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IMTA LA Auditions: September 10th, 2016

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful at placing models nationally and internationally. Have a passion for modeling, acting, singing or dancing and interested in being discovered on a national or international level? Pre-register for our International Models and Talent Association (IMTA) Auditions on September 10th, 2016! To pre-register today, call (330) 666-4125 or click here!


We all love choosing the perfect outfit for a night out, however, Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. knows the hardest decision is not necessarily which pair of heals to wear, but which lipstick is going to make a lasting impression! Let your lips do the talking and keep the rest of your make-up simple and natural looking. 
Choosing a lipstick can be difficult for a couple of reasons. One, you don't know if that color is going to match your outfit and two, you don't know if that color will go well with your skin tone. No worries! At Pro-Model and Talent, we know our models love to work with different lip colors and we hope these tips help you decide what color is best! We provided a guide below to help you find your skin tone and Kristen Piggott, Rimmel London's Global Makeup Artist, gives us tips on how to figure this out. 
How To Identify Your Undertone Color:
One of the easiest way to figure out what your undertone color is wearing jewelry. As crazy as it sounds, gold and silver can bring out your best undertone color. If gold makes your skin look brighter then most likely you have warm, yellow undertones. If silver makes you look fresher you probably have cool, pink undertones. However, if you wear gold or silver and you feel they both look great, then you are in luck because odds are - you're neutral! 
Individuals With Pink Undertones:
Kristen's advice is to wear berry lipsticks with a hint of blue undertones. Colors like plum, oxblood, and wine berry shades. 
Individuals With Yellow Undertones:
Kristen's advice is to wear berry lipsticks with orange undertones. Colors like deep red, maroon, and burgundy berry shades.
Individuals With Both Undertone Colors:
Lucky for you all, you have multiple colors to play with. However, if you are still unsure, play it safe with plum and mahogany shades. They are wearable for everyone! 

Written By:
Kaylee McLaughlin/Josephine Wheeler


It is that time of year to get back into the swing of things. Say goodbye to hot summer days and cool bonfire nights and hello to early mornings and late night study sessions. Yes, we're talking about school. Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. understands it can be hard to get back into school mode, but there is no need to worry because we have some great tips for you! 
Tip #1: Have Your School Supplies Ready And Your Books On Their Way
 Have fun while school supply shopping! Get folders and binders with interesting designs to help keep you amused and to make note taking a bit more fun. Have a different folder and notebook for each class to help you stay organized. Highlighters are always a plus because they work wonders when studying and highlighting the most important things to remember. 
 Tip #2: Know Your Course Schedule And Syllabus
One of the most important things you can do while in school, especially in college, is to know your course schedule like the back of your hand. Also, another important aspect regarding classes is to be sure you have a copy of the course syllabus. A syllabus will be your life line during those classes because it has all your assignments and deadlines. Bottom line...keep on top of things using your syllabus, which brings us to our next point.
Tip #3: Do Not Procrastinate
Even for people who are not in school, procrastination can be one of our worst enemies. Once you start to procrastinate, it will be hard to break the habit. However, it is possible to do so. A habit is created in three weeks, so if you keep up with studying for each class you are taking, in 21 days that will become a new habit for you. Doing this will positively impact your grades and you as a student. 
 Tip #4: Create A List Of Academic Goals
Make a list of goals that you hope to achieve for this school year. They can be short term goals or long term goals. Do you want to improve your previous school GPA? Set a goal of getting straight A's for the entire semester. Having a list of academic goals can be driving and motivating to help you work to achieve those goals and even decrease procrastination.
Tip #5: Learn What Type Of Learner You Are
 Everyone is different in their own way...and how we learn is just one of them. There are three main types of learning styles; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Knowing what type of learner you are will help you develop better study habits and help you achieve those academic goals you created. If you are unsure of what type of learner you are, do some research so you can personalize your studying habits or check out the link we've provided below. Click here to find out your learning style!
Tip #6: Know What Is Expected Of You..In And Out Of the Class Room
Knowing what your teachers/ professors expect of you is important. Teachers are there to help you succeed and achieve your goals. They will provide you with the materials you need, but it is up to you to do the work expected outside of the class room such as homework, studying, and possibly group tutoring. In the classroom, it is expected of you to keep your phones away, as hard as it sounds! This will help you pay attention and it shows respect for your professor.
Tip #7: Get Involved 
Getting involved is one important way to help balance your school workload and life. It can be very beneficial if you do things that are of interest to you, like joining a community paint class, or working out with a group of friends. Whatever you find interesting to you, do it! If you find acting interesting, check out community theater or casting with Pro-Model and Talent! If you are unsure of what to do, go to your schools student organization center they will be able to assist you. 

