Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jeff Daniels: Acting in L.A.

L.A. Success
Pro-Model and Talent Management alum Jeff Daniels has had quite a bit of acting success in L.A. lately.

Daniels, 62-years-old and originally from Medina, OH, moved out to L.A. in September because of his success at this past summer's IMTA convention in New York City. At IMTA, Jeff received several awards and accepted an offer from a talent agency in L.A.

Since moving to L.A., Daniels has gone to eight auditions, received five call backs, and shot a national commercial. He also has landed three short film roles - two roles as a principal and one co-star role.

On top of auditioning, Daniels continues to take acting classes in L.A. to improve and perfect his skills. Daniels credits much of his success to Pro-Model and Talent for providing him with the skills and opportunities that he needed in order to reach his dream.

“​A lot has happened in my first seven weeks here and the professional training and guidance I received from everyone involved with Pro-Model and Talent has made all the difference,” Daniels said. “Because of PMTM, I am more than ready!”

Daniels and his wife have lived in Medina, OH for the past 23 years. Daniels is a semi-retired investment broker, and as he was beginning to retire, he decided that he wanted to begin to focus on two things - acting and writing on a professional level.

In April of 2014, Daniels decided to join PMTM in order to begin the next chapter in his life, improve his acting skills, and focus on what he really wanted to do.

Daniels is also a self-published author. In September of 2015, Daniels had his book, “My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story”, published on Amazon. The book is a true story about his brother, Terry Daniels, who in 1972, competed for the title of Heavyweight Champion against Joe Fraizer, who was the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world at the time.

Since publication, his book has received many positive reviews and feedback. To check out the book on Amazon, click ​here​.

Daniels just recently entered the screenplay for his book in a contest for L.A. writers. The winners will be announced at the beginning of December and the top 25 screenplays will have their scripts referred to 20 different major studios.

Daniels has had a successful first few months as a working actor in L.A. and continues to aim for his goals everyday. Pro-Model and Talent Management is proud to have had him as a talent and is looking forward to see what the future has in store for him!

Written by: ​Caroline Licata 

Monday, December 5, 2016

PMTM Instructors: Ellen Rooney, PhD.

Pro- Model and Talent Management would like to welcome Ellen Rooney as one of our newest acting instructors! Ellen studied dance at Denison University and received her MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) at New York University. She later went on to receive her MA (Master of Arts) at the Tisch School of the Arts in Performance Studies. In 2010, Ellen received her PhD in Theater at Bowling Green State University. 

When asked how her college education helped to prepare her for her acting career, Ellen said that the college education programs offered a community of dedicated artists with a common goal and, as a result, presented her with great opportunities to grow as an artist and as a person. In addition to her college studies, she has had professional training in American and Hindu Sign Language, Laban Notation (a system for recording and analyzing human movement) fencing, Shotokan Karate, and yoga. 

Ellen’s acting credits include many commercials, theater, and film. Some of her commercial experience includes: Fedex, Lightyear, Chrighton Rehabilitation, Clearview Credit Union, Lake County Captains and Sally Beauty. Ellen also acquired acting roles in theater produtions such as: Women in History, Monkey Storms Heaven, and Hedda Gabler. She acted as the chorus leader in Oedipus The King, which was performed at the Epidaurus International Festival in Greece. She also was an American Sign Language Interpreter for Prince and Swallow in Los Angeles, California. 

Ellen was a featured actress in the films Greg, the Bunny, Slam, Pizza: The Movie, Universal Bound, and as a lead role in Love at First Sight. Here, she recounts one particular experience for the film, Slam: “I played a Deaf Poet in the movie Slam. After I finished my scenes I learned there was a final dance scene at the club. I was not scheduled to be in the shot and the director could not pay me, but I asked him if I could come anyway. I had an idea! He agreed, and during the first take, I placed myself in the middle of the dance floor. As everyone started to rock to the music, I started to dance in a slower, smoother style since my character was deaf. I danced to the beat of my own inner drummer. The director loved it and put my dance in the final cut of the movie.”


