Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Elyria Teen Takes On The Big Apple: Kayla Jessie

Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM) Kayla Jessie is a model that give you chills when she struts the runway. She is only sixteen years old and is ready to take on the world. Kayla traveled to New York City to participate in the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) convention this past July and did a fantastic job! IMTA was an unforgettable trip. At IMTA, she learned that being herself is the best way to conquer this fast-moving industry.

Kayla wants to give advice to anyone wondering if they should attend IMTA: "If you want to go into a bigger market to broaden your horizons you should go! The amazing preparation form the wonderful staff at PMTM has gotten me to where I am today. From the very beginning when I walked in the doors." She received nothing but positive support and encouragement from our team at Pro-Model and Talent Management. Kayla said she would have never had the confidence to go without Pro-Model and Talent's help and we are so glad she built up the confidence to go.

While she attended IMTA, she signed with Model Management Group (MMG) in New York City. Kayla is ready to take the fashion industry by storm working with MMG. She was so excited when MMG decided to add her to their team and stated how she couldn't have made it to where she is now without her "family" back at Pro-Model and Talent Management.

Model Management Group was a great fit for Kayla since she felt an undeniable connection with them from the start. She felt comfortable signing with MMG because there are tons of bookings found on both coasts so wherever she is at, she will have options for auditions. Signing with MMG has motivated Kayla more than ever to work on her craft and refine her modeling techniques. Kayla hopes to gain more exposure working in a bigger market with MMG and have her name known worldwide.

Extending her knowledge in the fashion industry, Kayla is currently taking Advanced Acting classes with our very own Aubrey Caldwell, and trying to take as many voice classes as possible. She also wants to broaden her skills outside of the fashion world as she is working on learning Chinese.

Outside of the modeling and acting world, Kayla is an outgoing and dedicated student. She is a junior at Elyria Catholic High School and enjoys English courses. Her creativity can shine when she is able to freely express herself in writing. Kayla lives a very active life. She plays volleyball for Spirit Volleyball Club in Akron. Not only does she play volleyball, but she is also a member of T3 Barbell Club where she competes in Olympic weightlifting. When Kayla is not busy with modeling, sports, or school; she is involved with the Key Club doing local volunteer work that helps out her community. Her goals for after high school includes attending college and majoring in early childhood education or pre-med.

Finding free time in her busy schedule is difficult but when she can, Kayla enjoys spending time with family and friends and soaking up the sun at the beach. She is also very creative and enjoys making crafts. At night, she enjoys curling up with a bowl of popcorn and watching a comedy on Netflix.

Pro-Model and Talent Management is so proud of everything Kayla has accomplished so far, and we are going to keep cheering her on as she pursues her dreams. We can't wait to see what else is next from Kayla!

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Written by: Stephanie Sibik

Monday, October 16, 2017

High Fashion Runway Rehearsal

Check out some of our high fashion models at the agency for runway rehearsal. These models booked a local runway show that will be taking place next week! Stay tuned for more pictures after the show!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shaker Heights Gets Teen Ready To Take On Hollywood: Kiara Patterson

Kiara Patterson started performing at the young age of five and has been in love ever since. She has been involved in many activities such as orchestra, ensemble/theatre, dancing, and even Cleveland's very own Singing Angels. Now, Kiara can say that she is an International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) alum. This past July, Kiara attended IMTA with Pro-Model & Talent Management (PMTM), and she had a fantastic time.

While at IMTA, Kiara got to meet a lot of people and made connections that will last the rest of her life. "It was truly an experience of a lifetime," she said. Kiara was also able to attend several private meetings where she had the opportunity to experience what a real industry audition is like. "Besides the competitions, the private meetings were the best! In the private meetings, I [had to] slate my name, age, and agency. Then [I had to] perform my commercial, monologue, or improv, anything the agent or manager wanted me to do. It was really fun. I wish I could do it all over again," said Kiara.

Kiara did a fantastic job at the private meetings, so much so, that Discover Management in LA loved her! As a result, Kiara signed with Discover, and she is very eager to start her journey there. "I can't wait to see what's in store for me in LA! I'm so excited to start my acting career with Discover Management and perfect my craft," Kiara told us.

The preparation that Kiara received for IMTA with us at Pro-Model & Talent Management is how Kiara feels she gained the confidence to really go out there and chase her dreams. "PMTM is with you through it all. They [prepare you so well] in just three and a half months of preparation and really [help] you do your best at IMTA," said Kiara. "At IMTA, a very good portion of the people who won or received awards were from PMTM."

While competing at IMTA, Kiara placed in several different competitions. She won the second runner up in On-Camera Host and the fifth runner up in Improvisation and Theatrical Headshots. "When I saw my number on the big screen at IMTA awards night, I was in shock. I was nervous and excited for myself. My goal was to at least place in the top five people of one category, and I did! I was so proud of myself and very happy that I placed," said Kiara.