Each school year is an opportunity for you to start fresh, improve yourself, and meet new people. Most importantly, make it count! Pro-Model and Talent hopes you have a great and successful school year!

Written By:
Kaylee McLaughlin

International Model of the Week: Alyssa O'Leary

Alyssa is a Pro-Model and Talent model and actor who has worked internationally. Alyssa has been seen in Toronto Fashion Week, Evie Lou, Rue 21, and more. Learn more about Alyssa below:

Favorite Modeling/Acting Job:
Walking for 3 designers in the Toronto Fashion Week.

Favorite Fashion Look:
I do not think I have a favorite fashion look. I love all aspects of fashion from simple and sporty to elaborate and exotic.

Fashion Icon:
Kendall Jenner and Izabel Goulart

Favorite Place You've Visited:
Milan, Italy

One Place You Wish to Visit:
Paris, France

How did you feel at your first ever fashion show/photoshoot/filming?
I was very nervous at first being very new and not knowing what to expect, but the photographer and make up artist (Hannah Dexter and Elizabeth Cook) made be feel very comfortable. I ended up rocking it and had a blast!

Favorite Song:
Mostly any kind of musical songs I can sing along to or 80's rock I can jam to.

Interesting Fact About you:
I have had five surgeries on the back of my head.

Best On-Set Story:
For modeling, it was a two day hair/fashion show I did in Rome and we got to be taken around the city and we stayed in really nice hotels. I met some really great model friends who I'm still friends with today.

For acting, it was doing a Nike commercial with Kyrie Irving and seeing how funny and normal he was behind the scenes.

When Not Modeling/Acting You Are:
Going to college at John Carroll University, editing videos, going on adventures with my friends, or dancing with the JCU dance team.

Favorite Movie:
The whole Harry Potter Series.

One thing you would do to change the world?
Continue to spread love and positivity. With all of the hate and negativity that goes on in the world all I can do is be kind and show compassion in hopes that it will counteract it and start a domino effect.

What's your favorite thing about acting/modeling?
Getting to travel and meet new people. One thing I love about this industry is that you are constantly meeting crazy talented and inspirational people.

Another thing I also love about modeling is the feeling I get walking down the runway and the feeling I get seeing final shots. It's a very proud and powerful feeling.

One word to describe your personal style?
Comfortable - whether it's classy, casual, or chic...it's gotta be comfortable!

Which actor/actress inspires you the most?
Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I see myself with a bachelors degree in business and also continuing and improving my modeling and acting career.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Alyssa! To see how Alyssa got started, pre-register for our IMTA LA Auditions on Saturday, September 10th, 2016! Call today at (330) 666-4125 to reserve your audition spot or go click here to go to PMTM.com.

International Talent of the Week: Duncan Anderson

Duncan Anderson is a Pro-Model and Talent and International Model and Talent Association Alum. Duncan has appeared in a multiple national commercials, starred as Johnny Cade in Phantom Projects Theatre Group's production of The Outsider's, and much more. Learn more about Duncan below:

Favorite Modeling/Acting Job: 
Frontier Communications
Favorite Fashion Look:
The "Jogger" (Sweats with a running jacket), or the "Casual" (nice jeans and a simple t-shirt)

Fashion Icon: 
Either Johnny Depp or Justin Timberlake!