"I need to go where people are serious about acting,” is a quote by Meryl Streep that Ms. Rooney mentions is one of her favorite quotes. Just like anyone in the industry, Ellen realized that she had to get serious about acting. She had to learn to improve the weaknesses she recognized in herself if she wanted to be successful–and she did just that. “I always found that memorizing lines was very difficult and time consuming and that it worked against my other acting techniques for realism or comedy I hated it! I attacked the problem of memory from the basics, and developed techniques that work with the creative process. During my PhD, I researched the neuroscience of memory and emotion to understand how this aspect of human behavior affects the actor’s work. It changed my entire process and I am so excited to have found a solution that is fun, creative, and most importantly: it works!” She believes that this is her proudest achievement and Pro- Model and Talent cannot wait to see how she conveys this idea to her acting students!

Not only did she pursue a performing career, Ellen also went on to teach the arts. She realized as a young choreographer that the dances she created in her mind only existed through her ability to teach it. She explains that teaching became a critically important part of her artistic and creative process because it brought concept to reality. Some of Ellen’s teaching credits include working as an acting instructor for Broadway2LA Acting Studios, Bowling Green State University, Tri-C, University of Akron, Weathervane Playhouse, Solon Center for the Arts, and Hawken Middle School. She took the role as an artistic director for the Berea Grindstone Players, Kurdish Dance Theater, and the Ellen Rooney Dance Theater, which was created in her name. Ellen also worked in the education program for the Cleveland Playhouse, taught choreography for The Singing Angels, and worked as a Directing Mentor at the Cleveland School of the Arts.

Someone who deeply inspires Ellen is none other than the well-respected actor, Jack Nicholson. She explains, “I once heard a wonderful story about Jack Nicholson. Hollywood legend has it that Nicholson just loves the work – loves acting. He brings his A-game to every single take. Each shot – each take – is unique, inspired, risky and committed. He is 100% actor, 100% artist.” Ellen’s advice to aspiring actors is to look for opportunities to bring your creative talent to the collaborative process. She goes on to say, “Acting is an apprentice art form. Learn by sharing, doing, and experiencing. Every production, film or theater is an opportunity to improve a skill or develop new techniques.” 

Ellen’s experience in the industry and teaching of the arts make her the perfect fit for the Pro- Model and Talent family and as a coach for our aspiring actors and IMTA (International Models and Talent Association) talent. We are extremely excited to have Ellen on board with us! 

Written By: Monica Peck

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Staffing a commercial: how it’s done

As viewers, when watching a commercial on TV, we may not take into consideration all of the work that goes into planning and producing these advertisements that we see so frequently. At Pro Model & Talent, where our talent often works on commercial sets, we take on all aspects of planning and producing commercials for the best possible experience.
    This past week, the agency assisted with a commercial for a well-known, national athletic clothing company. As an intern, I had the opportunity to experience this first-hand, as it was my first time ever being involved in a project like this. Pro Model & Talent had to gather about 500 extras to travel to downtown Cleveland to participate, which involved hard work and dedication in these three steps to become everything the commercial was envisioned to be:
Intern Caroline editing casting lists.
Photo | PMTM.

1. Planning
    When putting together a large production, planning is such an important part of the overall agenda. While preparing for the commercial, Pro Model & Talent had to coordinate scheduling with the brand’s casting directors and prepare for the day and location of the shoot. Additionally, the agency was responsible for gathering the 500 extras needed for the commercial and communicating with them to provide the opportunity and information in order to participate. 

2. Casting
To shoot this commercial, a large cast was needed in a very timely matter. As the casting agency was responsible for on-site directions, Pro Model & Talent gathered talent to participate as extras in the Cleveland commercial. While agency talent participated, and some had special parts, unsigned extras also participated. Advertisements and word-of-mouth gathered multiple lists and contacts of public interest in the commercial. Information was sent out to those signed up, and I made calls to many of the extras to confirm their spots in the commercial. Final lists were then made before the information was exported before the shoot.

Ashley and Joellen sending out emails.
Photo | PMTM.
3. Scheduling
    Additionally, another important factor in this process was scheduling and keeping all parts on track. Extras, agency employees and the casting directors alike all had to communicate regarding scheduling information. When shooting commercials, times and locations can be easily changed. As information was relayed from the casting agency to Pro Model & Talent, then to the extras, everybody had to keep in contact with each other in preparation for how the day would run. However, the call times for the commercial were not announced until late at night before the day of the shoot. In this business, the preparation is a non-stop process that keeps everyone on their toes.

