortly after, Kylie began her workshops and was motivated to learn everything she could to apply to her natural talent.

Time went quick and the Dunsworth's took off for New York City and IMTA. Kylie adjusted well to the crazy schedule and enjoyed each one of her competitions. She went through each competition giving her all and the results during the awards ceremony showed that. Kylie received many top awards including being ranked 2nd Runner Up Pre-Teen Actor of the Year! The Dunsworth's cried with joy realizing how well their 10 year old daughter did at an international talent competition.

Kylie's callback list was overwhelming for the family, but turned to Pro-Model and Talent's Mary Sklamba for assistance. Mary and the Dunsworth's sorted through the list and soon after, flew out to LA to sign with a talent agent and manager. Many others did not understand the opportunities Kylie had waiting for her in LA and thought the family was being unrealistic and foolish. The Dunsworth's went with their hearts, aside from what everyone else thought, and moved to LA. It was never a part of their plan when looking for a local agent, but when the doors kept opening, the Dunsworth's walked through and never looked back!
Kylie on set of her first booking in LA!

The Dunsworth's moved to LA in January 2016. The transition during the first three months was the most difficult. The family was homesick and Kylie attended two different schools during 6th grade. Even with the tough transition, Kylie was ready to get out and start auditioning and her agent was working hard to market her. Kylie gave 110% at each audition and her hard work paid off after her fourth audition. Her family was ecstatic with how quickly she booked her first job, which was a National Payless Shoe Source spot for TV Land's show "Younger".

Over the past few months, Kylie has received a steady amount of auditions and call backs. She has met and made impressions on multiple casting directors that are sending her more audition requests. Kylie has been seen in feature films, short films, background work in TV, a lead in a theatre project, an independent film, and many other projects that are in the works. Some of these projects include the TV series Fresh Off The Boat, Slumber, Sincerely Me, and upcoming movie How To Be a Latin Lover. 

Kylie is getting ready to start 7th grade and the Dunsworth's are settling down in LA. In the months they have resided there, Kylie has built positive rapports with many casting directors, made many friends in the industry, and has auditioned for every opportunity that has come her way. Even with all of the work she has done, Kylie continues to maintain straight A's in school. Rebecca Dunsworth turns to Kylie's awesome support system for her success, "she has an amazing support team including her Agent, Manager, and Pro-Model and Talent."

"We've learned that many may not believe or understand the path you are on, but if you believe, put in the hard work, and step out of your comfort zone, the sky is the limit! Never let one tell you that something is impossible because what may seem impossible for someone else is achievable for you," says Rebecca.  "We are very thankful for our Pro-Model and Talent family and the support they continue to give us from Ohio and our IMTA/PMTM alum friendships we have here in LA. This has made the move and experience easier and exciting to share Kylie's success with."

We are so proud of Kylie and all that she has achieved already in the time she has been in LA. Pro-Model and Talent knows the opportunities are endless for her and we are ecstatic to see where this journey takes another one of our IMTA alums!

The Dunsworth's Family Quote

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

PMTM & IMTA Alum Josh Berresford Stars in "The Audit"

International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and Pro-Model and Talent Management alum, Josh Berresford, landed a role in the upcoming short film, The Audit, which is a political thriller about corruption and white collar crime. It takes place in a major Boston bank, which is receiving money illegally from a drug cartel. He is working alongside William McNamara and David Morwick. Josh stars as Alex Minhoff, a hitman, who Josh says, "is like a chameleon." During his role, Josh serves as both a janitor and a waiter who keeps his eyes and ears open for cartel bosses or anyone else who may interfere with the cartel.

When we asked Josh how he prepared for the role in The Audit, he told us, "for some reason, the bad guy roles come easy to me." Josh enjoys starring in these roles as opposed to being the leading man, but he says it's all about what motivates you and your character. Josh believes you need to take odd jobs to help you grow until the big one comes along. Josh said, "I don't really believe in a Plan B" and he did what he could to make it where he wanted to be.