Favorite Place You've Visited:
A famous surf shop in Malibu

One Place You Wish to Visit: 
I wish to visit the platform of which I would talk to Ellen DeGeneres about what I want to do to make the world more positive. 

How did you feel at your first ever fashion show/photoshoot/filming?
Nervous, but I knew I had the proper training to do whatever it took to succeed.

Favorite Song: 
It would have to be "Give Me Your Love" by Sigala.

Interesting Fact About you:
Whenever I'm feeling down or feeling nervous I try to race myself to see how fast I can make a new song. 

Best On-Set Story: 
Meeting and talking to one of my "set" moms and their family becoming our family friends. Not to mention, their son and my youngest brother are best friends now!

When Not Modeling/Acting You Are: 
Making music and working in a very prestigious Hollywood EDM production studio; and/or trying to help other people.

Favorite Movie: 
Back to the Future I: Starring Michael J. Fox. 

What would you be doing if you weren't acting/modeling?
Either trying to make music professionally or study and keep studying for a PhD and try to obtain a license to treat people that have mental health issues in California (LCSW)

One thing you would do to change the world? 
Try and make everyone look within themselves and try to make them follow their OWN dreams instead of crushing others. 

What's your favorite thing about acting/modeling? 
The skills you learn from being on set, as well as trusting yourself and being in the moment. 

One word to describe your personal style? 

Which actor/actress inspires you the most?
Michael J. Fox. Absolutely, 100%, no doubt. He's inspired me to do bigger and better things and to not underestimate yourself by any means.

How has it been moving from Ohio to LA?
Moving from Hudson, OH to La Crescenta, CA has been an amazing journey. Everyone I've met and developed friendships with will stay with me along the way on my crazy life journey (to hopefully inspire and change others' too) and I know I can trust them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
At this pace, I see myself doing a couple movies each year, as well as public speaking at middle and high schools telling kids that life is wonderful. To tell the kids to follow their dreams and if we can all work together, we can make this world a happier place.

Duncan also shared, "I wanted to thank Pro-Model and Talent for helping me discover who I am and the potential I have to make this world that much better. So everyone there, you have my thanks, my loyalty, and my best wishes."

Update: As of today, Duncan has booked his 7th National Commercial! How impressive!

We hope you have loved getting to know Duncan! Want to see how he started his journey? Pre-register for our IMTA LA Auditions on Saturday, September 10th, 2016! Call today at (330) 666-4125 to reserve your audition spot or go click here to go to PMTM.com.

Branding Yourself

Personal branding - the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. understands the importance of personal branding. It is a great way to showcase your success and find ways to give back and serve others. It is not about self-promotion, it is about creating a trademark for yourself. 

To discover the important aspects your personal brand ask yourself:

• What are your values? 

• What are your passions? 

• What are your goals and how are you going to achieve them?  

• How would your loved ones introduce you to someone you didn't know? 

• Where do you want to be in five years? 

• What are your strengths, skills, and weaknesses?

As a result, you will have a greater mindset, more established connections, and a greater perceived value of yourself.

Authenticity and being yourself are the most important aspects of a great personal brand.
Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. knows it is important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and express what you bring to the table that may be beneficial to the client. We all have had our life-changing moments and struggles that make us who we are. The people with the strongest personal brand are the people who are able to take their weaknesses and struggles and turn them into something positive and use those as a motivation. 

To maintain a positive personal brand, you should always:

• Be aware of what makes you stand out.

• Build new connections and network.

• Never rebuild your brand, rearrange it.

• Create your own vision/mission statement. 

Your brand is how people view you. It is the difference you have made in others lives and your own. It is your drive to be the best version of yourself you can be. Developing your personal brand and recognizing the key aspects of it are what will make you successful in the industry. Always be yourself and use branding tools to your advantage, like social media. Social media is a great tool to help you develop your brand, but it is also a simple way to ruin it. Keep in mind you are always building your brand.