    After preparing for the shoot and the completion of these steps, it’s time for the real deal. All who were involved with the commercial met at the downtown Cleveland location to shoot. Talent was greeted by the casting directors, PMTM staff and casting assistants. There was a set, a wardrobe department, and much more.

How the day went:
Intern Jessica making phone calls.
Photo | PMTM.

  • Each extra was provided with a call time, based on their last name alphabetized, starting around 8 AM.
  • Once arrived at the venue, extras received paperwork from the casting directors. After filling that out, they turned in their paperwork and had a quick photo taken of themselves.
  • If the extra was a special part, or needed different clothing, they were sent to the wardrobe department to receive what they needed.
  • After that, extras stored their belongings in a holding area with many tables. They waited there for further instruction.
  • In small groups, extras were called onto the set. They were given props or certain instructions regarding what they would be doing.
  • The commercial director guided everyone with what to do and when. It was easy for each extra to understand their role.
  • The extras were a loud, excited audience at a basketball game, unless they were given the special part of a security guard, usher, etcetera. The day mostly consisted of waiting for further instructions. They ran the scenes many times, and waited for the sound, video, and other departments to set up how they’d like.
  • The shoot lasted about eight hours with a break in the middle. After many rehearsals and different takes, the day’s work was done.
  • Extras pose for a photo before heading on set.
    Photo | PMTM.
    After released, extras returned clothing if borrowed, and headed out of the venue.

Participating in this commercial took much planning, scheduling, and casting that all turned out to be a great experience. The shoot wouldn’t have been possible without everybody coming together and putting the work in to complete it. As an intern, I was able to learn how a commercial like this is staffed and put together in such a timely and efficient matter. The day was a success, and Pro Model & Talent looks forward to opportunities like this and the many more to come.

Extras having fun at the commercial shoot.
Photo | PMTM.

Pro Model & Talent can staff both small and large jobs! We can assist anywhere from one to two models or actors to larger bookings, like this commercial where we needed hundreds, as well.
To hire models and talent, please contact PMTM at (330) 666-4125 or email     

By Jessica Kemelhar


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall beauty favorites

Not only does the weather take a turn as summer wraps up, but so do our beauty routines. We tuck away our bright, warm-weather favorites and look forward to fall's makeup trends. This season, we welcome some fresh, new looks for fall 2016. While there are so many fun and unique new trends, Pro Model & Talent has picked five favorites that cannot be missed.

Glittery Lids
Glitter is making a comeback in the most sophisticated, classy way. As a perfect look for blue and brown eyes, gold sparkle adds a pop to the eye and can be swiped across the lid for an effortless, yet unique way to brighten up your look. When wearing this, keep the remainder of makeup fairly simple so the focus can be on the sparkle reflecting from the eyes.
Photo |
Photo |

Bold Lashes
Whether your eye makeup is simple or more dramatic, lashes make for a perfect addition to any look. Apply falsies day or night, drawing attention to the eyes to create the illusion of long, fluttery eyelashes. For a daytime look, keep makeup simple to focus on bold eyelashes. To transition to nighttime, add a smokey eye, or neutral, sparkly shadows, like mentioned above, to dramatize the look of darker, longer lashes.

Flushed Cheeks
This season, beauty enthusiasts take on a new trend: flushed and rosy, glowing cheeks. Instead of super-structured contouring, softly bronze areas of the face such as the hairline, cheeks and jawline, and swipe rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks for soft color. For a dewy finish, add highlighter to the highest point of the cheekbones, down the nose and dust over the lips' cupid's bow.

Photo | Getty Images
   Photo |
Gothic Lips
What better time than fall for dark, vampy lips? As colors are changing and the weather gets cooler, incorporate a deeper shade into your lipstick routine. Wear a dark plum or rich red, keeping all other makeup very neutral. This will focus on the bold lip without looking overdone. 

Photo |
Soft Brows
As bold eyebrows have taken over recent beauty trends, this season calls for a softer, less dramatic look. Simply brush up the brows and use a pomade or pencil to fill in the natural stroke of hairs. This will put a new spin on defined brows, while softening up the face for a fresh fall look.