Josh first realized he wanted to get into acting after he received his degree in Communication Management and could not find an actor for his student film. He took a few more college courses to help him progress and realized he loved the acting side of the industry. He worked out of Pittsburgh doing student and indie films until he was given the opportunity to audition for IMTA. As a result of IMTA, Josh made the leap to move to New York City and then signed with his first agent and manager to jump start his career.

Josh has starred in more roles than just The Audit. Josh has been in television, film, and theatre. Josh has landed roles in television shows like Dante's Cove, NBC's Kings, and Barely Legal. Films Josh has been seen in are Aleksandr's PriceYitzy, and Missing Jane. We asked Josh what his favorite role was, and he shared, "I definitely think playing Cory on Dante's Cove. I got to be the funny guy in the cast, but turned into the bad guy after being possessed. Also, we shot in Turks and Caicos and Hawaii, so not too bad for my first big acting gig."

Pro-Model and Talent Management is so proud of Josh and we cannot wait to see another job well done by one of our Pro-Model and Talent Alums! We are ecstatic to see Josh in The Audit and you can check out the trailer below:

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Dr. JaTaya Wiley: PMTM Model That Inspires

Dr. JaTaya Wiley is making a name for herself. As local talent with Pro-Model and Talent, JaTaya has worked with many companies such as Nike, Rue 21, Cedar Point, and Zulily Curves. She even holds the title of "Miss Ohio Plus America 2015." As a result of working with Pro-Model and Talent, JaTaya attended International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and signed with a manager in Los Angeles.

Before JaTaya jumped into the modeling industry, she attended Kent State University to obtain her Bachelor's and Master's degree in technology with a concentration in Web Design. She furthered her education to receive her Doctorate degree of Philosophy in Human Letters from CICA International University and Seminary. With her education, she did a vast amount of public speaking and served as Director of the Greater Cleveland Public Speaker Association.

JaTaya specializes in business and beauty topics. In the business world, her areas of expertise are social media marketing, leadership, team building, and personal branding. Outside of the business world, she is knowledgeable in modeling, acting, and learning to love yourself. JaTaya strives to help women to feel beautiful in their own skin. She is active in Alive with Purpose, an organization that dedicates time to finding help for those who suffer from mental illness. JaTaya wants to inspire people find their passion, so they can find purpose in their passion and turn it into a career.

JaTaya continues to inspire people by co-writing the two-time Amazon Bestseller Ignite Your Life. Ignite Your Life is written by successful professionals and entrepreneurs highlighting their secrets to health and wellness in the industry. JaTaya contributed to Ignite Your Life with "Seven Steps to Social Media Branding for Network Marketing Success." She provides her steps to being successful with her knowledge on goal setting, confidence, and passion.

She recently shared her story in the book Crown of Thorns: Diary of a Beauty Queen. This book is compiled of 40 plus-sized "Beauty Queens" and their journey through life. JaTaya shares her story and her struggles in this book to help inspire others with messages on how successful and beautiful women did not always have it easy and how they defied the odds.

JaTaya is a multi-faceted person, which has driven her to success. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud of JaTaya and cannot wait to see all of the ways she will continue to inspire others! 

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing modeling or acting on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Relieving Audition Nerves

An audition is how you book a job in the modeling/talent industry. It is when the casting director chooses you to come in and audition for a role in a film, commercial, runway show, etc. Sometimes you may have to memorize lines and other times you may just have to state your name and talent agency.  All auditions are different but they are all a vital part of the entertainment industry and something you WILL have to do if you are serious about pursuing a career as an actor or model. You may not always be required to audition for a part, but when you are it is crucial that you are prepared.

For this reason, auditions can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially if you're new to the entertainment industry. To help you out with these oh-so-normal feelings, we've created a list of things you should consider trying before your big audition. If you have any other tips to add to the list, please comment! Check out our 10 tips for reducing audition anxiety below:

1) Get plenty of sleep the night before your audition. A lack of sleep is a trigger to nerves and will make you less focused.

2) Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Music has been known to calm nerves dramatically. If you choose a few of your favorites that get you in the zone and listen to them before your audition, it should relieve some of your stress.

3) Take a few deep breaths. This is a tactic taught in many public speaking college courses. Breathe in for three seconds, hold your breath for three seconds, exhale for three seconds, and then take a three second break. Repeat this until you feel more relaxed.

4) Visualize the audition. Athletes do this all of the time and swear by it. When you visualize how you want the audition to go, it will help you feel more confident in what will happen and give you a sense of knowing. Not knowing how an audition will go is often the main cause of anxiety, so this can help.

5) Power Pose. I learned this from a great TED talk ( Our posture affects how we feel immensely. If we stand or sit in powerful positions, scientifically, we will perform better. So roll those shoulders back, stand tall, and be confident!

6) Make sure you are prepared. Feeling prepared leads to feeling confident. The more confident you are the less nervous you will be. Make sure you practice, practice, practice! For acting auditions, lines have to be memorized.

7) Practice! If you are going to a runway audition - know the designer and make sure to practice your walk! Always have your model tote bag ready to go. If you receive a script for a commercial/TV/film audition, you want to be off book and make sure you break down the script on a taped audition. Always check with your agency to see what type of slate they want and to get any direction they may have for you when recording an audition. You don't want to walk into an audition clueless!

8) Be versatile.  You will be more relaxed when you trust your skills. If you are trained in all areas of the industry, you will be ready for the casting director to ask you to do anything! Actors should be familiar with modeling skills and models should be familiar with acting skills. For example, some print auditions are done on camera when the client wants to see how you move, so make sure you practice your photo movement (improv can really help with this).

9) Reward yourself after a successful audition. Give yourself incentive. If you do well, treat yourself to a trip to the mall to buy a new dress, a video game you've had your eye on, some ice cream, or schedule a pedicure/manicure.

10) Give yourself plenty of time. When people feel rushed they automatically get more nervous. Give yourself extra time to get to the audition so you have time to relax and get your mind straight. We recommend you arrive to an audition 15 minutes early.

You will perform much better if you are confident and relaxed! After an audition, let it go! You have done all you can do. The model's and actor's job is to audition, it is just a bonus when you book the job.

At Pro-Model and Talent we know that knowledge is power, and we want our models and talent to be skilled and nail all of their auditions!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Modeling Etiquette - Be the WHOLE Package

As a working model in the industry it is important to make sure you maintain a respectable look, a great personality, and are the complete package that casting directors are looking for. To help those of you who are currently working as models or are interested in getting into the business, we have created a list of things you should always remember when pursuing this career path.

1) Have a working phone number with voicemail that you will check often. Be sure to respond to calls as soon as possible.

2) Have a working e-mail that you will check often. E-mail back as quickly as possible. Be professional.

3) Have manicured fingernails and toes. Make sure nails are always clean, trimmed, and painted in neutral tones or not at all, with a coat of clear nail polish. OPI Bubble Bath is a staple in a model's tote bag! Stay away from french manicures. Unless noted otherwise, the client wants sport or natural length nails.

4) Have great hair. Make sure your hair color and cut are in style, are very similar to your portfolio images, and that your hair is clean and well taken care of. No roots and make sure highlights are fresh.

5) Take care of your skin. Casting directors look for flawless skin. Also, you cannot have any obvious suntan lines. Minimal suntan color is acceptable, but the precaution is to stay out of the sun or use an SPF of 70+.

6) Have great hygiene. You want to be more than just presentable. They are looking for the total package. Brush your teeth, shave, and come fresh!

7) Show up on time. This is a must! Being on time means walking in 15 minutes early. It is unprofessional to arrive late. You are wasting the casting director and client's time as well as your own.

8) Listen to the photographer. Don't complain about the location or circumstances and be ready to happily take direction. Many photographers report directly back to the client.