In the meantime, before Kiara makes her way to LA, she is currently attending Shaker Heights High School with a 4.1 GPA. She is also involved in the Delta Academy, orchestra, and the Girl Scouts outside of Pro-Model and Talent Management. Along with being a part of those organizations, she loves drawing, writing, playing her violin, practicing Spanish, and making Spanish cooking shows. Kiara is quite the busy girl with all of her amazing interests and activities, but she handles it all tremendously and will definitely do great once she is in LA.

Once Kiara is finally settled and working in LA, she has a tremendous amount of plans for her future. "With what I have achieved at Pro-Model and Talent and IMTA, I see myself pursuing my acting career to its fullest while doing some modeling as well. I [also] see myself taking more workshops to perfect my craft and to keep learning about the business," said Kiara. She also plans on being a part of tv shows and movies that span all genres. Kiara is so ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Pro-Model & Talent Management cannot wait to see Kiara's career take off in LA. We will be with her every step of the way, and we know that she is going to shine!

Kiara (far right) having fun with the PMTM family at IMTA

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hollywood Director Comes To Ohio

Have you ever wanted the chance to work first hand with an award winning Hollywood director?! Well now is your chance! 

Tom Logan is a well-known Hollywood director, producer, and writer. He has directed hundreds of national and international commercials, written award winning and best-selling books, and directed-award winning TV shows and movies such as 12 episodes of the TV show “Bloodhounds, Inc.” He is also a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the Screen Actors Guild/ American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA), and Actors’ Equity Association (AEA).

Tom has been instructing his acting seminars for the past 30 years in 5 different countries and 47 different states! Because of his hard work and dedication to the industry, he is the winner of the prestigious “Golden Halo Award” for “The Most Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment Industry” for his contributions made as an acting instructor for the studios and for his acting seminars held worldwide.

Tom will be coming to Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) on Saturday, October 28th and instructing a 9-hour acting seminar that will last from 9:30 am- 6:30 pm. He will work with everyone on how to improve their auditioning skills and improve their chances of booking the auditions they go on.

This is one workshop you do not want to miss! PMTM is sponsoring part of the workshop so that everyone that wants to attend can. The fee is $85.00 for a full day workshop with Tom.

Click the poster below for more information and to register for this seminar. It is open to all in Ohio who are 14+ years old!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Yasmine Matthews: LA Bound

Pro-Model & Talent Management's (PMTM) Yasmine Matthews is ready to take on LA after a successful run at the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in July. From growing up in Mississippi and making her own fun through acting with the neighborhood kids to performing on stage in NYC in front of hundreds of industry professionals, Yasmine has come a long way, and she is ready to shine. Yasmine described her experience at IMTA in one word, "beautiful," and she thought that it was so amazing to see individuals with the same passion as herself come together to showcase their talents.

Yasmine walked away from IMTA the fifth runner up in five different categories: Female Actor of the Year, Improvisation, Monologue, Screen Test, and TV Beauty. When asked how she felt when the awards were announced, Yasmine simply said that she felt "just honored" to have been awarded in so many categories and that she had given her best and felt satisfied that all of her hard work really paid off.

Her achievements at IMTA didn't end there, though. Yasmine was also able to take part in several private meetings with agents and managers that showed an interest in her thanks to her fantastic performances. Yasmine said that these meetings gave her a platform to introduce herself and that they were surprisingly laid back. "The meetings really gave me a chance to show different ranges in character as well as gave me an opportunity to show them my personality," said Yasmine. These private meetings that she attended resulted in Yasmine meeting and then signing with Discover Management in LA. She is so excited to begin a new chapter in her life at Discover Management. "I can't even describe in words how excited I am," she said. We at Pro-Model and Talent Management cannot wait to see what the future holds for Yasmine in LA!

Yasmine rocking the runway at
IMTA for the Overview event.

Even though Yasmine rocked the stage, her favorite part of IMTA wasn't the actual stage part, but socializing with the other talent, the agencies, and the private meetings. As Yasmine said previously, it gave her the opportunity to show the agents and managers her personality and to introduce herself in a more personal setting.

Yasmine also mentioned that PMTM helped her so much when it came to her performances, as well as the professional engagements that she took part in. She said that Pro-Model and Talent provided her with plenty of "training, feedback, and repetition" that really prepared her for everything that IMTA had to offer. "PMTM is equipped with the tools to take you beyond what is average," she said. We are glad to see that Yasmine took what she learned through Pro-Model and Talent Management and used her knowledge to the best of her ability at IMTA. She now has an even brighter future ahead of her as a result.

When asked about what she hopes to do in the industry in the future, Yasmine said, "I want to reach the pinnacle of the business and feed my obsession in the industry." She also mentioned that she would like to live a life of substance and that she hopes her work in the industry will outlive her.

Yasmine ended with some beautiful words of encouragement for those who would like to pursue an acting career, and maybe even try their hand at IMTA. "Never let anyone tell you you're not good enough and that your goals won't lead you anywhere. Never compromise yourself, and always leave behind a legacy," said Yasmine. Deep words of wisdom from such a talented young woman that will surely take you far.