By Jessica Kemelhar

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Austin Jordan Brito: Life in L.A.

     Thirteen-year-old Austin Jordan Brito is nothing shy of a triple threat. Already as an accomplished singer, actor, and dancer, it is only just the beginning of his career. As he grows in the industry, Pro Model & Talent stays up to date on his current industry work.
     Not only is Austin just a singer, actor, and dancer, he also practices martial arts and plays the viola and guitar. He is a songwriter as well. The teenager, originally from Parma, Ohio, has played with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and has debuted his own first single song. Additionally, two new singles of his can be expected to release this month.
     Brito participated in IMTA 2015 in New York City and loved the experience. He currently resides in Los Angeles.
     "The experience at IMTA was hectic...but so much fun," Brito's mother, Sharon, told Pro Model & Talent. "He loved everything about it! He got several callbacks and we all learned a lot!"
     By moving to California to further his career, Brito dove into multiple activities as a young performer. While attending Village Christian School in Sun Valley and excelling in areas such as science and social studies, he also dances at Millennium Dance Complex with Lindsay Taylor and takes voice lessons with Justin Kopplin. He has participated in acting with Margie Haber and practices martial arts with Mike Chat, all under the management of Mireille Wilson with Midwest Talent.
     In Studio City, Brito practices dance with Lindsay Taylor and takes voice lessons with Justin Kopplin. Taylor started professionally dancing at age nine, and by ten years old was teaching kids and teen hip hop at Millennium Dance Complex, still instructing there to this day. She has choreographed for various shows and movies, including Disney and Nickelodeon productions. Kopplin, resident director of music at Millennium Dance Complex since 2002, has appeared in many movies and directed numerous plays. He has sang at venues such as the Kennedy Center, the Sydney Opera House and on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
     Margie Haber, known as Hollywood's top audition coach, holds forty years of experience in the acting industry and opened her own studio in 1986. Brito, along with students throughout the world, have taken her classes that have been around for decades. Additionally, her studio has two apps, and her book, "How to Get the Part...Without Falling Apart!", has been used in colleges and drama schools across the world.
     When Brito is not singing, dancing, or acting, he can be found practicing martial arts at XMA, the center for Extreme Martial Arts. Mike Chat, founder of the company, also known as the former blue Power Ranger, has opened over 1300 facilities worldwide. He has trained actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon.
     As Austin Jordan Brito is a normal teenager who loves typical activities such as football, swimming and basketball, he also lives the life of an evolving performer. He has come so far in his young career and Pro Model & Talent continues to see him working hard towards fulfilling all of his dreams in Los Angeles.

By Jessica Kemelhar

Biography information: Millennium Dance Complex, Margie Haber Studio, and XMA websites.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

PMTM Photographer: Emily Metzger

Pro-Model and Talent is thrilled to announce we are now working with another wonderful photographer! We welcome Emily Metzger to the PMTM Family! You can learn more about Emily below!

What type of photography do you do most? 
Lifestyle, catalog and fashion photography.

PMTM Model, Nina L.
What is your favorite thing to photograph and why?
National and International models for their grace, precision and experience.

Who is the most famous person you have photographed? Jeff Downie.

When did you discover you wanted to be a photographer?
At the age of 12. My dad gave me a black and white film camera and he started teaching me about photography. I chose to be a photographer because it reminds me of my dad.

What would be your dream destination assignment? 
Shooting a swimsuit/catalog job in the Maldives.

Describe your photographic style. 
Natural light with shallow depth of field.

What life lessons has being a photographer taught you? 
When running a successful photography business taking pictures is a small percentage of what you actually do. Taking pretty pictures will only get you so far. Knowing business and servicing people … that is key.

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PMTM's Latest Success as a Result of IMTA

Pro-Model and Talent has been very successful at placing models and actors, not only locally, but nationally and internationally as well. Recently, models and talent who came from Pro-Model and Talent have been busy at work. Many of these models and actors are doing things they never dreamed of.