Pro-Model and Talent wants you to be confident in your personal brand! Use these tips to help find your personal brand. Many of our models and talent have become confident in their personal brand through their experience with us. Interested in modeling or acting? Contact Pro-Model and Talent today at (330) 666-4125 or go to PMTM.com by clicking here!

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Karen Clark-Green

Pro-Model and Talent Management's own Karen Clark-Green continues to make a name for herself after a life-long journey on Broadway. Her love for stage acting started at the age of four when she started training for theater. Karen stated, "It was not easy being a black child growing up in this era and coming from a small town, and then being thrust into a world of Hollywood and Broadway Stars."

When Karen was in college, she began singing classical music. Karen was given the opportunity to sing throughout the United States, Austria and Italy performing opera. The more she sang, the more involved she became in musical theatre. While traveling the world doing what she loves, she discovered the impact others had on her success. John Kenley was a major influence on her career. He influenced her to defy the odds, jump started her musical theatre career, and inspired her to become a young director and producer.

In the midst of her musical career, she married her husband, had four children, and started her own performing arts school and dance company. While continuing to be an actor and model with Pro-Model and Talent, she has written five produced plays and five books while working on more. As if that was not enough, she is also an ordained minister. With Pro-Model and Talent and the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA), Karen has received many awards for her success such as the 2014 1st place IMTA Female Actor Monologue Division, the Youngstown Vindicator Award twice, and 3rd place National Screen Actors Competition in the Indie Film Festival 2008.

Karen has retired from her theater career, but still considers herself an actor. With the help of Pro-Model and Talent and IMTA, she is still being cast in productions, and recently landed a role fin a film in Atlanta, GA. She plays a Portugese/African slave and has to learn the Geechee dialect. They begin table reads soon and will begin filming in August. She is also in the process of debuting her own production "Nativity, the Hope," that will premiere at Youngstown Playhouse in Ohio on Dec. 2nd through 4th and December 9th through 11th of this year.

Karen never believed she would be where she is today. The thought of film never crossed her mind until one of her directors, David Vosburgh, told her she would be great in TV and film. Karen started her film career with a short film, Round on Both Sides, and has since been in Nike commercials, Evil Days, and an extra in many films. Aside from film work, she has hosted a radio show, produced a web talk series about cooking, and has taken on more modeling roles.

With all that she is involved in, she tries to embrace her character's role before each audition. She tries to see the emotion from the character's perspective and searches for key emotional words in the dialogue, so she can sense the character's heart. Karen is a successful actor who has made a difference in the industry and continues to make her mark everyday. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to have her as a model and talent!

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2016. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Kylie Dunsworth is Making a Name for Herself in LA!

Pro-Model and Talent Management's Kylie Dunsworth is already becoming well known in Los Angeles since relocating six months ago from Parma, Ohio. Kylie fell in love with performing when she began dancing at five years old. She continued dancing competitively, auditioning for school plays, and participating in talent shows. She would beg to audition for anything she could and took each audition seriously. It was obvious Kylie loved performing and it was something she was good at.

Kylie had her first taste of the acting industry outside of school, when she participated in a talent search and signed with an Ohio talent agency. After traveling hours to auditions for six months, with the agency hardly knowing who she was when they stopped in, the Dunsworth's decided to take a break. Kylie wanted to find a new local talent agency so she could pursue her dreams. A few months later, they came across an ad for Pro-Model and Talent's new faces.

Kylie's mom, Rebecca, called into the agency and Kylie had an audition that weekend! Rebecca said, "The audition went very well and Kylie received a call that Pro-Model and Talent wanted to represent her and believed she would do better in a larger market like L.A." The Dunsworth family thought Pro-Model and Talent was crazy and thought they wanted to stay local in Ohio. Pro-Model and Talent offered Kylie an opportunity to audition for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention to get feedback from those who did not know Kylie. She walked out of her audition with a ticket to IMTA NY 2015. 