Pro-Model & Talent Management would like to congratulate Yasmine on her hard work and amazing achievements at IMTA. We can't wait to see Yasmine shine in LA with Discover Management!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Exceeding His Expectations: Javion Allen

Pro-Model and Talent Management's (PMTM) Javion Allen is an outstanding actor who makes everyone he meets laugh and smile. Javion recently traveled to New York City this past July with PMTM to participate in the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) and took everyone's breath away with his performances.

Javion is sixteen years old and spent most of his life living in Atlanta, Georgia. He relocated to Cleveland seven years ago when his mother noticed Javion's natural talents. What caught her attention was how he would reenact movies and TV shows, and Javion's pure enjoyment he had while doing it. Once they relocated to Cleveland, she had Javion audition for her Alma mater, the Cleveland School of Arts. Since his acceptance, he has now studied theater at the Cleveland School of Arts for 7 years. "I enjoy the fact that I get to work on my craft every day as part of my education," he said. He would like to continue his education at a conservatory school such as Juilliard or The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where he also received a $30,000 scholarship while competing at IMTA.

Javion is a dedicated young man and has an extreme passion for the arts. "I love acting and dancing. To me, it feels just as important as breathing!" He continues, "I want to act as much as I want to live and enjoy life." His passion really shows when Javion performs because he has his own style and you can tell he loves to stand out. Javion has always been full of high energy and very active. 

Javion is big on friends and family, and during his free time he enjoys spending as much time as he can with them along with playing Xbox live with his friends. He also loves keeping an eye out for all the new Marvel shows and movies that are coming out.
Javion walking the runway at IMTA. 

Attending IMTA really showed how talented Javion really is and the hard work he puts into his craft every day. This young gentleman took 1st place in the following categories: Cold Read, Improvisation and Theatrical Headshot. Not only did he take 1st place in more than one category, this talented actor continues to shine as he took 2nd place in Monologue.

All we can say at Pro-Model and Talent Management is "WOW HOW AMAZING!" 

When we asked Javion how he felt hearing his name called for his outstanding performance he stated, "I was excited and very proud of myself." Winning these awards mean a lot to Javion, as it only helped him confirm his acting abilities. 

Competing at IMTA was a very fun experience for Javion especially knowing that everyone he met shared the same passion he does which inspires him more than before. When we asked Javion what he learned most from his experience he responded, "IMTA NYC taught me more about myself and where I fit in this business." When he heard about IMTA he knew that it could be the opportunity he had been waiting for to help him achieve his goals.

As a result of his success at IMTA, Javion has been signed with the HRI agency in Los Angeles who will be taking him on across the board which means for TV, film,  and TV commercials. This is rarely the norm for new talent, and shows just how many doors IMTA and Pro-Model and Talent Management can open. Javion has also received multiple offers from LA based managers and decided to go with Discover Management! What a great position to be in, way to go Javion!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

High Fashion Curves Model

Brianna Ruiz just did a shoot in NYC with Steven Menendez and all we can say is WOW! Brianna is simply breathtaking! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Promo Event For Jack Casino

Who are these handsome men?? Bobby, Anthony, Valera, and Gage did a promo event for Jack Casino and they did an awesome job! Looking good guys!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Behind The Scenes With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) grew up in Cleveland, OH with a love and passion for music. Starting off his career with his first mix tape in 2005, he quickly grew to stardom and became a national and international success. Since the release of his newest album "Bloom" in May, he has been touring non-stop and is currently in Europe until the end of October.

Before MGK left for Europe, he recorded a music video in Cleveland for one of his favorite songs on the album, "Let You Go". Pro-Model and Talent Management (PMTM) had the pleasure to staff most of the talent for. Since the video being released last week, "Let You Go" has gained over 3 million views! The video took around 8 hours to film, but that didn't stop PMTM's talent from being full of energy throughout the entire production. Once the filming stopped, Think Media Studios and EST 19XX Films took over and did an astronomical job on the finished product.

Working on set with MGK and the band was such a fun and successful experience that all of our models had nothing but great things to say after it was finished. "He is so down to earth and super funny along with his bandmates, the energy they brought really made everything come together," said PMTM talent Lyric Baker.

When we asked some of our talent what it was like working with the band, Billie Holness had this to say: "Machine Gun Kelly has been one of my favorite artists for years, he's always been so inspirational to me. His music and story have gotten me through so many obstacles in life, so being able to work with him was a dream come true. I never thought I'd get this opportunity, working with him and being able to be a part of his music video for one of my favorite songs on his latest album was truly the best day of my life. I can't thank Pro- Model enough for that!"

Check out some of our behind the scenes photos from the production of "Let You Go" and the finished product down below!




Check out "Let You Go" here.

Written By: Kaitlyn Gray

Friday, September 15, 2017

Successful IMTA Auditions

Check out our staff after a super successful day! We had some wonderful models and talent audition this past Saturday and Tuesday! We cannot wait to see everyone who was accepted back at the agency to prepare for LA!