Frankie W. recently had a guest starring role on Henry Danger, a Nickelodeon television show.
Aria S. was in Rosewood on Fox and had a lead role in a feature film, Deathcamp.
Markus S. had a guest starring role on Mary+Jane on MTV.
Duncan A. had a lead in a new pilot and his 7th national commercial.
Kylie D. has been in LA since January and booked a guest star on Right Off the Boat and 4 national commercials.
Jermaine M. and Emily W. had a lead in a music video (a major one).
Pat S. booked a web series in NYC, and is working at the Met Opera in NYC as an actor.
Rich M. has been in NYC for two weeks and has already booked a Tommy Hilfiger fashion week show and worked for a Tom Ford Event.
Andrea D. booked many NYC fashion week shows and is constantly going from one show to the next.
Mikaela W. landed a spot in the "Classical Luxury Show" in Boston Fashion Week.
Emilie W. has a national Proactiv commercial that is airing everywhere!
Josh M. has booked TWO National Commercials in two weeks! One was even for a huge National Candy Company!

Our models and talent also credit back to the support system Pro-Model and Talent gives each one of them:

"PMTM is without a doubt the best agency in the tri-state area. Not only do they have a staff that guides you and pushes you to be your best, but they also prepare you beyond the average preparation of others that you will witness at IMTA. IMTA was an experience of a lifetime that I will NEVER forget. It has started the building blocks to my career like many others and as long as I continue to have trust in myself and the staff at PMTM, I will succeed beyond measures once imagined. If you have the opportunity like I did, take it because most aspiring actors/models/singers/dancers will never see an opportunity like this." - Jeff V., IMTA NY '16
"PMTM has opened a door for the McLeod Family that we did not know existed. They not only identified the talent Keith has, but they critiqued his skills in a way that has opened many doors for him. The IMTA experience gave him the confidence and exposure to move forward with his talent. PMTM has been very hands-on in connecting Keith to all of the right people that will help him build his skills and talent. We have gained a lot of support from PMTM, not only professionally, but they have become like family. This LA experience has been great. We never thought 6 months ago that we would have walked in the doors of Disney and Nickelodeon, but PMTM created that opportunity. - Lilly Davenport, Mom of IMTA NY '16
"The support that PMTM gives you through your IMTA journey isn't just support. They aren't only training you to take IMTA by storm, they teach you how to talk, impress, and inspire other people. Which is an amazing tool for an actor. To be able to act, you need to be able to live, love, and love to live. To be present in the moment...which PMTM makes you aware of from day one! I am and will always be loyal to PMTM." - Duncan A., IMTA NY '13 
"My daughter, Kaitlin, works with PMTM as a model. She started her journey with PMTM mainly to build her confidence and to explore what possibilities might open up to her.  We decided to send her to IMTA so she could continue to learn to work as a model and to see what type of agencies might be interested in her look.  Since going to IMTA, Kaitlin has signed with Wilhelmina Worldwide, works with Bass International and modeled for JaStar models in Shanghai, China.  Her development in the past two years has been simply amazing.  She went from a shy girl with low self-esteem to a young woman who loves meeting new people and experiencing new things.  Her time in Shanghai showed us just how much she wants to work as a model and the discipline it takes to work in another country.  While in Shanghai, Mary at PMTM communicated with us almost on a daily basis, just to make sure things were going well and to stay updated.  Throughout the process the staff at PMTM has worked very hard to place and to develop Kaitlin. If a model is willing to work hard to pursue their goals, PMTM will work just as hard to help someone reach them. Those that Kaitlin has met through PMTM feels like an extended family to her. They support, encourage and push her to be the best she can be.  We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Kaitlin as we know that this is just the very beginning of her career!" - Anna Meadows, Mom of IMTA LA '15

IMTA is your chance to follow your dreams. Many of our models and talent would not be as successful without having the opportunity of attending IMTA and making their dreams a reality. It is about the relationships you build and the experience you create. This kind of support would not be found anywhere else. When our models and talent are successful is when we know we have been successful. 

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Friday, September 23, 2016

PMTM Photographer: Casey Rearick

Casey Rearick is one of Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt.'s photographers we work with. You can learn more about Casey below!

What type of photography do you do most? 
Most of the photography I shoot is commercial and editorial or centers around people. Being in Cleveland, I can't really be specialized, you need to be able to shoot food, product, people - lifestyle and fashion, all of it! 