9) Respect what the hair stylist/makeup artist does. They are professionals and are doing their job just like you are. They are there to please the photographer and the client, don't complain about your hair and/or makeup and make sure you thank them for their work. They are doing what is best to get the best photographs.

10) Don't bring guests to auditions/bookings. This includes boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, or relatives. The only exception is if you are under the age of 18. In this case you should bring ONE parent/guardian with you.

11) NO jewelry. Girls may wear simple, small earrings, but that is the only exception.

12) Carry a model tote bag. For a guide on what to include in your model tote bag, click here:

13) Be patient and full of energy. You want to show enthusiasm and project confidence. If the client likes you, they are more likely to book you for their next project.  

14) Be polite to everyone. Fellow models, assistants, directors, whomever! You never know who is watching and personality is 75 percent of the modeling/acting industry. Your attitude can make or break a career in today's market!

There are thousands of models working towards the same goal as you, make sure you stand out with an amazing appearance, an even better personality, and the skills and knowledge to back up your image and personality!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pro-Model and Talent's Featured Singer: Jeffrey Verghies

Jeff Verghies is a Pro-Model and Talent Management singer and actor who resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Jeff is going to be attending the New York International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) competition on July 23rd through 29th. Jeff has grown up loving to entertain people. Whether it was with friends and family, pitching in baseball, drumming for local bands, or performing his own music, he found a way to entertain. He was always fascinated with actors, singers, and entertainers.

Ever since Jeff was a little kid, you could find him beat boxing or humming. He started as a drummer and later moved into learning to play the guitar and writing his own music. Shortly after, he started recording himself on his phone or with a digital recorder. He would listen to himself and find areas he needed to work on and grow from his personal criticism.

We asked Jeff who his musical influences were and he told us, "Dave Grohl, Justin Timberlake, Allen Stone, and my dad. Although, I am pretty sure David Grohl would not like being mentioned musically in the same sentence as Justin Timberlake, though." Jeff loves any kind of music, but his favorite to sing would be acoustic, pop, or soul. The music he listens to varies on the mood he's in, but often finds himself listening to almost anything.

Outside of singing, Jeff enjoys sports, weightlifting, reading, and tapping away to anything that has a percussion sound. He has discovered his love for acting, which has become another passion of his along with singing.

IMTA NY 2016 is coming up quick and Jeff is getting as excited as we are! He told us, "Words can really not express enough how excited I am for IMTA! This is a dream coming true for me and I cannot wait until after to see what the future has in the works for me and my career." We are ecstatic to see Jeff's performance at IMTA and all of the opportunities that come to him! See what the aspiring entertainer is all about in a preview of his singing below!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Pro-Model and Talent's Featured Singer: Keith McLeod

Keith McLeod is a Pro-Model and Talent singer and actor from Canton, Ohio. Keith is attending the New York International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in New York City July 23rd-29th. The oldest of four boys, Keith will be starting middle school this coming year. Keith loves going to school and is an honor roll student. His favorite subject is science.

Keith may love school, but he loves singing and performing just as much. Keith's grandpa was a professional singer. When he was little, his grandpa would pick him up from preschool playing the Temptations. Aside from his grandpa, his mom would always sing to him and then ask him to sing to her. He received his first solo to "Go Tell It On the Mountain" in first grade. After his solo, he learned he loved singing in front of people and ever since he has been hooked.

Acting is another thing Keith loves to do. He loves to be on stage and playing different characters. Keith loves making people laugh and he does that while doing improv and acting for fun at home. Aside from singing and acting, Keith plays basketball. He grew up watching his dad play and he thinks basketball is really fun.

Some of Keith's musical influences include Usher, Chris Brown, and even Temptations. He enjoys them all because they not only sing, they all dance too, and Keith thinks that is really cool. Along with his musical inspirations, Keith's favorite genres to listen and sing to are R&B, classical, and pop.