Rebecca received a call the following morning regarding Kylie's audition and her ticket to New York. When the Dunsworth's heard the feedback, they agreed she could attend IMTA NY 2015. Shortly after, Kylie began her workshops and was motivated to learn everything she could to apply to her natural talent.

Time went quick and the Dunsworth's took off for New York City and IMTA. Kylie adjusted well to the crazy schedule and enjoyed each one of her competitions. She went through each competition giving her all and the results during the awards ceremony showed that. Kylie received many top awards including being ranked 2nd Runner Up Pre-Teen Actor of the Year! The Dunsworth's cried with joy realizing how well their 10 year old daughter did at an international talent competition.

Kylie's callback list was overwhelming for the family, but turned to Pro-Model and Talent's Mary Sklamba for assistance. Mary and the Dunsworth's sorted through the list and soon after, flew out to LA to sign with a talent agent and manager. Many others did not understand the opportunities Kylie had waiting for her in LA and thought the family was being unrealistic and foolish. The Dunsworth's went with their hearts, aside from what everyone else thought, and moved to LA. It was never a part of their plan when looking for a local agent, but when the doors kept opening, the Dunsworth's walked through and never looked back!
Kylie on set of her first booking in LA!

The Dunsworth's moved to LA in January 2016. The transition during the first three months was the most difficult. The family was homesick and Kylie attended two different schools during 6th grade. Even with the tough transition, Kylie was ready to get out and start auditioning and her agent was working hard to market her. Kylie gave 110% at each audition and her hard work paid off after her fourth audition. Her family was ecstatic with how quickly she booked her first job, which was a National Payless Shoe Source spot for TV Land's show "Younger".

Over the past few months, Kylie has received a steady amount of auditions and call backs. She has met and made impressions on multiple casting directors that are sending her more audition requests. Kylie has been seen in feature films, short films, background work in TV, a lead in a theatre project, an independent film, and many other projects that are in the works. Some of these projects include the TV series Fresh Off The Boat, Slumber, Sincerely Me, and upcoming movie How To Be a Latin Lover. 

Kylie is getting ready to start 7th grade and the Dunsworth's are settling down in LA. In the months they have resided there, Kylie has built positive rapports with many casting directors, made many friends in the industry, and has auditioned for every opportunity that has come her way. Even with all of the work she has done, Kylie continues to maintain straight A's in school. Rebecca Dunsworth turns to Kylie's awesome support system for her success, "she has an amazing support team including her Agent, Manager, and Pro-Model and Talent."

"We've learned that many may not believe or understand the path you are on, but if you believe, put in the hard work, and step out of your comfort zone, the sky is the limit! Never let one tell you that something is impossible because what may seem impossible for someone else is achievable for you," says Rebecca.  "We are very thankful for our Pro-Model and Talent family and the support they continue to give us from Ohio and our IMTA/PMTM alum friendships we have here in LA. This has made the move and experience easier and exciting to share Kylie's success with."

We are so proud of Kylie and all that she has achieved already in the time she has been in LA. Pro-Model and Talent knows the opportunities are endless for her and we are ecstatic to see where this journey takes another one of our IMTA alums!

The Dunsworth's Family Quote

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2016. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

PMTM & IMTA Alum Josh Berresford Stars in "The Audit"

International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and Pro-Model and Talent Management alum, Josh Berresford, landed a role in the upcoming short film, The Audit, which is a political thriller about corruption and white collar crime. It takes place in a major Boston bank, which is receiving money illegally from a drug cartel. He is working alongside William McNamara and David Morwick. Josh stars as Alex Minhoff, a hitman, who Josh says, "is like a chameleon." During his role, Josh serves as both a janitor and a waiter who keeps his eyes and ears open for cartel bosses or anyone else who may interfere with the cartel.

When we asked Josh how he prepared for the role in The Audit, he told us, "for some reason, the bad guy roles come easy to me." Josh enjoys starring in these roles as opposed to being the leading man, but he says it's all about what motivates you and your character. Josh believes you need to take odd jobs to help you grow until the big one comes along. Josh said, "I don't really believe in a Plan B" and he did what he could to make it where he wanted to be.

Josh first realized he wanted to get into acting after he received his degree in Communication Management and could not find an actor for his student film. He took a few more college courses to help him progress and realized he loved the acting side of the industry. He worked out of Pittsburgh doing student and indie films until he was given the opportunity to audition for IMTA. As a result of IMTA, Josh made the leap to move to New York City and then signed with his first agent and manager to jump start his career.

Josh has starred in more roles than just The Audit. Josh has been in television, film, and theatre. Josh has landed roles in television shows like Dante's Cove, NBC's Kings, and Barely Legal. Films Josh has been seen in are Aleksandr's PriceYitzy, and Missing Jane. We asked Josh what his favorite role was, and he shared, "I definitely think playing Cory on Dante's Cove. I got to be the funny guy in the cast, but turned into the bad guy after being possessed. Also, we shot in Turks and Caicos and Hawaii, so not too bad for my first big acting gig."

Pro-Model and Talent Management is so proud of Josh and we cannot wait to see another job well done by one of our Pro-Model and Talent Alums! We are ecstatic to see Josh in The Audit and you can check out the trailer below:

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2016. If you are interested in pursuing modeling on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Dr. JaTaya Wiley: PMTM Model That Inspires

Dr. JaTaya Wiley is making a name for herself. As local talent with Pro-Model and Talent, JaTaya has worked with many companies such as Nike, Rue 21, Cedar Point, and Zulily Curves. She even holds the title of "Miss Ohio Plus America 2015." As a result of working with Pro-Model and Talent, JaTaya attended International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and signed with a manager in Los Angeles.

Before JaTaya jumped into the modeling industry, she attended Kent State University to obtain her Bachelor's and Master's degree in technology with a concentration in Web Design. She furthered her education to receive her Doctorate degree of Philosophy in Human Letters from CICA International University and Seminary. With her education, she did a vast amount of public speaking and served as Director of the Greater Cleveland Public Speaker Association.

JaTaya specializes in business and beauty topics. In the business world, her areas of expertise are social media marketing, leadership, team building, and personal branding. Outside of the business world, she is knowledgeable in modeling, acting, and learning to love yourself. JaTaya strives to help women to feel beautiful in their own skin. She is active in Alive with Purpose, an organization that dedicates time to finding help for those who suffer from mental illness. JaTaya wants to inspire people find their passion, so they can find purpose in their passion and turn it into a career.

JaTaya continues to inspire people by co-writing the two-time Amazon Bestseller Ignite Your Life. Ignite Your Life is written by successful professionals and entrepreneurs highlighting their secrets to health and wellness in the industry. JaTaya contributed to Ignite Your Life with "Seven Steps to Social Media Branding for Network Marketing Success." She provides her steps to being successful with her knowledge on goal setting, confidence, and passion.

She recently shared her story in the book Crown of Thorns: Diary of a Beauty Queen. This book is compiled of 40 plus-sized "Beauty Queens" and their journey through life. JaTaya shares her story and her struggles in this book to help inspire others with messages on how successful and beautiful women did not always have it easy and how they defied the odds.

JaTaya is a multi-faceted person, which has driven her to success. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud of JaTaya and cannot wait to see all of the ways she will continue to inspire others! 

Pro-Model and Talent Management has been very successful placing models and talent locally and internationally with life changing opportunities! The Fall IMTA Auditions will be held on Saturday September 10th, 2016. If you are interested in pursuing modeling or acting on a national or international level, click here

Written by: Josephine Wheeler