What do you enjoy photographing the most and why?
What I enjoy photographing the most is people - be it fashion, portrait, or lifestyle. In many ways, interacting with the subject is a whole other art form. And when you're able to help being something of them they've been struggling to get out, or didn't know they had. It's a great feeling - seeing the excitement on their faces and watching them get excited, it's always fun. I also love shooting men's fashion. I'm a huge fan of men's clothing.

Who is the most famous person you have photographed?
The most famous person I ever photographed is UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic.

When did you discover you wanted to be a photographer?
I first discovered I wanted to be in the arts at a very young age, particularly a screenwriter for feature films, or a cinematographer. When I eventually decided to go back to school, I enrolled in the film program at Cuyahoga Community College. One of the required classes was Intro to Digital Photography. From there, I quickly realized it was a lot "easier" to be a photographer than a film maker. I could go out every day, take photos, or recruit my friends to photograph, come home, go over the images and critique myself day in and day out. Whereas it would take so much more time and dependence on other people to create films. 

What would be your dream destination assignment?
My dream destination assignment would be in a huge studio with a limitless budget! I much prefer to shoot in studio than on location, but I'm open to shooting anywhere (for all of you potential clients reading this, haha!)

Describe your photographic style.
I would describe my photographic style as commercial - clean, well exposed, and controlled.

What life lessons has being a photographer taught you?
The life lessons being a photographer has taught me, particularly a freelance photographer, are: be nice, considerate, and a pleasure to be around, your livelihood depends on it! It's also taught me to have tick skin. Your work will NOT be for everyone, and that's okay. Another key thing it has taught me is how to manage my money. Being freelance, you never know when your next paycheck is coming - being a photographer is not all fun and happiness. It's constant work. 10% of my job is shooting, the other 90% is emails, follow up emails, meetings, trying to get meetings, editing, editing, editing...did I mention editing? My portfolio and website, sending out promos, hard copies of emails. It's a lot of work! Thousands of people are right behind me, nipping at my heels, dying to do what I do. Day in and day out I'm amazed I get paid to do what I do. Be humble, and don't take anything for granted.

Written by: Josephine Wheeler

Six designers that stood out at New York Fashion Week

For New York Fashion Week, the Big Apple welcomes the immense celebration of fashion, where designers, models, and industry professionals gather together for the most talked about events in the industry of the year. Each season, designers surprise industry professionals and the public alike by introducing fresh, new, unexpected looks. While there are so many incredible designers and collections for Spring 2017, Pro Model & Talent looks at six designers that could not be missed at this week-long convention.

Marc Jacobs models stepped out on the runway with a new perspective. All wearing multicolored, pastel dreadlocked hairstyles, they dominated the fashion scene with this unique look that was fresh to the runway. Their gorgeous locks paired well with Jacobs' 80's styled, grungy collection. The collection featured fun, funky outfits, incorporating pops of pastels and distressed denim. The models' outfits were completed with cropped bomber or trench jackets and chunky high heels, some with printed knee-high socks.      

Marc Jacobs. Photo |
Ralph Lauren introduced a washed and Western collection at Fashion Week. Models walked wearing flannel prints, suede textures, and washed-out leather. Commonly seen in his collection were draped dresses and high waisted silhouettes, belted flannels, and collared shirts. Accessorized fringe accents took over the runway, incorporated into the models' looks. Lauren took a fresh, fun spin on Western-wear, introducing grungy, yet effortless and soft looks.

Ralph Lauren. Photo |

Out of nowhere, Lauren throws sleek, sophisticated evening gowns into the mix. As a model steps out in a sharp, stunning purple gown, his whole collection took a new spin. Just when it was unexpected, a "pop" of color and surprise was added that seemed to complete to his collection.

Ralph Lauren. Photo |

Coach stepped onto the scene with a completely new look for the brand. Models wearing grungy, rocker-styled pieces owned the runway. They incorporated floral, feminine lace into these looks to balance girl and grunge. Where the public familiarizes with Coach's saddle bags and iconic prints, this season's handbags reflected their new, darker look: small, leather bags with a chained strap - different from the Coach "norm", some including fringe and different textures. Models graced the runway grasping the chained bag in their hand, while flaunting this unexpected, fun look for Coach.

Coach. Photo |
Alexander Wang always surprises viewers with his unique shows and collections, and this season introduces a sportswear collaboration with Adidas. The collection features athletic tops, bottoms, and sneakers, all stamped with an upside down Adidas logo. Differing from his work with Adidas, his other looks featured a soft, beachy vibe. These included cropped tanks, loose shirts and sweaters. Lacey, pajama-like styles, distressed denims, and pops of neon color were all incorporated. A standout look from his collection were tops that criss-crossed down the torso to the waist. These tops were styled for many of Wang's different looks.

Alexander Wang. Photo |

Tommy Hilfiger is known for his iconic "Americana" looks, where his smooth and simple styles give a laid-back, yet patriotic vibe. This season, Hilfiger models, including social media superstar Gigi Hadid, walked in military-style wear, with embellished jackets and cropped varsity sweaters, with commonly incorporated leather and fringe fabrics. Standout looks from the Hilfiger show were fringed, choker bandanas worn around the neck. Hilfiger took the trend to new heights by incorporating them with a new twist into his own pieces. Unexpectedly, a model steps out in an floral printed, bohemian-style dress. This stunning gown flowed as she walked down the runway, throwing a soft, feminine look into the mix.

Hadid walking Tommy Hilfiger. Photo |

Michael Kors embraced his sleek, sophisticated style in New York by embodying the look of the "working woman". Models walked in stylish, yet professional trench jackets and dresses, making a statement for working women across the world. These effortlessly sharp styles graced the runway with fresh, yet iconic Kors pieces. Supermodel Kendall Jenner dominated the runway, gracefully wearing Kors' soft and feminine floral dress, with popping blue, brown and white tones. His collection included neutral hues with pale colors, sweaters, vests and belted waist silhouettes.

Jenner walking Michael Kors. Photo |
Throughout the year, designers work endlessly to prepare for their New York moments. Common trends Pro Model & Talent has seen for this season are loose and oversized silhouettes and dark and grungy themes, yet soft and feminine ones as well. The individual is celebrated this season at Fashion Week, where the ultimate goal of each designer is to bring something unique and memorable to the new season.

By Jessica Kemelhar

National Talent of the Week: Kiri Stevens

National Talent of the Week

Favorite Modeling/Acting Job:
Microsoft Campaigns and the pilot I did with Whoopi Goldberg.

Favorite Fashion Look:
Sophisticated and Edgy. Usually Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, and Prada are some of my favorites.

Fashion Icon:

Favorite Place You've Visited:

One Place You Wish to Visit:

How did you feel at your first ever fashion show/photoshoot/filming?
I was so nervous the very first time, which is normal!

Favorite Song:
There are so many. I LOVE music, but my favorite currently is probably the entire album by Rihanna called "ANTi" and the song "Lake by the Ocean" by Maxwell.

Interesting Fact About you:
I've lost over 240 pounds now since I was 18 years old and it's one of my most proudest accomplishments because I got my health in order and I did it the natural way first and foremost to feel better about myself and for myself. I feel so much better and I'm so excited to help and inspire people on their own journey.

Best On-Set Story:
There are so many. Probably one that comes to mind was when I worked with Charlie Sheen on "Anger Management". He was so funny and interesting.

When Not Modeling/Acting You Are:
In the gym working out, working on my other projects, or driving to an audition!

Favorite Movie:
The Godfather and Mean Girls.

What would you be doing if you weren't acting/modeling?
I can't see myself doing anything else, maybe I would go to Law School.

One thing you would do to change the world?
I would fight everyday to make sure we all have nothing but peace and love for each other and show people that the world needs love an unity above everything else.

What's your favorite thing about acting/modeling?
Meeting so many wonderful people and working with different people almost always.

One word to describe your personal style?

Which actor/actress inspires you the most?
Jennifer Lopez.

How has it been moving from Ohio to LA?
I currently live in Sherman Oaks, which is pretty much in the middle of everything and close enough to all areas in LA. La is very different from Ohio. It's very fast paced, always changing, lots of traffic, and amazing weather.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Starring in my own sitcom, producing my own films, starting my own Entertainment company, and just being happy and healthy with where I will be at the time. Thank you all so much and love what you do because you love it.