Keith is super excited about IMTA! He told us, "I am ready to show off what I can do. I cannot wait to get there and I know it is going to be fun." With Keith's personality and skill, we are excited to see him at IMTA! We are so proud of Keith and all he has accomplished. Here is a sample of what this young, talented singer can do!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Pro-Model and Talent's Featured Singer: Dorburnell Smith

Dorburnell Smith is one of Pro-Model and Talent Management's singer and actor that will be attending the New York International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) competition with us on July 23rd through 29th. She has lived in Cleveland, Ohio since she was eight years old, but she is originally from Nassau, Bahamas. Dorburnell was a natural when it came to music. Her father is a music teacher in the Bahamas, who sings and writes music. He also can play acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, along with piano and drums. She gives credit to her father for getting her into music, especially singing. It started with her, her siblings and her cousins putting on an at-home musical production for their parents. Ever since then, she has found herself in a choir or singing a solo. She says, "I truly enjoy being able to express myself through singing."

There is no set genre or artist that has had an influence on her musical career. Some of the artists she mentioned are Cece Winans, Marvin Winans, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. "If I'm listening to music, you can believe I am singing along with it," says Dorburnell. Each genre has it's own meaning to her. Classical music will always have a place in her heart after being trained and performing it for many years. She loves jazz because it is smooth and melodic, while country is the best at storytelling. Gospel and Contemporary Christian music will always be one of her favorites to keep her grounded and faith restored.

Although Dorburnell truly loves music and singing, she still enjoys being involved outside of music. She is currently enrolled in online school to pursue her Mobile App Development Degree. Some of her other interests include fishing, swimming, graphic design, bowling, and shooting. She is very active in her church. She sings weekly on their Praise Team and does graphic design for the Teen Ministry. She stays active and tries to incorporate her interests of music and graphic design into her life when she can.

We asked Dorburnell how excited she was for IMTA and her response got us thrilled for it too! She says, "Excited? Elated! Ecstatic! Overjoyed! Pumped! I am so excited about attending IMTA. I have worked so hard to be here and I feel this is my time to shine. This whole experience has been amazing thus far. The staff at Pro-Model and Talent pushes you to be prepared and ready, and also having 'The Al Onorato' for the whole weekend to help us! I am feeling confident and prepared. The friends I have made in the short time I would not change for anything!"

Pro-Model and Talent is just as excited for Dorburnell at IMTA! See why we are super excited for Dorburnell in the preview below! 

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Pro-Model and Talent's Featured Singer: Rachel Spies

Rachel Spies is a Pro-Model and Talent singer and actress that will be attending the New York International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) in a couple of short weeks on July 23rd through 29th. Rachel has been singing ever since she was a little girl and sang in church and school choir. She wanted to take her singing to the next step and says, "Luckily I was able to take lessons through Pro-Model and Talent!"

Rachel has found musical inspiration from Lady Gaga. Rachel is impressed with Lady Gaga's ability to perform live like she sounds on recordings and believes she is one of the most talented artists in the Pop industry. When Rachel is looking for more musical theatre influences, she looks to Idina Menzel and Lea Michelle. Rachel mostly listens to alternative rock and alternative pop. Even though she listens to mainstream music, she is always looking for artists who are not overly popular, but create great music. Rachel loves to sing Braodway show tunes, too!

Aside from singing, Rachel has always been a dancer. She has been dancing since she was three years old and received her BFA in Dance from the University of Akron. Acting is another interest of hers that she continues to work on. Even though dancing is her profession, she still enjoys doing it for fun! Aside from dancing, Rachel loves to draw and paint in the spare time she has. Other hobbies of hers include choreographing and teaching dance, listening to music, and binge watching Netflix.

We are excited to see Rachel compete at IMTA NY 2016. When we asked her how excited she was for the competition, she said, "I am competing in the singing, dancing, and all acting competitions, so I am very excited!" Be sure to check out the video below of Rachel singing to get a preview for IMTA!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler